Joys of Atheism

I have mostly focused on the negative aspects of religion and god fearing, morally deficient believers, but I think shouting out the benefits of Atheism will draw as much or more attention. Enjoy!  If curious, my loose rules for creating Joys of #Atheism:  1. Joy, pride, validation of atheism  2. Happy not to be a theist because…
Joy of #Atheism 503. I love it! It never occurs to theists that #godvisions could be somebody’s fiction… your own, a demon, an alien. HA
Joy of #Atheism 502.”Education—Not Indoctrination. Reason—Not Revelation. Science—Not Salvation. Doubt—Not Damnation#Imagine“~@KidSagan
Joy of #Atheism 501. “If you were an #Atheist you could relax and enjoy the rest of your life. #Atheism“~@RosaRubicondior /< you know it
Joy of #Atheism 500. This world gets more Atheistic every day. Eventually, humanity will thank us for saving it, from its terrible delusion!
Joy of #Atheism 499. Visions,Voices & Miracles cannot be source verified.You can only pretend your favorite #god is on the other end! #faith
Joy of #Atheism 498. If you think justified non-belief is punishable by eternal torture, then you are seriously fucked up! YOU are immoral.
Joy of #Atheism 497. If #God became an omnipotent man on Earth & he demanded love & worship… or else TORTURE… would you? Anyone? Really?
Joy of #Atheism 496. Religion is the process of a human mind struggling to both accept & expel unreasonable & worrisome ideas.#Atheist
Joy of #Atheism 495. Im glad not to be among those still embroiled in baseless religious justifications, simply to keep believing.
Joy of #Atheism 494. Just smiling on my sofa, on a warm water rock, spinning with 100 billion stars, among 175 billion galaxies….at peace.
Joy of #Atheism 493.”@GospelGuidance: …“/< & this resurrection ‘proof’ is factless. Bible witnesses are story characters
Joy of #Atheism 492 “@GospelGuidance: …“//< Thats proof?! “How else could an unproven tomb of an unproven event be empty?”
Joy of #Atheism 491.”Stop telling ppl the lie that God does not exist”~@Gospel Guidance//< Indeed, then stop telling the lie that he does!
Joy of #Atheism 490.”@korneelverhaegh: There is no proof of Atheism”//< You are overwhelmingly atheistic toward 3000+ gods. Are you wrong?
Joy of #Atheism 489 “@AlAlekhine: I don’t believe in fairy tales”/<< You do. Your beliefs are indistinguishable from fairy tales sir. #faith
Joy of #Atheism 488. #FF Ms @RosaRubicondior. She will fortify your argument! Like here: Historical Evidence For Jesus 
Joy of #Atheism 487.”@AlAlekhine: Atheism = Materialism 99.9% of the time”/< On the contrary, we are very intellectually & culturally minded
Joy of #Atheism 486. A veritable one #Atheist army! #FF>>@MsGrumpy << Fall in ranks behind her and CHAAAAARGE!#Atheistrollcall
Joy of #Atheism 485 “@AlAlekhine: you ever get lonely being an outcast…?” /<“Where I come from – we’re the majority!”~@MsGrumpy #Atheist
Joy of #Atheism 484. ★Caution: Be sure to follow religious doctrine to the letter or relevant hating & abuse dictated therein may be missed★
Joy of #Atheism 483. ★Caution: Education taken with a combination of thinking & common sense may result in a full blown case of#Atheism!★
Joy of #Atheism 482.”Hello. ATHEIST. PERSECUTION”~@bill_sexton“//<“being told to back up your claims is not persecution”~@MoriyaMug #proof
Joy of #Atheism 481. ★Caution: If Evolution is taken with education, it may cause death of Creationism, faith, religion & all known deities★
Joy of #Atheism 480. “Religion is based on hearsay upon hearsay, logical fallacies & pure lies”~@MoriyaMug//< Damn! Well said!#freethinker
Joy of #Atheism 479. “evolution is based on proven forgeries and deceptions with nothing but thoeries.”~@bill_sexton/<< ★Amazing ignorance!★
Joy of #Atheism 478.”All too obvious: Christianity does not discriminate against the ignorant, stupid, moron, imbecile or idiot”~@MobiusDick
Joy of #Atheism 477.”My belief is based on 2000+fulfilled proph” ~B sexton</”Prophecies claimed then proved by the same fiction”~@karlmeyer
Joy of #Atheism 476. “dont have 2 b educated to accept Christ.”~@bill_sexton //< OBVIOUSLY… and that part of the problem sir. #atheist
Joy of #Atheism 475 “@GospelGuidance: U make the illogical case that things come from nothing”/<Um, your god made the universe from nothing.
Joy of #Atheism 474. “@bill_sexton: you are a slave as we speak”//<No sir, I am wise enough to not follow your mentally enslaving religion!
Joy of #Atheism 473.”@bill_sexton: i know it is wrong.that is why God did not condone it”/< The bible condones SLAVERY! 
Joy of #Atheism 472. #God:A believed to be real transcendent, all powerful magic being, which cannot be shown as powerful, magic,or a being.
Joy of #Atheism 470. We know what Atheism means. We ARE Atheism. Its what WE say! Theists willfully think they know better. NO EXCUSE for it!
Joy of #Atheism 469. Does witnessing gay activities make you uncomfortable? Fine, dont dwell on it, just move on. Let those folks be happy.
Joy of #Atheism 468. Many christians admit to not having read the whole bible. Amazing! I think they feel justified by simply having one! HA
Joy of #Atheism 467. An #Atheist doesnt need threats to be kind.Do you behave decently for an ultimate reward or to avoid punishment?#faith
Joy of #Atheism 466. Religion is dangerous. Always has been. Always will be, until its gone. #AtheistRollCall Why? >
Joy of #Atheism 465 Divine weightloss: For each baseless #godclaim tweeted today,I’ll burn 1 calorie. So far,I need to lose 948,623 pounds!
Joy of #Atheism 464. Ha! You mean “if you ALLOW gods”>>”U can come up with all sorts of things if u deny God’s intervention”~@GospelGuidance
Joy of #Atheism 463. FYI @GSpellchecker ,watching theists get “spellchecked” is like watching #jesus get kicked in the balls!
Joy of #Atheism 462. Prove Satan didnt dictate the Bible.>”Lying is not a character of God so it doesn’t count in His omnipotence”~@Bxlx59xx
Joy of #Atheism 461. In the last few thousand years we have gone from no answers of the universe,to countless. The reasons for#god are gone!
Joy of #Atheism 460 Ha! Godbusters!..Im so Dr Venkman.> “Don’t cross the streams, except in case of rapture.  “~@sara7133
Joy of #Atheism 459. “Why does @pontifex need a Dr? Can’t he just pray?”~@Ddraiggoch1969 /< Yes, he can, but he knows that would be stupid.
Joy of #Atheism 458. Loving a person is based on direct experiences. Loving a #god is based on imagined experiences. Love for real reasons.
Joy of #Atheism 457. The greatest beings in my universe are my wife & son. Hands down. If you know love too, then a myth could NEVER be #1
Joy of #Atheism 455. If you teach your kids of “Blorch” the elusive, mystical color,which can be heard by believers, they will hear it!#god
Joy of #Atheism 454. “Very encouraging coming across new atheist accounts, gives me hope that we will overcome adversity”~@GammaAtheist
Joy of #Atheism 453. “Blorch” is an all inspiring, mystical color, which can only be heard by those who believe its a real color.#god#Allah
Joy of #Atheism 452. The kind of argument >Sacerdotus< will use in 2013 > “Your birthday is before mine, so you are older than me!”#nonsense
Joy of #Atheism 451. The kind of argument >Gospelguidance< will use in 2013 > “My Poo proves god! #Atheist bias blinds you from that truth!”
Joy of #Atheism 450. Every time I see a human touch greatness with kindness & inspiration, I joyfully celebrate our evolution & achievement!
Joy of #Atheism 449. “We should have an international #atheistparty, celebrating humanity”~@ask_dr_rick /< Many of us celebrate every day!
Joy of #Atheism 448. Theists, May you gain the wisdom in 2013 to see your #god story for the myth that it is. Freedom & friendship await you
Joy of #Atheism 447. A high note for #Atheism in 2013. We probably already outnumber christians! There are SURELY many hiding Atheists! Ya!
Joy of #Atheism 446. Another inane platitude. Its demonstrably not true! e.g.›infants &#Atheist/>”Faith in God is universal”~@GospelGuidance
Joy of #Atheism 445. “Have you never prayed for absolutely nothing to happen? Try it, it seriously works!”~@mrrichardbank#Atheist #prayer
Joy of #Atheism 444.”If you need the Bible to tell right from wrong, how do you know Satan didn’t write it?~@RosaRubicondior#moralcompass
Joy of #Atheism 441. Im amazed by the complexity nature has achieved. You however only see what you’re conditioned to see.#indoctrination
Joy of #Atheism 440. If your #god is perfect, changing anything makes him imperfect. If he made a whole universe, he’s now wrecked!
Joy of #Atheism 439. If you grew up abused with unproven ‘truths’ of #god and finally realized its FULLY unjustified, STOP BELIEVING IT!
Joy of #Atheism 438. If we destroy ourselves, it will have started with religion. If we find peace, it will have started with #Atheism.
Joy of #Atheism 436. We common #Atheist folk can refute theists best arguments. Its all been done before, heres how: …
Joy of #Atheism 435. You know somebody is programmed when they accept an unproven magic god as #truth & fact based#evolution as fiction.
Joy of #Atheism 434. “We are all stardust. That’s all I need to feel like I’m a part of something bigger”~@orosous /#freethinker #Atheist
Joy of #Atheism 433.★Dont delay, call today! The Festering Faith Cure, by #Atheism is guaranteed to end your nasty delusion or its free!★
Joy of #Atheism 432.★Upon ordering our Festering Faith Cure, by#Atheism, you will also get the ‘Fallacy Awareness Thinking Cap’ for FREE!★
Joy of #Atheism 431.★Side effects of Festering Faith Cure, by#Atheism include: Joyfulness, Lie reduction, Freethinking &Visions of reality★
Joy of #Atheism 430. ★Our exclusive Festering Faith Cure, by#Atheism, must be applied daily for your impaired reason to recover fully! Ya!★
Joy of #Atheism 429. ★Has your #Faith started to fester? Has it infected all Reason? Call now for your Festering Faith Cure, by#Atheism!★
Joy of #Atheism 428. Willful ignorance is an important skill to master if you are to be a successful theist. Beware! Failure breeds Atheism!
Joy of #Atheism 427. To understand @LoveAnAtheist tweets, imagine that she thinks her proofs are fully supported by #jesus magic./#Atheist
Joy of #Atheism 426. Do your prayers let you down? Does god seem morally unworthy? Is #science now where #god was? BEING HONEST = #ATHEISM !
Joy of #Atheism 424. The more absurd, deceptive, contradictory, unsupported & obviously false religion is, the more #Joyful the#Atheist!!!
Joy of #Atheism 425. Any person who WORSHIPS a killer of millions of people, should be ridiculed endlessly for their idiocy! #teamjesus
Joy of #Atheism 423. If you seek subjective signs & magic answers, you’re a theist. If you seek actual #truth, you’re an#Atheist.
Joy of #Atheism 422. #Christians dont believe in the bible’s #god. In truly realizing whats depicted,they would be horrified by the monster!
Joy of #Atheism 421. Atheism is justified, gay isnt wrong, evolution is right, women are amazing & theists are damn liars. Been a good day!
Joy of #Atheism 420. “Told everyone on Facebook I’m an #atheist. Braced for the worst. Nothing but positivity and 10 new friends”~@Steveaux
Joy of #Atheism 419.”It’s hard to take #Christianity seriously when three #Christians…can’t agree on what the #Biblemeans”~@QrysBinThynkn
Joy of #Atheism 418. No, Faith is 4 unjustified beliefs >”it takes an immense amount of faith to actually be one (Atheist)”~@USAPatriotRadio
Joy of #Atheism 417. I feel like 1 of 20 #atheist parents in a zoo FULL of theist kids who fight constantly, dont listen & need time outs!
Joy of #Atheism 416.”When science contradicts itself,it corrects itself.When religion contradicts itself it calls it a parable”~@youredamned
Joy of #Atheism 415. Right Joyous! >”my interactions with my dog have given my life vastly more than religion ever did or could”~@Good_Beard
Joy of #Atheism 414. Do theists think this deceit & dishonesty is godly?/”Anonymous” doesn’t mean unknown authorship generally”~@ksoileau
Joy of #Atheism 413. Nope. Evolution doesnt need it/> life from non-life (abiogenesis)…? All of evolution hinges on this issue.”~@3amCoder
Joy of #Atheism 412. Happily, not at all. Its all backwards./>”The evidence actually supports the biblical account of creation”~@3amCoder
Joy of #Atheism 411. I smell fallacies!>”Everything that begins to exist has a cause.Eventually you get to something uncaused-God”~@3amCoder
Joy of #Atheism 410. “Proof is not subjective. Verifiable evidence establishes validity. God cannot be proven, ergo, invalid”~@thinkblue77
Joy of #Atheism 409. I prove my claim easily with many sources & the theist CANT ADMIT IT. They cower, dodge & make excuses.#indoctrination
Joy of #Atheism 408. “Atheism is sexy because it typically denotes intelligence. Intellect is a rational person’s aphrodisiac”~@GodlessMommy
Joy of #Atheism 407. I cant imagine being conditioned like >@ksoileau to HAVE TO lie about being wrong to keep #faith!
Joy of #Atheism 406. I Dont need to lie. Im an #atheist. You lied like a common theist! />You obviously have been caught in a lie”~@ksoileau
Joy of #Atheism 405. I dont believe in any god, therefore god exists? You are now the Top #Moron!/>”#atheism is a proof of God”~@Sacerdotus
Joy of #Atheism 404. Folk religion crosses into #christianity & its just as invalid as your religioun/>”Thor is folk religion.”~@Sacerdotus
Joy of #Atheism 403. Theists only WANT answers that end in “#goddid it”/>Actually, religion has always been the one asking”~@Sacerdotus
Joy of #Atheism 402. Its amazing what can make sense to a desperate & broken, religious mind!/>”#atheism is a proof of God”~@Sacerdotus
Joy of #Atheism 401. They are anonymous, so NO! … /> “The authors of the Gospels all knew Christ personally”~@ksoileau
Joy of #Atheism 400. Following an #Atheist is going to inform you what seeking #truth looks like! #freethinker #Atheistrollcall
Joy of #Atheism 399. You wouldnt believe how many theist i hear finally admitting their #god belief isnt a justified belief! …..Not even 1
Joy of #Atheism 398. By the time theists are indoctrinated adults, they must no longer have pangs of doubt about their self deceit. Scary!
Joy of #Atheism 397. I am so used to reason & truth, that it made me physically ill to even attempt a theist pretender tweet. Never. Never!
Joy of #Atheism 396. I have a hypothesis that theists are actually comfortable with lying. They lie to themselves ALL THE TIME about#god!
Joy of #Atheism 395. “You can’t make claims and not back them up and expect them to be valid”~@Sacerdotus /< EXACTLY why #godis a myth!
Joy of #Atheism 394. If you have not proven #god & you are acting upon his unproven judgements (#bible), then its YOU who are judging.
Joy of #Atheism 393. You mean science actually ASKS questions. Religion does not!/>”science raises more questions than answers”~@Sacerdotus
Joy of #Atheism 392. Prove it x4 & mutiple fallacies! >”My degrees in physics, philosophy, biology & psychology state otherwise”~@Sacerdotus
Joy of #Atheism 391.”You need to be clever to keep faith in face of reality”~@appraisalist < True,but in facing reality they become atheists
Joy of #Atheism 390. Wrong x3 !/> “#evolution is not #science, it contradicts established laws and has never been observed”~@DebunkEvolution
Joy of #Atheism 389. No, the point is YOU cant prove he does?/> Jesus Christ is God. Prove He doesn’t or has ever existed”~@CatholicForLife
Joy of #Atheism 388. “My blind faith in god & his word is valid, but the extremists blind faith in his god & word is not”~Every Christian
Joy of #Atheism 386. I cant help but imagine the millions of theists in conditioned denial of their homosexuality &/or their #Atheism! HA!
Joy of #Atheism 385. Your #faith fabricates a truth, it doesnt verify one. Selfish acceptance of such fabrications harms & kills constantly.
Joy of #Atheism 384. Taking a theist poll: Do you use logical fallacies in deceit or do you truly not recognize that you rely on/ use them?
Joy of #Atheism 383. Whether theists use logical fallacies out of pure stupidity or in deceit, their proofs are unsound & we are justified!
Joy of #Atheism 382. SHAME! Mr.@Sacerdotus, your “Atheism-a crime against Humanity” post > … is built on many fallacies!
Joy of #Atheism 381. We #atheists & #freethinkers embody the intent & fervor of #Hitchens. We are his legacy & afterlife. Onward!
Joy of #Atheism 380. Prayers of bigots are childish.>”God, we pray that you remove the atheist SCUM from twitter imminently.”~@STOPGAYAGENDA
Joy of #Atheism 379. I LOVE how theists claim they’ve proven #godbut never do. Pure delusion.> “See my blog for proof “~@Sacerdotus
Joy of #Atheism 378. You cant prove #god, its serious! > “#atheismcannot be taken seriously if it cannot back up its claims.”~@Sacerdotus
Joy of #Atheism 377. Heartburn is heartburn… unless youre looking for signs… then it is #jesus burning you for your sins. #faith
Joy of #Atheism 376. It must be endlessly frustrating for theists to never get a response from #god, other than what they KNOW they imagine!
Joy of #Atheism 375. “It’s not that I’m sure NO gods exist, it’s that I’m pretty sure YOURS doesn’t. #atheist#Christianity“~@OrangeThoughts
Joy of #Atheism 374.”I actually have something I’m living for.”~TaylorC6798 /> Sure, you love & endorse a monster torturing 2/3 of humanity!
Joy of #Atheism 373. #god if you are there, please confirm your worthlessness by continuing to give all humans no reply………………
Joy of #Atheism 372. Sorry, we dont confuse “brave” with “irresponsible” >> “are u brave enough to say you know Your God?”~@Loveanatheist
Joy of #Atheism 371. Wow, you truly are an ignorant #fraud! /> “Atheism is a pathetic excuse to hate others who know God” ~@Loveanatheist
Joy of #Atheism 370. Actually we demonstrably hold the moral high ground & not from a book! > “atheists dont have morals…”~@meta4malsous
Joy of #Atheism 369 “Ms @Loveanatheist Im tired of letting faith snuff out my reason…I think youre making me an atheist”~@Holy_Foundation
Joy of #Atheism 368. Against Dogma, we wield common sense like its a super power.The only sense coming from theists is ‘nonsense ‘./#Atheist
Joy of #Atheism 367. Complexity DOES NOT= A #god made it./>”u take for granted the incredibly complex creation all around u”~@GospelGuidance
Joy of #Atheism 366. Pagan #god “reasons” long predated the jesus myth.>”#Jesus is the ONLY reason for the season”~@petenaotg
Joy of #Atheism 365. WRONG, I guess bigots cant really tell the difference.>”gays, pedophile, necrophilia….all the same thing”~@IanMuiruri
Joy of #Atheism 364. You do know Xianity stole & renamed it? “@lindsey_palm: You’re an atheist but you celebrate Christmas.That makes sense”
Joy of #Atheism 363. #god doesnt believe in me. He defines me as accepting his attrocities,miracles, words& existence. That ME doesnt exist.
Joy of #Atheism 362. If you find the idea of an all loving, all powerful #god utterly absurd & insulting, join the club! Become an#Atheist
Joy of #Atheism 361. What does #jesus do on #christmas? Does he thank us for our irrationality? …or shake his head in disbelief at it?
Joy of #Atheism 360. The #Atheist recognizes that #god is based on extremes which humanity has imagined… not experienced. How is that real?
Joy of #Atheism 359. If there were a marginally powerful #god of at least the love & morality of a kind human, we would all have met him.
Joy of #Atheism 358. If youre a beacon of love & morality to your kids, while imposing #god upon them, you are lying to them on both fronts.
Joy of #Atheism 357. If #god appears & talks to me regularly & he regrows amputated limbs when I bet he cant…he still is unproven.#think
Joy of #Atheism 356. Do you feel you’ll be suddenly alone upon becoming an #Atheist? Thats untrue. I will be your friend. No worship needed!
Joy of #Atheism 355. BOYCOT FAITH! #Faith killings & abuse are validated by the SAME unverified faith which makes you comfy with death!
Joy of #Atheism 354. An #Atheist universe makes sense! >”I am an atheist because religious scripture is ignorant of reality”~@AtheistSociety
Joy of #Atheism 353. Be honest, you theists make excuses for your#faith./>”Is your religion a hoax? “~@TacticalAtheist
Joy of #Atheism 352 Prove it! >”For there is born to you, this day, in the city of David, a Savior, who is Christ the Lord.”@PiltdownSupermn
Joy of #Atheism 351. If your worst fear is your kids going to hell for valid disbelief, its time to listen to your kids &not irrational fear
Joy of #Atheism 350. Trust Fiction?>“@BurkParsons: My worst nightmare isnt my children being murdered, its my children not trusting Christ”
Joy of #Atheism 349. Atheism is advancing cultures! />”Still think homosexuality is sinful? #LGBTrights“~@tomwales_
Joy of #Atheism 348. I never got why #god didnt just burn everyone instead of a Great Flood. Then I realized, he was just craving gazpacho!
Joy of #Atheism 347. Do you know how a slave follows the commands &whims of his master for fear of punishment? Sure you do,#God= Your Master
Joy of #Atheism 346. “He could think of no better way than to drown his creation?”~@s_rossini /< Especially when humans can/could have! Haha
Joy of #Athesm 345 “Atheism is liberating!My life is my own,not cluttered up with a”purpose” imposed by some supernatural tyrant”~Infidel753
Joy of #Atheism 344. During some family #christmas caroles I thought I found #jesus, but it was just a bit of under done potatoe.#Atheist
Joy of #Atheism 343. Joyous Christmas! May your tree sparkle like Odin! Give a thought to Saturn as you enjoy his traditional gifts & food!
Joy of #Atheism 342. #christians dont sell their kids into slavery anymore, because they know Atheists will just buy them & set them free.
Joy of #Atheism 341. Is tomorrow the day #christian folks go whip themselves in church? No? Well they should. Their #god would love that!
Joy of #Atheism 340. #Christmas never meant #christ growing up. Family, presents, feasts, lights, trees,stockings& Santa! #Jesusdirties it.
Joy of #Atheism 339. I just want to point out that both #christianity & the Grinch stole #christmas. Both had jack to do with #jesus#christ!
Joy of #Atheism 338. The Elephant in the (religious) room is the painful lack of pachyderm evidence. Such power would be CLEAR. Its not.
Joy of #Atheism 337. No, we’re not blinded by desire./>”U choose by faith not to believe in God when evidence is everywhere”~@GospelGuidance
Joy of #Atheism 336 “Zeus, Horus and Jesus just appeared to me…They said, LEAVE US THE FUCK ALONE AND GROW UP ALREADY!”~@ScandicAtheist
Joy of #Atheism 335. “The difference between Me and Santa is once in a great while Santa will actually get you what you want”~@TheTweetOfGod
Joy of #Atheism 334. Knowing is believing for evolved folk.//”Believing is knowing for dummies.”~God @TheTweetOfGod
Joy of #Atheism 333. If you asked #Moses if he magically split the Red sea & led 40,000 people through, he would shoot a milk out his nose.
Joy of #Atheism 332. If you were to ask the #god of #bible if he is all loving, he would shoot a milky way out his nose. #Atheist
Joy of #Atheism 331. If you asked the historical jesus (we embellished into magic #jesus) to walk on water,he would shoot milk out his nose.
Joy of #Atheism 330. If #Allah existed & you asked him if he agreed that #Islam is the “religion of peace”,he would shoot milk out his nose!
Joy of #Atheism 328. If we could ask Mary if she knew many believed her child was of virgin birth, she’d shoot milk out her nose.
Joy of #Atheism 329. The #bible is based on a true #god, in the same way #Christmas is based on Xtianity. Hijacked and renamed.
Joy of #Atheism 327. Happy #HumanLight Day! The 4 candles represent reason, compassion, hope & the celebration itself. 
Joy of #Atheism 326. #Jesus‘/Mary’s placenta would be at least half#god. Maybe one of the sheep ate it? Holy Sheep! Via~@Nostradamnisuck
Joy of #Atheism 325 Not wise,not accurate & a fallacy! >”When you deny God, you deny human dignity..”~the Pope// …
Joy of #Atheism 324 “#god is running out of places to hide!”~@northrnlite8 /< Obviously #Brilliant mind #ff
Joy of #Atheism 323. The information age is rapidly spreading the good news of #Atheism,exploding doubt into full blown godlessness! #reason
Joy of #Atheism 322. Maybe for their kids?/”Some people are so blinded by faith that no amount of evidence will ever be enough”~@hagaha_lol
Joy of #Atheism 321. Note the religious backgrounds& ages on . It indicates a migration to atheism!
Joy of #Atheism 320. Are you an #Atheist please? /> “just within the last month I am! :0) #newbie #atheist“~@AngiRiNGSitUP //YAY!
Joy of #Atheism 318. Convenient, its the same as not being there at all! >”Instructions for making a“~@Gregornious
Joy of #Atheism 317. Religion isnt so horrible if you took away the#faith. You know, the part that falsely justifies hate, killing & wars?
Joy of #Atheism 316. The only honest theist is one who admits their religion is hard to swallow. Otherwise they are just kidding themselves
Joy of #Atheism 315. We have a primarily Atheistic Earth where everyone KNOWS thousands of gods are myths, yet some pretend 1 isnt a myth?!
Joy of #Atheism 313. At best, information says that #jesus was a deluded cultist with a #god complex. Oh, & his name wasnt jesus.#Atheist
Joy of #Atheism 314. You made her mad! >”I hate it when #atheistscelebrate #Christmas! »  « Monicks Unleashed”~@Monicks
Joy of #Atheism 312 “militant Christians think atheists are bothered by “Merry Christmas” Nope dont give a fuck what you call it”~@imtoridee
Joy of #Atheism 311. Sounds like an end all party!>”Atheist Census is now at 100,000+ It’s going to be the end of the world!”~@atheistuniver
Joy of #Atheism 310. “good? I’m not good! I’m a god damned#atheist….. Sorry that was my theist programming again”~@Nickdrumr2
Joy of #Atheism 309. Fallacies are fun! >”Have you herd of the Cosmological Argument. The universe is its evidence so to speak.”~@IDontIM
Joy of #Atheism 308. “@JOHNATHON28: Seems like a lot of atheist are Gay.”/< Wise people distance themselves from bigoted dogma.#freethinker
Joy of #Atheism 307. “We can quote the bible too.. #AtheistRollCall#Bible #TeamJesus #Jesus “~@AbsoluteGodless
Joy of #Atheism 306. Heres ALL the evidence for the #divinity of#jesus >>”the #bible“< Heres evidence that the bible is valid >>”…….”<
Joy of #Atheism 305. Yes, pagan traditions were hijacked & renamed. “@Ming_Adisugata: Christmas begin with Christ 
Joy of #Atheism 304. Your random #god choice verifies nothing!>”If the world did end tomorrow, would you KNOW where you’re going?”~@AHud806
Joy of #Atheism 303. “yeah, and belief out of fear really isn’t belief at all…”~@sara7133 #freethinker
Joy of #Atheism 302. Yup, Crazy! >”I am not crazy. Maybe highly blessed. Gifted. But im definitely not crazy. Im VERY WISE”~@Loveanatheist
Joy of #Atheism 301. Picture a loved one, being tortured in prison forever… no matter their crime. Would ANYONE believe the warden loving?
Joy of #Atheism 300. When the distorting glare of faith dims, the eye of reason can get a fix on reality again. Its beautiful here!#Atheist
Joy of #Atheism 299. My new, well fitting term for theists who blindly lie, manipulate & endlessly argue fallaceously:#ThoughtFreeThinker

  1. Joy of #Atheism 298. Theres something beyond #freethinking… More & more #Atheists engage in #BoundlessFreeThinking. Im just#Amazed!
  2. Joy of #Atheism 297. Bitchslapped by a beauty! “@cherokee_autumn: btw, it’s *you’re* fucking nitwit RT@MDCCIXXVI:@cherokee_autumn your ugly”

  3. Joy of #Atheism 296. Rosa ridicules with unlimited ammo! “@RosaRubicondior: Why God’s First Words to Adam Was A Lie –  ”

  4. Joy of #Atheism 295.”If #God didnt exist, there would be no such thing as an #atheist.”~@VarcityHigh /<No, atheists exist due to god CLAIMS

  5. Joy of #Atheism 294. I’ve a hypothesis: Theists #fear Atheists who stand up to religion with ridiculing facts. Theists confirm it with lies.

  6. Joy of #Atheism 293. “#God is real. Atheists just cant find him” < That was then. NOW #Atheism is a logically justified & honest conclusion!

  7. Joy of #Atheism 292. Happy for her! >”My 1st convert! My 70 yo mother said “its just not logical that theres a god!#atheism“~@HeatherHastie

  8. Joy of #Atheism 291.”#jesus was divine”, RUMOR-> Gossip or hearsay in general circulation without confirmation or certainty as to facts.

  9. Joy of #Atheism 290. “You should read the Bible; it’s hilarious.” – Stephen Fry … via~@957Chatterton // #Atheistrollcall #atheist

  10. Joy of #Atheism 289. “why didn’t god stop the shooting?” Simple. For the same reason a unicorn didn’t Or a fairy Or a pixie….”~@CharlieNP3

  11. Joy of #Atheism288 “I’m a happy reason loving #atheist 🙂 “~@YodelingZombie /< knowing the nonsense you are free of is pure joy!

  12. Joy of #Atheism 287. YEAH! High 5! >”I want facts! Not some whiny bullshit about your feelings on the matter.”~@Skeptical_Lady

  13. Joy of #atheism 286. “I actively avoid faith …& i don’t want all religion to go away. It’s such a wonderful thing to laugh at!”~@ZachsMind

  14. Joy of #Atheism 285. Love it! >”Ah well, last night on earth. Wonder what it’ll be, fire, flood or zombies? Hope it’s zombies.”~@neriscene

  15. Joy of #Atheism 284. “Not “believing in evolution” is a CHOICE arising from stubbornness, not a rational conclusion. #atheism” ~@anderev

  16. Joy of #Atheism 283. Atheists constantly come up with new criticisms of religion. Thats because the stupidity of many theists is endless.

  17. Joy of #Atheism 283. “@Irishcatholic10: there is no such thing as#atheism“/< “I dont believe in your god” that’s #Atheism. Youre an#idiot!

  18. Joy of #Atheism 282. #Atheists sometimes tell a falsehood & then admit it. Theists sometimes tell the truth & never seem to admit lies!

  19. Joy of #Atheism 281. Its the same baseless choice to believe in 1#god as it is to believe in all 3000+ gods as real. Equally stupid.

  20. Joy of #Atheism 280. When xtians fail to prove #jesus existed, demonstrate a #god or prove a heaven, #honest people become#Atheists.

  21. Joy of #Atheism 279. Me: “Are you an #Atheist please?” >@roondnaboot: “Most definitely. 6+ on the scale and happy.”#atheistrollcall JOY!

  22. Joy of #Atheism 278. “Yes, I am an #Atheist!” << The sound of a#god dying! … Think about that… #Freethinker #Atheistrollcall

  23. Joy of #Atheism 277. “Hi, are you an #Atheist please?” << How to find reasonable, freethinking, human rights supporting people!

  24. Joy of #Atheism 276. Humanity rejoining reality! “HuffPost: No religion “third-largest global group” ” ~@Ddraiggoch1969

  25. Joy of #Atheism 275. A conclusion of Atheism is based on common sense & reasoning. The belief in gods is based on fear & ignorance. Simple.

  26. Joy of #Atheism 274. Your ideas of #god are right because your parents, feelings, tea leaves, silly books or church said they were???

  27. Joy of #Atheism 273. The result of gods: hate, denial of rights, torture, murder,acting crazy. Result of Atheism: Questioning those results!

  28. Joy of #Atheism 272. If I can claim all theists are gullible & deluded & they refute with feelings & books… they are gullible & deluded!

  29. Joy of #Atheism 271. Where does #god (very apparently) NOT exist? Everywhere in the universe EXCEPT the imagination of gullible folks.

  30. Joy of #Atheism 270. I agree! #God exists in a very limited handful of confused places. The human theist brain. There’s even proof of that!

  31. Joy of #Atheism 269. With the shroud & burden of false gods removed, your fellow man becomes humanity’s obvious source of hope, love & joy.

  32. Joy of #Atheism 268. Its said that we cant disprove god, but considering that no #god has EVER been apparent, thats proof enough. #JobDone

  33. Joy of #Atheism 267. Yes, some Atheists ponder #god many times a day. We’re fascinated by the monsters you think are in your closet.Grow up!

  34. Joy of #Atheism 266. There is NO difference between all deity worshipers. They are equally unfounded & deluded. The #atheist is justified.

  35. Joy of #Atheism 265. Our sun acts as a loving guardian. We need it, it provides, it asks nothing. Its appreciated. Oh, & its REAL! #Atheist

  36. Joy of #Atheism 264. Psh, Atheism can compel no murder. > “Btw, the shooter was an atheist. You atheists go killing kids.”~@MichaelEstrada1

  37. Joy of #Atheism 263. Theists make excuses & rationalize why #goddoesnt help, answer or save children, instead of accepting there is no god!

  38. Joy of #Atheism 262. Lie, rationalize & make up shit all you want, it doesnt change that your #god has always simply failed to show up!

  39. Joy of #Atheism 261. I dont recognize your story book, by ancient goat herders, as an authority & I prefer Harry Potters morality anyway.

  40. Joy of #Atheism 260. They make us look brilliant!>”Don’t you know that friendship with the world is hatred toward God?#Jesustweets“~@JimEKey

  41. Joy of #Atheism 259. Self made idiot >”All my gospels are literally accurate, historically accurate, scientifically accurate”~@Loveanatheist

  42. Joy of #Atheism 258.”Bible Morality: Killing gays, non-believers, stubborn children= GOOD//Shrimp, wool/linen, shaving= BAD”~@StrictlyShorts

  43. Joy of #Atheism 257. “What religion do you believe in?”. I simply replied, “I don’t, I believe and have faith in myself”~@AtheistNation

  44. Joy of #Atheism 256. I did a dance of Joy simply because im not this guy! > “My God doesn’t condone slavery nor genocide.”~@MichaelEstrada1

  45. Joy of #Atheism 255. “You are part of a very rapidly growing world-wide ‘community’ of Atheists.” ~@DamnedAtheists

  46. Joy of #Atheism 253. “Slavery is never ok, but its in your bible,#godsays its ok! Are you going to argue this one?”~@ThisAtheistBite/<HAHA

  47. Joy of #Atheism 254 “Being an #Atheist means you have at least one less personality defect that you & others have to deal with”~@skepticali

  48. Joy of Atheism 252. “Reason is always in season.”~@Alexs3217 /< Just brilliant Alex… it just makes Atheism sound like a celebration!

  49. Joy of #Atheism 251. #Atheists in America comfortably outnumber Mormons, Muslims, Jews, Hindus and Buddhists all put together.(& growing!)
  50. Joy of #Atheism 250. SANITY! “1 reason I stopped going to Mass; the wild emotions from seeing a tortured & dead guy on a cross”~@ShawnFLucas
  51. Joy of #Atheism 249. “The problem with the religious is that they have been tricked into thinking that they’re actually thinking”~@marco_iO9

  52. Joy of #Atheism 248. “Strong feelings, anecdotal accounts, 3rd person testimonies & scripture are NOT proof of the supernatural.”~@Alexs3217

  53. Joy of #Atheism 247. We use REASON! >”The most effective weapon predominantly used by churches is psychological manipulation.”~@theholiestli

  54. Joy of #Atheism 246. “That was a really good line Mary spun him. “I was impregnated by god – honest”~@karlmeyer /<Ya, Joseph was a moron!

  55. Joy of #Atheism 245. “magic man in the sky, that would make a great song by an atheist rock group.. 🙂 “~@LoveMySpouse

  56. Joy of #Atheism 243. We freely dismiss stupid beliefs. >Ex: If a mass murderer shooter believes in #Jesus, he gets to go to#heaven!? WTF?

  57. Joy of #Atheism 242. Theists point out their own stupidity.>”Religious logic and solid”~@AtheistWorld

  58. Joy of #Atheism 241 “Remarkable, #Evolution is only proven wrong by people who don’t have a fucking clue what it is!”~@logicalNarwhal (mod)

  59. Joy of #Atheism 240. “Atheism is freedom not only of the mind but also freedom of the heart!”~@SLustinia /< Yes! & free to be moral too!

  60. Joy of #Atheism 239. “… science confirms the Bible”~@SextonYah/< #LIE, the bible claims a #god exists. No person or science has proven it!

  61. Joy of #Atheism 237. “The wonder of the universe is infinitely more incredible when you see there is no #god.”~@Mel_in_Canada

  62. Joy of #Atheism 236. For theists #faith rules over reality! > “For me, proof and reality rule over belief, faith and hope.”~@BlondeAlpha

  63. Joy of #Atheism 235. “I cant believe the blind idiocy of my sheep! I clearly have allowed a tragedy & they pray more than ever!”~#god

  64. Joy of #Atheism 234. A reason to NOT worship: Did you know,#god is omnipotent & all loving, but he wont jam a mass murderers’s guns?#nogod
  65. Joy of #Atheism 233. Simple & true, with a twist! Brilliant! > “#god is great. yes, the greatest stupidity of mankind!”~@AtheistGhanaian

  66. Joy of #Atheism 232. “I don’t have to love #atheism. No one has to love Atheism. That is what I love about being an#Atheist“~@Dave_was_here

  67. Joy of #Atheism 231. “I now know that #God is a non smoker the same as me…. “God hates Fags” yay… ~♎The ♎Craft♎@Ddraiggoch1969

  68. Joy of #Atheism 229. Praise his holy noodles! > “I love how the iPhone auto-capitalizes Flying Spaghetti Monster but not#god.”~@karlmeyer

  69. Joy of Atheism 228. If a #christian takes offense & insists I capitalize #god, I give them a capital ‘Fuck You’ for pushing their beliefs!

  70. Joy of Atheism 227. If you stole a novel, changed the dedication & title, then claimed authorship, thats #christianity to #Christmas!

  71. Joy of Atheism 226. JOYFULLY AWESOME! “The #AtheistCensushas hit over 50,000 with the USA leading. ” ~@cherokee_autumn

  72. Joy of #Atheism 225 Lets drive! “Being atheist is like being the only sober person in the car & no one will let you drive”~@cherokee_autumn

  73. Joy of #Atheism 224. It doesnt make sense. We’re right! /> “why would the devil punish me in hell for not worshipping god?”~@TheNonTheist_

  74. Joy of #Atheism 223. Atheists do! “It would be nice if our leaders could put reason, rationality, and science above superstitions”~@gaprider

  75. Joy of #Atheism 222. Which is most likely? 1.Ur full of shit, or 2. Magics real./>”you’re blessed. Even if you refuse to believe”~@DaleDuke7

  76. Joy of #Atheism 221. I told you so! Your evil god failed… He just had to jam 1 or 2 guns! Thats it! Hes EVIL, IMPOTENT or hes NOT THERE!

  77. Joy of #Atheism 220. Im dumbfounded by how theists find the magic & myth of their crazy beliefs, just as normal as punch!#Insane

  78. Joy of #Atheism 219. No matter what nonsense a theist believes, each will say THEY have found the truth. How dumb is that?#Atheist

  79. Joy of #Atheism 218. Atheists face the loss head on. Theists process the shootings by pretending god made it wonderful for the kids!? #SICK

  80. Joy of #Atheism 217. NO, families were DESTROYED!#twisted/>”Heaven just gained 18 children and 2 adults from the shooting”~@Jennifer_KhanaB

  81. Joy of #Atheism 216. So, #jesus doesnt love us. Ref –#hell />”Love means being able to say stop being a fuckin asshole”~@rudegyal

  82. Joy of #Atheism 215. Ive never been drunk enough or impared enough to decide that 1 of the thousands of gods is real. HAHAHA#sober

  83. Joy of #Atheism 214. I submit that directing kids to #god is clearly not giving them tools to deal with life.God solves by destroying lives.

  84. Joy of #Atheism 213. We seek human help. Saying #jesus has called victims home is not dealing with pain and tragedy. Its insulting

  85. Joy of #Atheism 212. Same nonsense -> May Harry Potter cast upon & enchant you! /> “@DaleDuke7: God bless you. Jesus still loves you.”

  86. Joy of #Atheism 211. WE have a relationship with reality! HA!/>”Questions for #atheist: Has not believing made life better?”~@cherronlanise

  87. Joy of #Atheism 210. An idiot would think we boycot #godeverything./> “@Mobbin4Christ: do athiest use money? every dollar says ‘God’ on it”

  88. Joy of #Atheism 209. “God is all powerful, but absent. God is listening, but never answers. Seems clear- God is imaginary.” ~@Mel_in_Canada

  89. Joy of #Atheism 208. The dishonesty we gladly avoid.> “Macro evolution is not scientifically demonstrated by fossils at all”~@GospelGuidance

  90. Joy of #Atheism 207. Amazing! Youve no idea the origins of#christmas!/”@micmayhan: it really bothers me when atheists celebrate christmas”

  91. Joy of #Atheism 206. No, we’re not pretending idiots! />”These are the last days. It’s time to start calling on Jesus name.”~@SwissCandyLuv

  92. Joy of #Atheism 205. A relationship with reality?/>”Get into a relationship with Jesus before you get into any relationship” ~@Mobbin4Christ

  93. Joy of #Atheism 204. Atheists find REAL people. />”Feeling a bit alone today, but I’m not….God loves me, God is with me”~@elsamejia92

  94. Joy of #Atheism 203. “I don’t want to sound like I’m showing off or anything, but this is the fifth #rapture I’m gonna survive.” ~@troyg175

  95. Joy of #Atheism 202. #Reason over time can cure theism, given in doses. When the theist learns to administer it themselves, there is hope!

  96. Joy of #Atheism 201. Its hard to believe that ignorant xtians go to church to learn about the #bible. WOW! Its brainwashing, not truth!

  97. Joy of #Atheism 200. At noon on the 21st, all Atheists should scream “AAARRGG, IT BUUUURNS! I ACCEPT YOU JESUS!” They will totally buy it.

  98. Joy of #Atheism 199. Ever notice that #god has never been asked to stop bestowing a wealth of blessings upon us? Theres a reason.#Atheist

  99. Joy of #Atheism 198. Blind theists! Whenever somebody actually chooses a #god to believe in, its 100% preference & never a justified choice.

  100. Joy of #Atheism 197. “God Hunters” <Would be a great show! Traveling Atheists would test & debunk claims around the world!#teamjesus #god

  101. Joy of #Atheism 196. Religious depression still runs rampant, but they have support. They just need to look to the sky & talk to themselves.

  102. Joy of #Atheism 195. “Like a stone has been lifted from your neck when you stop living in fear, shame & guilt of religious tyranny”~@bollbar

  103. Joy of #Atheism 194. If Atheists dont prove abiogenesis, evolution & universe origins happened naturally, it does not justify #god beliefs.

  104. Joy of #Atheism 193. If the #Pope said”#God is angry at Catholics for not following the #bible to the letter”,the Pope would be committed.

  105. Joy of #Atheism 192. Do you think Jesus was up on the cross just bewildered by how similar his life & death is to Horus? Just uncanny right?

  106. Joy of #Atheism 191. Its laughable that theists treat their#bible/#quran like a menu,picking what they like, ignoring what doesnt sit well.

  107. Joy of #Atheism 190. #Theists hate outspoken Atheists, because of all the rational, logical, uncomfortable doubts we inspire! #jesus#atheist

  108. Joy of #Atheism 189. I love meeting other twitter Atheists who have double digit tweets & follows. It means more Atheists joining the cause!

  109. Joy of #Atheism 188 “If youre a religious person…please hurry up and evolve; you’re an embarrassment to the rest of us!”~@GodlessAndHappyJoy of #Atheism 187. We are Justified! Theistic arguments never justify #god beliefs. They only serve to make believers seem less idiotic.
  110. Joy of #Atheism 186. I dont tell my 4 y/o son what to believe. Instead Im giving him facts & reasoning tools, such to discern truth.#happy

  111. Joy of #Atheism 185. Religion has a purpose. Its very useful. It helps the gullible folks stand out for the rest of us to laugh at.#teamjesus

  112. Joy of #Atheism 184. If ever science claimed to detect #god, all the science doubting theists will instantly proclaim science right. #truth

  113. Joy of #Atheism 182. One of the greatest treasures in Atheism is the support & kindness of the non-believers themselves. Thank you all!

  114. Joy of #Atheism 181. How wishy washy is god’s word that believers feel they can just NOT follow the ones they dont like? Its GODS word! HAHA

  115. Joy of #Atheism 180. With the amusing ability to mock religion in one word, Mr @JesusWithIssues deserves glorious recognition. >>#GLORY! <<

  116. Joy of #Atheism 179. Pure feelgood enjoyment! Most Atheistic tweets from Mr @BibleAlsoSays are stand up & cheer grand slam homeruns. #kudos

  117. Joy of #Atheism 178. If you’ve only one breath left, use it to say “thank you for the love.” Somebody expecting more, is not worthy of it.

  118. Joy of #Atheism 177. “That it will never come again is what makes life so sweet.~Emily Dickenson < Sorry if Its a bit sour for you Theists

  119. Joy of #Atheism 176. Many mysteries of life & the universe have been answered, yet not even 1 has revealed that a #god did it.#atheist

  120. Joy of #Atheism 175. Atheists can accept that humans are the universe’s evolved mind, finally capable of comprehending & admiring itself.

  121. Joy of #Atheism 174. If you think others are right because they believe in the same unproven #god you do, you are simply kidding yourself.

  122. Joy of #Atheism 173. If you feel lost & seek answers, confide in your fellow human. Weve evolved amazingly compassionate, intelligent minds.

  123. Joy of #Atheism 172. The most evident token & apparent sign of true wisdom is a constant & honest evaluation of truths. #Atheist#god #allah

  124. Joy of #Atheism 171. Finding yourself is finding #Joy, as its never found in THINGS; it is in US! It has been, long before gods were created

  125. Joy of #Atheism 170. Modern religion is swimming in information, yet its followers are wilfully & shamefully drowned by knowledge.#Atheist


  126. Joy of #Atheism 168. Theist, in your darkest hour, when #god is absent yet again, take a hand & know any help has ALWAYS been godless.

  127. Joy of #Atheism 167. Atheism has grown with the spreading knowledge of scientific truths. Theism has only put forth retractions & excuses.

  128. Joy of #Atheism 166. Nothing great is created suddenly. Atheism 1st blooms, then bears fruit, then ripens…& it WILL be great for humanity.

  129. Joy of #Atheism 165. We are THERE! That difficult journey of reason, breaking the bonds of indoctrination & our godless awakening! #Atheist

  130. Joy of #Atheism 164. We know more! “#Christians, to pray, be alone, say the lords prayer, you can’t mention friends or family”~@icouldbegod

  131. Joy of #Atheism 163. At least WE can honestly try to be objective. > “Please, if anyone has a question, ask an #atheist!”~@NSAAtheist

  132. Joy of #Atheism 162. Its tough to reason with #Liars like >@zulkiflim, but a theist cant help but make it obvious.> RT!

  133. Joy of #Atheism 161. Atheism & its intellectual allies of sciences & reason are compliments to humanity. Religion is just an insult.

  134. Joy of #Atheism 160. We are justified and we dont have to take it anymore! > …

  135. Joy of #Atheism 159. Its amusing. Per Matthew 4:7 “Dont test#god“… but how is every single prayer NOT a test? #biblicalFAIL

  136. Joy of #Atheism 158. I am honest & recognize that ignoring lies, immoral commands & evil behavior, all means I DONT BELIEVE IN THAT SHIT.

  137. Joy of #Atheism 157. I enjoy working on Sundays & I’m not a Hypocrite for it, like most #Christian folks… ref > NUM 15:32 /#atheist #god

  138. Joy of #Atheism 156. I teach my son to problem solve. Teaching kids to pray & rely on #god is the opposite of thinking through problems.

  139. Joy of #Atheism 155. I love #Christmas. A holiday of giving, good will, family &Acceptance. It clearly has little to do with #christianity

  140. Joy of #Atheism 154. The average theist is fun…they spew fallacies everywhere & make their #faith look like something only idiots can have.

  141. Joy of #Atheism 153. I try to be honest, so Im proud to admit to errors or fallacies. Atheists dont need to create theistic exaggerations.

  142. Joy of #Atheism 152. When a theist says atheism is a religion, atheists use faith & claim theres no god > Ive won! 3 fallacies & you’re out!

  143. Joy of #Atheism 151. When a #christian resorts to “Your logic is#Satan trying to decieve me!” they have already conceded a loss of argument

  144. Joy of #Atheism 149. I dont have to convince myself that something is true because I believe it. That is from virulent indoctrination.

  145. Joy of #Atheism 148. Who doesnt love seeing an arrogant theist exposing their own ignorance on twitter, then being hogpiled by atheists?

  146. Joy of #Atheism 147. Is it odd that I enjoy logical fallacies? They are constantly helping me see flawed theist arguments! Theyre my friends

  147. Joy of #Atheism 146. Any #atheist is my friend! If #god is your friend, then you havent thought about what a god really is, have you?

  148. Joy of #Atheism 145. The worst go-to person on my crisis list is always, always, always, always, always, ALWAYS going to outdo your #god.

  149. Joy of #Atheism 144. If your wife tries to sway you from your religion & youre compelled to kill her, youre a crazy bastard & a#christian!

  150. Joy of #Atheism 143. A friend decided to leave Atheism. I briefly wondered if he was to be killed, but then again i’m not a#muslim.#quran

  151. Joy of #Atheism 142. I’m so glad @GSpellchecker almost magically finds & sets strait so many silly theists. Where does he find them?#proud

  152. Joy of #Atheist 140. I am impressed by the sheer amount of intelligence and knowledge represented by Atheism! Coincidence? I think not.

  153. Joy of #Atheist 139. I AM IN AWE! >”@SirCasio: evolution is not a fact, it is a theory – learn the difference.”< I EXPECT MANY RTs#atheism

  154. Joy of #Atheism 138. Our outrageous atheistic comments are based on observation of outrageous theistic behavior. No need to exaggerate.

  155. Joy of #Atheism 137. #God is evil because he could easily prevent mass suffering… Yet many are fine under the evil god, so hes powerless?

  156. Joy of #Atheism 136. God commited genocide & commanded attrocities… now everyone knows #jesus is THAT same dude right?

  157. Joy of #Atheism 135. It just occured to me that theists #pray on twitter, because somebody might actually hear them & respond! HAHA

  158. Joy of #Atheism 134. If natural complexity and evolution is explained by natural processes… where is the design again?

  159. Joy of #Atheism 133. Life insurance folks have a verifiable contracts &results,asking little. #God &#heaven have NOTHING & want everything!

  160. Joy of #Atheism 132. Funny how theists cant imagine how evidence concludes evolution, but they can make up crazy, bullshit excuses for #god!

  161. Joy of #Atheism 131. The LACK of godly power amazes me if a god only made the tiniest imaginable spec fit for humans with infinite room.WOW!

  162. Joy of #Atheism 130. If theology taught that giant holes of power in galaxy centers were gods, we would be A-holes for A-holism. Just sayin’

  163. Joy of #Atheism 129. Nonbelievers are: #Deceived by theists,#Ignorant of little, dont need to #Lie, dont #Hate & see life as#Heaven.

    Joy of #Atheism 128. Now think about this… if you pray to #god to end world suffering, you are 1.Judging him & 2. More moral than him.

  164. Joy of #Atheism 127. Here is the basis for greater morality than any#god: “I wish to be treated kindly.” Common sense does the rest.

  165. Joy of #Atheism 126. How would you prove visions, answered prayers, voices & miracles are from a #god & not invisible aliens? You don’t.

  166. Joy of #Atheism 125. Plenty of death, hate, torture & ignorance has happened because of gods. Lets put them on trial & ban their assets.

  167. Joy of #Atheism 124. A reasonable person knows that if a gods power appears seperately & not witnessed from him, it is not proof of #god.

  168. Joy of #Atheism 122. “Because we don’t need rules for how to treat our slaves- we actually prefer not to have them at all.”~@Mel_in_Canada

  169. Joy of #Atheism 121. Youre better people by following #god? I follow my parents. No slavery, misogyny, or murder there. Im better than you!

  170. Joy of #Atheism 120. A catholic friend asked about my xmas traditions.”An Odin,Wiccan &Saturn xmas” She turned white realizing she does too!

  171. Joy of #Atheism 119. #God is that obstinant liar child who boasts “I could do it if I want to, but I dont want to” OR is that his followers?

  172. Joy of #Atheism 118. Which came first: #god? … or the ability of his followers to believe crazy, unproven bullshit? I mean, I cant do it!

  173. Joy of #Atheism 117. You know #god wont fix your car,no matter how many pray for it & desire it fully.Thats very telling. God cant fix cars.

  174. Joy of #Atheism 116. Silly atheists cant seem to grasp that my defined #god is the real answer to the gaps in scientific knowledge.#fallacy

  175. Joy of #Atheism 115. What fools insist its ass backwards to believe in hell because if you dont, you will go there? Clearly wrong!#atheist

  176. Joy of #Atheism 114. Its beyond me how anyone can deny the#bible as the word of #god, simply because men wrote it. Crazy logical #atheist!

  177. Joy of #Atheism 113. I cant fathom the arrogance of some folks who believe things based on evidence & not because others sound convincing.

  178. Joy of #Atheism 112. Isnt is crazy how some stubborn people dont believe in wild stuff just to feel less alone & less worried about dying?!

Joy of #Atheism 111. If you didnt see the irrefutable proof of #god, you didnt miss anything.There isnt any.Now bask in godlessness with me!
Joy of #Atheism 110. I just think of all the times I didnt pray for help or for my desired result. Instead, I prefer to get stuff done.
Joy of #Atheism 109. Me:”I think theres a real, invisible super hero who watches over everyone” My 4 y/o son:”Whaaat? Thats crazy Daddy.”
Joy of #Atheism 108. I love my son. Leading him to believe something is true, like an unproven #god, is nothing less than cruel & abusive.
Joy of #Atheism 107. Only fools cant sense an invisible, powerful alien who reads our minds constantly & he likes us thinking about him. LOL
Joy of #Atheism 106. Amazing! Miss >@Loveanatheist thinks we are #jealous of her ability to believe fallacies! No, its #RELIEF that we dont!
Joy of #Atheism 106. A bad idea to scare you strait. Imagine the reality of an observer seeing everything you do & desire,#God & santa both.
Joy of #Atheism 105. In no way does an #Atheist look the fool for not being convinced a #god is there. EVERY theist however does.#evidence
Joy of #Atheism 104. #Evolution Its elegant. It also throws a huge wrench in #god stories. Its fact, defend it! > …
Joy of #Atheism 103. If ever a #god shows up, under no conceivable scenario would that intelligent being praise theist thinking. #Atheism
Joy of #Atheism 102. I’m convinced part of religion is seeing #godlike The Emperors New Clothes. “Only a fool cant see God” …Im so right!

Joy of #Atheism 101. RT if you choose #Jesus #Christ …. to be the symbol of modern human gullibility, hate, conflict & ultimate ignorance.
Joy of #Atheism 100. We all agree ancient sun, thunder, war god worshipers were ignorant & gullible.How are todays worshipers any different?
Joy of #Atheism 99. Like buying a house.Lets get a preview or ask#god to verify that what he “says” we will get, is actually what we’ll get
Joy of #Atheism 98. Sure, we might be hell bound… or #god might have created a ploy to weed out gullible people. Makes far more sense.
Joy of #Atheism 96. Other #atheists are impressive & attractive to me. Its like theyve learned to stop grunting & dragging their knuckles.
Joy of #Atheism 95. The #Atheist in NO WAY is choosing hell. The reality is clear enough, theres nothing like heaven or hell to pick from.
Joy of #Atheism 94. Theists think they “know” is true what they believe is true. Atheists see how the faith excuse hides this lie from them.
Joy of #Atheism 93. “#Atheist” is just a label which represents a wise bunch of folks. We have faults, but we get it right where it counts.
Joy of #Atheism 92. Parenting should be secular too. Threatening kids with #god is every bit resorting to Santa threats. Prove otherwise.
Joy of #Atheism 90. Yay! I applied to twitter a beta App for filtering out #BULLSHIT… all theist tweets disappeared! Its called #HolyShit

Joy of #Atheism 89. My dear,@Mel_in_Canada, have i mentioned today that you make me smile. Your handling of intolerance is inspiring.
Joy of #Atheism 88. I just hit #god with my car. He suffered greatly & died. He retracted all words & visions, as they only caused harm. Yay
Joy of #Atheism 87. If you say you @LoveAnAtheist you should probably admit they are proving you wrong, when youve been proven wrong.#fraud
Joy of #Atheism 86. With comedic repetition…Theists repeat it like parrots: Nonbelievers are deceived, ignorant, of Satan, lying or angry.
Joy of #Atheism 85. Atheists know, we could be wrong.< Solid thinking…Religious folks act like theyre not in the same boat.< Plain Denial
Joy of #Atheism 84. Obvious atheism! Since #Christian & #Muslimreligies agree, the other is wrong, its apparent that its all dubious.#god

Joy of #Atheism 72. If I had my life to live over,I would perhaps have more actual troubles, but I’d have fewer imaginary ones.~Nadine Stair
Joy of #Atheism 83. My son & I pretend to be Marvel super heros, but using items & sayings of the fantasy doesnt make it real.>#bible#jesus
Joy of #Atheism 82. Its funny, many have seen gods will. Not seen his hand impose an outcome, but still they claim it, like crazy people.

Joy of #Atheism 81. How do you know an #atheist is having a good day & is feeling validated? Did a #god show up today? Ya, its a good day.
Joy of #Atheism 80. Its awesome for Atheism that human #Evolutionis well proven AND there is no evidence for creationism at all. Just sayin’
Joy of #Atheism 79. Atheists know that 5 billion delusions still dont equal 1 truth. #atheistrollcall #jesus #islam #christianity #judaism
Joy of #Atheism 78. If #god told you the name of my cat, to prove himself to me, his identity is still unproven, isnt it? Atheists get this.
Joy of #Atheism 77. Its a beautiful day!… & I am thankful… thankful that I’ve not been conditioned to thank my imaginary friend for it!
Joy of #Atheism 76. #God will remain unproven until theists show that non-gods havent & couldnt mimic godly powers. Good luck with that.
Joy of #Atheism 75. We could fail to disprove #god over & over, but it never gives the theist an ounce of validity. #atheistrollcall
Joy of #Atheism 74. A horrible delusion would entail a belief which compelled me to selfishly try bettering my status in a future life.
Joy of #Atheism 73. Worship thyself. At best your #god is just a fellow citizen of the universe. Nothing was before it or is outside of it.
Joy of #Atheism 72. If I had my life to live over,I would perhaps have more actual troubles, but I’d have fewer imaginary ones.~Nadine Stair

Joy of #Atheism 71. Why we are right > sin+sin+sin+ sin+sin+sin+sin+believing in unproven magic guy= ticket to heaven< totally batshit crazy

Joy of #Atheism 70. The wonders of life have nothing to do with what made them, but rather that we get to experience the wonderful at all!
Joy of #Atheism 69. If you worship #god, your love is nowhere. If you worship friends & family you are in #Heaven already! #atheistrollcall
Joy of #Atheism 68. We Love Humanity. If everyone were to seek meaning through passion & compassion, heaven would run rampant on earth.
Joy of #Atheism 67. To believe a promise, I get a handshake & a look in the eye (living people). Who promised you heaven again? A book?#god
Joy of #Atheism 66. Honest #Truth for kids > “If you dont decide & verify things for yourself, you might go to heaven & meet a monster!”#god
Joy of #Atheism 65. When you finally allow yourself to trust Atheism, you will find you dance with everything & not nothing! ~Emmanuel (mod)
Joy of #Atheism 64. Creative thought, where its needed. > Have you ever wondered where an omnipotent, bodiless being gets & keeps his power?
Joy of #Atheism 63. We admit nothing magical protects humans. Buckle your seat belt, eat healthy, dont run with scissors; a #godnever helps
Joy of #Atheism 62. We think about what fears are rational & decide if we’re imposing irrational consequences on others.#hell#damnation#god
Joy of #Atheism 61. We love proof,wherever it leads! My son & I made up a game called “Prove it” to test funny sounding claims.#freethinker
Joy of #Atheism 60. I actually respect my 4y/o sons intellect. I refuse to tell him anything is true without honestly validating it somehow.
Joy of #Atheism 59. We appreciate that celebrations are for people, not for gods. Never seen a #god show up for one!
Joy of #Atheism 58. Many atheist are hidden. It feels like being a super spy, when they think that you think that they arent full of shit.
Joy of #Atheism 57. I love finding other atheists. Tell a group you dont believe in their holy faerie tales & atheists will glow with joy!

Joy of #Atheism 56. I prefer REAL choices, so choosing between#jesus & torture is just choosing between moronic & ridiculous. #god#faith Joy of #Atheism 55. Atheists strive to NOT hate & take pride in equal rights. Religion often baselessly promotes bigotry, misogyny& killing!

Joy of #Atheism 54. Logical Fallacies are funny! Like trained monkeys, theists blindly repeat fallacies to keep believing each others lies.
Joy of #Atheism 53. We aspire for intellectual health from the virulent, controlling, deceitful, degrading, hateful disease that is religion
Joy of #Atheism 52. We float to the top of a sea of truth on a our#logic & #reason. At the bottom, #faith & #lies make for a murky reality.
Joy of #Atheism 51. We hate to impose.You on the other hand feel obligated to impose your ancient rules & moralities from an unproven source
Joy of #Atheism 50. We love helping. If you automatically reject any reasoning which contadicts your faith, you are broken. We can fix you.
Joy of #Atheism 49. Let me guess “#Faith doesnt hurt/kill people, people do.” Yes, but its a worn out immoral excuse & Atheists know better!
Joy of #Atheism 48. The path to world peace is to avoid faith based ideas. Unless faith is kept in check, it leads to & allows atrocities.
Joy of #Atheism 47. Winning! If in a debate a theist resorts to claiming the devil has deceived us all, he means “Crap I lost again!”#god
Joy of #Atheism 46. We look super intelligent, when you worship a “loving, moral” #god who tortures billions of humans forever. Good choice.
Joy of #Atheism 45. Laughable. Anyone hearing evil voices from#god, is INSANE, while hearing gods word otherwise means youre BLESSED.
Joy of #Atheism 44. All theists delight in the lack of evidence for other gods, but the same failings for their god somehow matters not.
Joy of #Atheism 43. We have read your mistake / violence / fear / evil / hate /& lie ridden holy book & found it vile… but #Amusing.
Joy of #Atheism 42. The here & now is so important! “That it will never come again is what makes life so sweet”~Emily Dickenson
Joy of #Atheism 41. Atheists have a relationship with an awesome, omnipresent #Reality. Theists pretend to love Santas 3rd cousin#Jesus.

Joy of #Atheism 40. Atheists gladly admit non-proofs. When parts of the bible should prove #god, but have always failed, excuses run rampant

Joy of #Atheism 39. We are Justified! Theistic arguments never justify #god beliefs, but rather they make the beliefs seem less idiotic.

Joy of #Atheism 38. We love facts &reason. Even devout believers will cringe occasionally at how batshit crazy their baseless babble sounds.

Joy of #Atheism 37. Our ancient morality.“Do not injure, abuse, oppress, enslave, insult, torment, torture or kill any living being” ~500BCE

Joy of #Atheism 36. We enjoy gullibility radar. The bible talks of how gullible and eager to accept ‘miracles’ some people were. eg~Acts28:6

Joy of #Atheism 35. “Every Day Is An Atheist Holiday!” ~@PennJillette

Joy of #Atheism 34. Atheists are wise. We know that even if your holy book were validated in many ways, it still doesn’t prove your#god.

Joy of #Atheism 33. We don’t have ridiculous claims to prove. Non-belief comes with no excuses or burden of proof, just freedom. #god

Joy of #Atheism 32. Atheists don’t rely on bullshit! It holds together all theistic lies, claims, actions, crimes & oh yes, beliefs.

Joy of #Atheism 31. Our objective reasoning filters out the manipulative religious babble, while believers are overwhelmed like a burst dam.

Joy of #Atheism 30. Gays, lesbians, bisexuals & transsexuals are great people. Atheists know this & benefit from those friendships.#glbt

Joy of #Atheism 29. Atheists are free to understand that this life is valuable & precious. Its our 1 chance to love & live in wonder!

Joy of #Atheism 28. We freely & honestly explore morality without the burdens of religion! I call this #FreeAtheism > 

Joy of #Atheism 27. Great News! We arent commanded to kill gays & nonbelievers, serve an imagined master or leave our families for Atheism!
Joy of #Atheism 26. Diversity, equal rights & kindness become CELEBRATED STANDARDS without the bronze age doctrines of small minded men.
Joy of #Atheism 25. Theists are conditioned to doubt, deny & avoid science contrary to their beliefs. Atheists get to love & enjoy science!
Joy of #Atheism 24. The #atheist is validated EVERY TIME a theist credits a creator but cant show 1 link to any #god. EVERY. DAMN. TIME.
Joy of #Atheism 23. I have clear perspective! If 500 witnesses saw a resurrected #Jesus, an AWESOME event, all of them would write it down.
Joy of #Atheism 22. I cant tell you how relieved i am to NOT be the one pretending my #god DOESN’T seem like a nightmarish evil monster!
Joy of #Atheism 21. My dad shows & earns love. God the father started morally enlightening us by imposing sacrifices, plagues & mass murder.
Joy of #Atheism 20. Sweet validation! The simple idea that people can pick a religion, indicates there was/is no god demonstrating itself.
Joy of #Atheism 19. Good news! No philosophy, no religion, has ever brought so glad a message to the world as this good news of Atheism.
Joy of #Atheism 18. I am one! “Not one person in a thousand has the strength of mind or the goodness of heart to be an #Atheist.”~S.Coleridge
Joy of #Atheism 17. Remove happiness > I truly tried to believe in#God once… for a girl. It was so unnatural and degrading. I got better.
Joy of #Atheism 16. Thankfully, unbiased freethinkers can see >1.#God is not apparent 2.Nothing proves god 3.Miracles/visions are unsourced Joy of #Atheism 15. Heres some simple, happy math. Courage + Honesty + Intelligence = Atheism, while Fear + Dishonesty+ Ignorance = Theism
Joy of #Atheism 14. I believe by reason, logic, common sense & honest emotion.Thankfully i dont have to live with the guilt of ignoring them
Joy of #Atheism 13. My #freethinking position is based on truth & knowledge. No dogma keeps me from following facts. Its very liberating!
Joy of #Atheism 12. Im happy to say,I dont think of my son as a soiled sinner with too many questions, but rather as innocent& free minded!
Joy of #Atheism 11. The Atheist position “We dont believe in #god, for lack of evidence” is #Justified. The #Honesty of it makes me smile!
Joy of #Atheism 10. You say you love a magic sky faerie just in case ancient men didnt make it up. I am #overjoyed to not be as dumb as you!r kill others for trying to change their beliefs. No thanks.
Joy of #Atheism 9. I enjoy moral & sane behavior. God tells believers to harm or kill others for trying to change their beliefs. No thanks. Joy of #Atheism 8. I get to honestly love, appreciate, respect & cherish women. Many religious folks are denied this moral freedom.
Joy of #Atheism 7. I dont have to lie, pretend to know or explain why “my #god” is the real one, while baselessly denying valid atheism.
Joy of #Atheism 6. When I achieve my goal or do something great, I dont think to praise an invisible helper #god, just myself. Yay me! Joy of #Atheism 5. I can see the growth value of experiencing terrible days. Blaming or pleading to some higher power is counter productive.
Joy of #Atheism 4. Im thankful for understanding that if you must accept #jesus as real, without evidence, then its all just pretend.
Joy of #Atheism 3. Im #free to change my position on things according to the #evidence, not needing to make excuses for my stubborn beliefs.

Joy of #Atheism 2. I have no fear, worry, or concern for my son’s nonexistent soul. None. Knowing I am free of that idiocy is priceless.
Joy of #Atheism 1. I revel daily in my inner freedom! The simple reminder of virulent religious beliefs, ignites a day of pure joy! #think

The Question Which Validates Extremist Behavior


  • Which god do you believe in?    (Extremist tie in later on…)  

It seems reasonable enough to ask, but shouldn’t there be one religion for the one true god, if we’re to take it seriously? Why should society respect any religion’s dogmatic “truths” while there’s no proof for even one deity, let alone the many?  The extent of current godly evidence is in the competing, ancient texts, claiming divine influence and the subjective ‘experiences’ of believers.  So, in short, none.  

Until we can at least verify s/he’s there, isn’t intelligently choosing a god impossible?  In practice, intelligence has no bearing on how theists discern a true god from the thousands of mythical ones.  Despite this blind choice, any theist will claim they “know” their god is real.  How?  The traditional tricks which actually lead people to believe in a deity only draw upon our mortal lives, with no godly influences at all.  

  • Why you believe in a god; You were specifically told god is real, he IS watching and he’ll punish you for betraying him (indoctrination) or… you personally needed to answer unknowns of our existence and an omnipotent god magically answers everything (a logical fallacy). Beyond indoctrination, you’re convinced it’s reasonable to interpret natural complexities as being designed, but that’s merely a subjective leap.  Some folks claim god inspired the hand which guided you, but that’s just baseless, wishful thinking.
  • Which god you believe in; 1. You simply believe what options your parents gave you, as their parents likely did to them.  2. Also, the region in which you live may well restrict religious options through law, or threats… leading to number 1.  Again, there were no divine hints from above.
  • Which godly commands and moralities you can follow;  Often enough, ancient holy rules of slavery, executions, misogyny and beatings no longer apply to modern society, and such evils are ignored or at least frowned upon. Yes the laws of your chosen omnipotent, absent god are out-shined by Secular Humanism.  Still no sign of a god insisting you must obey his laws.
  • What validates your belief; If cornered to justify your belief, you blindly fumble with assertions that your feelings and prayers are divinely touched and answered.  You will cite hidden, mysterious god qualities that only allow believers to see the proof.  You might also pointlessly note that so many other people believe the same thing.  In the end, you have no real justifications, but that’s only because no god ever offered any.
  • The source of your religion; Your ancient holy text is full of falsehoods, contradictions, unverifiable claims and outdated moralities, yet somehow it’s the flawless wisdom of your god. Further, its key magical events and figures often have no verification beyond the book itself.  Ultimately, the stories were written and revised by men, with no evidence of a god’s input or approval.
  • You needed comfort; Somewhere along the way, your life was too hard to handle and you felt helpless. Weakness and desperation left you open to need and want a god to watch over you. The human mind can easily make this feel real enough to give us strength, but the hope gained is personal and internal, not godly.
  • Your limitations concerning the sciences; You may have been told that science is wrong or is a conspiracy on some level, as it often conflicts with religious facts and stories. For example, when evolution is shown to be a proven fact, conditioning compels theists to reject the blasphemous ideas.  Additionally, the apologetic community offers fallacious counter arguments, but the average theist blindly presumes they’re valid.  Predictably, there’s no god around to offer a better idea.
  • A general ignorance of history and the state of the world; Your circumstances and culture has almost certainly limited your comprehensive understanding of the universe.  A schooling in religious “truths” is probably automatic, if not, forced into your life. On the other hand, a modern, secular education is likely restricted or is at least much harder to come by.  Does god divinely inspire such ignorance or is skepticism and knowledge simply feared?

None of these things remotely help us discern the truth of a god’s existence, but they do unscrupulously lead people to believe that one is real.  Somewhere along the way, most believers recognize that they’ve accepted unproven, life changing beliefs as truths.  Despite this dilemma, the response might be “Why should we question the guidence, comfort and purpose these traditions and beliefs give us?” It seems there are at least 2 responsible, intelligent reasons to jump ship.

  1.     Ask yourself if you desire your life to be based on truth. Considering the random chance that led you to that god belief and the blind faith required to believe it, you’ve been extensively manipulated. Such things are not truths in every other aspect of your life, so be consistently wise and believe in faeries, Bigfoots and gods only after they’ve been proven.
  2.     Since dogma is allowed to be irresponsibly interpreted or ignored and then remain entirely unproven, blind faith will always enable religious harm. If its acceptable to abandon evidence for blind faith, then theists are permitted to act on dogma as if its true, with no evident divine approval!  Yet, religious extremists acting on faith, to justify murder, is widely seen as wrong.  So, if extremists are not justified to act on their traditional, baseless beliefs, how are all other believers not hypocrites in EVERY faith based action?  As long as you accept blind faith as an honest path to believing in god, then you are personally validating all the religious harm in the world.

With such ingrained traditions, bolstered by ongoing communal reinforcement, the oddity in this world is understandably the atheist.  Yet the theist, clearly embodies the non-believer by validly dismissing all other gods, while (comically) all opposing theists know his religion fails the evidence test too! HA!  It predictably comes down to being biased and conditioned toward your traditional truth and not theirs.  A deluded stalemate.  Clearly, no god has led any of you to your equally unjustified beliefs, so…“Which god do you believe in?“  A question that wouldn’t exist if there were proof of one god, which leaves the horrifically abused faith it relies upon subject to the whims of Lunatics!

So, considering this HARM, the arguably better question is: “Which unproven god have you been convinced to believe in?”  or, better yet  “Doesn’t your baseless faith give validation to the actions of religious extremists?”  Atheists know there’s a wealth of human life to consider, so we argue against the harms of baseless god beliefs.  Theists: I challenge you to demonstrate that your life is based on truth and is not enabling others to justify their atrocities!

Thanks for reading!
~Artie Petro     #FreeAtheist
@AtheisticEarth on Twitter

How Do Atheists Raise Their Kids in a Theistic World?

This is meant to be both my research and a place of comparison for Atheists and Theists.

*                                    *                                *

Some silly Creationists find it a point of argument to say Atheists “indoctrinate” their kids too.  This, on its face is very silly as there is no doctrine to impose on children.  However I realize I very much want to tell my 4 year old son that these people in churches are gullible, stupid and crazy… but i don’t.  I want to shield him from the entire idea of religion as long as i can, but I introduce it slowly… in simple ideas.  I want to disallow him from ever believing in a God… its crossed my mind.  I could think of scary atheist stories, like some brutish Nonbeliever grabbing children who are believing in Gods. HAHAHA.

So what HAVE I done?  I have thus far taught him to be a skeptic.  I teach him to question things that don’t make sense and ask people to ‘prove it’. Related to that he is aware of plenty of podcast and videos which i play on the God and Atheist topic.  He hears the words and arguments, but doesnt understand the context… I think.

Tonight I find myself De-conditioning his “Oh My God” phrase which he gets from TV shows.  Respectfully I don’t say God is a stupid word, but I do say “when people say THAT, they are talking to magic people” … ” are you talking to magic people?”. Ultimately my explanation is true… OH MY GOD is an exclamation to your Deity.  YES yes its also a common phrase that everyone uses.  Well I hear it and it made it into my house! GRRR!  I obviously have given him a number of alternatives, which I will use around him.

My greatest tool to NOT Indoctrinate is to BE a loving father and husband and earn respect rather than tell him its owed to me.  I also am proudly explaining diversity and equality to him in the sense that it is the only right way, being sure to question anyone who says we are wrong about it.  He has such a diverse range of skin colors, cultures and languages around him now in Pre-K, that he will surely have any and all for friends. As examples, we will treat his friends and their parents with respect as we would expect of him.

My Grandfather was a racist and my mother broke free of it, along with her faith.  My own best friend growing up was a dark skinned Brazilian boy and I didn’t think a damn thing about it until some teacher baselessly pointed out the difference one day.  As far as my son goes, his daycare/teachers are mostly bilingual and Non-white (we are fare skinned) but we  treat them with great respect as deserved.  He wont know what racism is other than silly people saying silly, hurtful stuff, which is just wrong.

Explaining Gay and Lesbian will be so easy, because we have gay friends.  That will be one of my secret weapons of non Indoctrination, explaining how religious people are told to treat gays as non-equals and as bad people… because invisible magic men left notes for us to do that.  It makes me mad because its wrong… he will be mad too because he is being taught to love everyone.  He will be my little equal rights warrior one day.

Something I DO NOT feel obligated to do is line up all the popular religions and for some warped Theistic reason  tell him its ok to pick one… just “to be fair” to indoctrinators everywhere who think we are indoctrinating by NOT giving kids religion, as an equal choice to atheism! Its both as funny as it is sickening.  Its so stupid it MAKES MY SKIN CRAWL!  In fact I will teach my son that even if some prick comes to earth one day, saying he’s god… we CAN and SHOULD doubt that it is true until it is clearly proven to be true.  He won’t have to worry about it though.

*                                    *                                *

>>> So please respond to my ongoing techniques and thinking and/or please explain your own.  I would love to hear some honest atheists admitting they shape their kids to be more anti-theist or open to religion… all points are valid and of interest.   Theists are welcome to weigh in, as I would be curious to hear how they raised their kids to be freethinkers, explaining God might just be feelings and not real at all. HAHAHA  Or perhaps some theists might want to argue to change our minds…  Both sides are welcome so have at it.

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Heaven Would Be Hell Too

Christianity asserts there is a Heaven and Hell, but I contend Hell isn’t the opposite of Heaven, rather the downfall of it by its existence. I will show you why hell does not exist with heaven, under a moral god.

If my precious, innocent little boy, who only knows the word ‘God’ as an habitual exclamation of surprise or profanity… if he isn’t accepted to heaven for lack of belief, then heaven is missing the most beautiful thing I can imagine.  Granted Heaven may not be based on my view of paradise, but it immediately falls short with its concept of separation.  Of course, this is supposing myself or someone who loved him dearly, were missing him from Heaven.  “Thanks God. This sucks, but hey, I made it to Heaven right?”

Now, consider what this means. If my son and I were to die in a car accident and for some selfish, baseless reason I suddenly accepted Jesus as my savior… Supposedly I would go to heaven and my son would not.  Any parent knows that such eternal separation of you from your child would be… hard, but the knowledge that he is alone, terrified, helpless and being TORTURED is the worst imaginable hell.  The WORST imaginable hell!  The realization that God has done this, could have avoided this and did it anyway, is all just as we foolishly awaken into Heaven… give it a minute, it gets better.  Now, this Heaven shouldn’t be, but clearly would be full of human souls stepping into complete and utter hell. “Thanks again God. Nice going there Sport.”

Before you reach the inner gates of this “eternal bliss”, you would be weeping uncontrollably among today’s other new lucky arrivals.  A full 2/3 of all the deaths on Earth didn’t make it here today, which means about 100,000 souls, including so many beloved children, are now damned, terrified and burned forever. The first overwhelming impression of Heaven would be a rolling, tormented sound of pain.  Many souls around you would no doubt bear the same debilitating, weeping affliction. Beyond your own horrific sobs, the thousands of tortured voices nearby would amass into a monstrous wailing, all for loved ones in hell or perhaps for having died from horrible evil acts. In such dispair you might even stab at yourself to end the pain. I would.”Thanks again God. Bastard.”

Now consider that the rest of the crowd entering Heaven need not be moral, as its not a requirement, but most will be. This clueless, happy crew would arrive to the drones of these unfortunate souls too.  In the next moment they would realize what they have ignored their whole lives, God is a real fucking Prick… and they defended him!  Why?! The fear that kept them believing as a child would come back in force, but we humans are a rowdy bunch and we would NOT tolerate this.  Anger would sound off over the wailing, with brave shouts of “DAMN YOU” ringing out first perhaps. The closer this righteous mob gets to the kingdom, the more souls would realize God could have stopped all those violent, evil, diseased and pointless deaths, but he  just hid here in Heaven.  “PRICK!”

In this stark reality of gods evil (heaven), the last weeping souls and sickened loyalist would shortly be transformed by this morally united and free willed surge, into an unearthly rage!   How would your “Loving” god handle this inevitable, vengeful, riotous hell in Heaven?  Would he simply make you forget about your precious, tortured love, whom he sent to burn forever?  If so, you will no longer be yourself for an eternity and the bastard still gets your worship anyway.  Even worse, that means this PRICK would be forcibly taking your loved one(s) away from you… twice!  “Thanks God… and fuck you 2 times too.”

*     *     *     *     *

Inexplicably, this lunacy still stands as Gods great reward, in contrast to his utterly shortsighted threat. Who could ask for more love than that, right?  Well, here are the 2 horribly unacceptable results you would face (if God were real):

1. Heaven cannot be blissful to moral humans, since hell will still torment you from afar… eternally… and God will forever be the cause. Rage, horror or fear would be the norm, not bliss.

2. Alternately, God is still the tyrant, but he is forced to strip you of your mortal knowledge and loving memories, so his heaven can remain a blissful worship of himself… ignorant, but blissful.

So in conclusion, a remotely moral, Godly being wouldn’t have made a hell, if not simply to avoid its consequences.  HELL clearly is a Christian tactical concept to better transmit its virulent self to the next generation.  More obviously, this draws into question the entire Bibles validity, with fearful, ignorant men behind the quill and no concept of the harm they will cause.  The excuses have fallen far too short to hold up this flimsy house of cards anymore.  There clearly is no Hell and God in Heaven is just a man made mistake.

If you want to live forever,  just find your heaven here on earth.  My heaven is now … and he’s got my eyes. Through him I share my life lessons, morality, hope and love. I WILL exist in his heart and mind, being remembered and happily passed on to his kids. That’s Heaven.

ps- My wife is absolutely extraordinary too. ;o)   Thanks for reading.

500 Symptoms of Religion

The Symptoms of Religion are indeed meant to suggest that Religion is a disease, Mental Illness, or poison.  The tweetable symptoms are clips of every aspect of life “tainted by” religion.

*Feel free to use, copy or repost the Symptoms in part or in full, as you like. Give me credit when you can. Thanks!

*       *      *

Symptom of #Religion 500. ANTIGEN: When not filtered through bias, knowledge & Reason are #miracle cures for unjustified beliefs.#Atheism

Symptom of #Religion 499. LOVE LIES: Either #jesus doesnt understand #love or xtians dont. Making nonbelievers go to hell is not loving them

Symptom of #Religion 498. MORE LIKELY: An embellished story of a holy man OR the virgin born son of a vile unverifiable #god, who loves you?

Symptom of #Religion 497. UNGODLY FACTS: “The Earth is 4.54 billion years old. Homo sapiens is a species of ape. 4 awareness!”~@adrianbriggs

Symptom of #Religion 496. KNOWING BETTER: If we scare kids into blindly accepting our truths, its brainwashed abuse. #Atheists know better.

Symptom of #Religion 495. LOGICAL GOALTENDER: Knocking down unlawful arguments, @Beechbum doesnt let those nasty fallacies slip by. #atheism

Symptom of #Religion 494. HOLY GUIDE: The religious are lost so@BibleAlsoSays guides (yanks) their heads out of their asses & into reality.

Symptom of #Religion 493. BIG STICK: Speaking loudly & beating down religious delusion, @ascotsmanabroad will show you the Weeman you are.

Symptom of #Religion 492. WORKHORSE: The persistence of@FlyingFree333 in standing up to religious harm is epic! Kudos & Much gratitude!

Symptom of #Religion 491. SHITSTORM: “Even Athiests cry out to god when they have diarrhea.” Proving god is a load of shit?~@Omnisvalidus

Symptom of #Religion 490. FALLACY RADAR: If you flaunt idiocy & untruths as godly fact, then @askegg will be setting you strait very soon.

Symptom of #Religion 489. UNGODLY WISDOM: If its a question about religion, @RosaRubicondior will have 10 answers #godcouldnt think of.

Symptom of #Religion 488. DIVINE ADVICE: If you find truth in any#god myths, its only because @MrOzAtheist hasnt explained it to you yet.

Symptom of #Religion 487. LAUGHING AT GOD: One of the funniest people in the universe @rickygervais, clearly has far better timing than #God

Symptom of #Religion 485. UN-FOUND: Not only cant we find #god, theres no good reason to believe a god has found &claimed us either!#Atheism

Symptom of #Religion 484. PROOF DEFERENCE: Even if #god exists, his existence is not proof of his claims. He still has burden of proof.

Symptom of #Religion 483. THANKFUL: “l thank #god for making me so incapable of #freethinking that i cant imagine who else to thank”~Theists

Symptom of #Religion 482. A NEEDY GOD: “In sunday school they read out Genesis 1:1, I raised my hand and asked “Why?”~@JahKnowBuu #Atheism

Symptom of #Religion 481. INCAPABLE: You CANT comprehend 1.#god is not apparent 2.nothing proves god 3.miracles/visions are unsourced

Symptom of #Religion 480. GONE: If there were this pill which irradicated unjustified beliefs,theists would decline in fear of being ERASED!

Symptom of #Religion 479. ASSHOLE: Dear “god”, if youre there, GET OFF YOUR HOLY ASS & DO YOUR FUCKING JOB! …thought so, we’re on our own

Symptom of #Religion 478. SELF EVIDENT BRAINWASH: “I’m not brainwashed.The devil has u that way…We will have eternal life”~@vickiehenshaw

Symptom of #Religion: 477. FAMILY: Why do atheists celebrate Christmas? <–“…same as Christians. Family, food & presents.”~@terilynlemaire

Symptom of #Religion 476. INSIGHT: “Try to realize the miniscule chance that you even exist in this universe. Make it count.”~@MizMelly

Symptom of #Religion 475. LOGIC BOMB:@askegg:@ConversionRadio Still waiting for a reply to your knock down argument. …

Symptom of #Religion 473. EARTHCENTRIC: <“Bible doesnt say that”~@GospelGuidance /<“  ” ~@SweetAphrodite<She BURNED him!

Symptom of #Religion: 474. SIMPLE MATH: Courage + Intelligence = #Atheism …. Fear + Ignorance = Theism //< Ive double checked the math

Symptom of #Religion 472. @PROPHECY_YEC: <“Another brainwashed bigot who cant grasp the meaning of scientific theory.”~@Jack_st0ne <Bullseye

Symptom of #Religion 471. SCIENCE PROVES GOD?: GG< “Nowhere in ANY science book is god used as a source. Nutjob”~>@MsGrumpy ‹‹-Awesome Mind

Symptom of #Religion 470. RESPECT?: “Would you respect me if I preached about a flying spaghetti monster? Of course you wouldn’t.”~>@oscli

Symptom of #Religion 469. NUMBERS: Someday the #Atheist voice will be so loud & justified, that we’ll just shut the #god myth down cold.

Symptom of #Religion 468. EQUALITY: “I don’t cherry pick. I believe each bit of the bible is equally wrong.”~> @Mel_in_Canada < loving her!

Symptom of #Religion 467. OMNI-FAIL: “If only God had known that Eve would disobey Him… oh, wait… :D” ~> @dawkinsassangeř <#brilliant

Symptom of #Religion 466. NO SIGNAL: The simplest miracle #god could pull off, is sending messages between believers… Never heard of it.

Symptom of #Religion 465. E.S.P.: #God knows ALL our thoughts, believers hear god’s thoughts, but they cant hear each others. Go figure.

Symptom of #Religion 464. CLUBBED: Either you join the invisible, hate club or GET clubbed …and thats BEFORE & AFTER you die.#Atheism

Symptom of #Religion 463. JESUS’ PET: If you refuse reason, logic & common sense as a pathway to truth, then #jesus rewards your efforts.

Symptom of #Religion 462. GODS EXAMPLE: If I torture people for not choosing me as a spiritual leader, its their choice & totally not evil

Symptom of #Religion 461. EASY DECISION: Its not a choice between #jesus & torture, its choosing between implausible, rediculous or #Atheism

Symptom of #Religion 460. COMMUNITY: Sure, theists gather for their delusion, but #truth, acceptance, #wisdom & skepticism are not invited.

Symptom of #Religion 459. DESPERATE: Arguments for #god are nothing of the sort.They only serve to make believers look less wrong! #atheism

Symptom of #Religion 458. CULT: “Grovel at my feet or i’ll burn you forever” is extortion& abuse, NOT love. Youre in a cult.~@FlyingFree333

Symptom of #Religion 457. RESTART: If we erased religion, gods would emerge different. With #science, it would be reassembled the same. #god

Symptom of #Religion 456. BLISS: “Ignorance is bliss! Believe what ever makes you happy and don’t question it!” via~>@tsh1118#atheism

Symptom of #Religion 455. CHILDREN: Atheists see kids as innocent & free minded. Xtians see theirs as soiled sinners with too many questions

Symptom of #Religion 454. LONELINESS: The maker & keeper of gods & religion. It drives people to believe a smart faerie guides & loves them.

Symptom of #Religion 453. BROKEN RECORD: Your proof is old & youve been proven wrong thousands of times, yet you dishonestly keep citing it.

Symptom of #Religion 452. ENDINGS: If anything does,unchecked#Faith will destroy humanity. We ALL know it.Why are only Atheists fighting it?

Symptom of #Religion 451. ABSENT: Gods seem to only work through people, nature & the unexplained. Sounds like the imagination of fools.

Symptom of #Religion 450. REALITY IMPAIRED: No magical sky friends can ever replace your missing personal relationship with reality.#atheism

Symptom of #Religion 449. UNKIND: Being honest with your religion usually means being #hurtful in the name of your #god.#FreeAtheism

Symptom of #Religion 448. DISRESPECT: Women should be cherished for their wisdom, intelligence, & beauty… and never mistreated! /#atheism

Symptom of #Religion 447. HISTORICAL BULLY: I love it when religies call me a fucking bully.>>PIC

Symptom of #Religion 446. COMEDY: You cite reason, science & truth as a theistic basis for belief in #jesus. Funny as hell! /#atheism

Symptom of #Religion 445. NO AUTHORITY: You make other twitter profiles to back up your original crazy ass self, in debates with atheists.

Symptom of #Religion 444. VACATION: If god took a break from his incredible benevolence upon humans, everything would seem exactly the same.

Symptom of #Religion 443. FALLACIOUS: You say youre a proponent of ending religious produced fallacy, but thats about all you debate with.

Symptom of #Religion 442. “JESUS IS REALITY”: The very backwards, baseless, copout statement said by those who have no argument.//#Atheism

Symptom of #Religion 441. GODLESS HOUSES: Churches dont exist because a god is proven, they exist because #god cannot be disproven. #Atheism

Symptom of #Religion 440. INCONSIDERATE: Theists cant fathom being wrong on #god, since #Reason was never part of #faith in the first place.

Symptom of #Religion 439. CRACKING: You were devoted to #god& his word, but now you think ancient #aliens genetically made humans for god!

Symptom of #Religion 438. TRIBULATIONS: The theist distress & suffering resulting from questioning their indoctrination & conditioning.

Symptom of#Religion 437. HEART: Not one man in a thousand has the strength of mind or the goodness of heart to be an #atheist.~Sam Coleridge

Symptom of #Religion 436. JUST SCARED: In truly considering Satan, you wouldnt be scared,you would be IRATE that #god actually promotes him!

Symptom of #Religion 435. MANS IMAGE: Man created #god in his image: intolerant, sexist, homophobic and violent.~@Zenobiobi#atheist #jesus

Symptom of #Religion 434. PROVIDER: Prove those #atheists wrong by quitting your job & praying for food! God will provide!~@distant_angel

Symptom of #Religion 433. NEWS: No philosophy, no religion, has ever brought so glad a message to the world as this good news of Atheism.

Symptoms of #Religion 432. TOO LATE: Its ok to believe in a #god, because when you die it will be too late to understand how stupid it was.

Symptoms of #Religion 431. DISHONEST: Desperate to support their baseless belief, theists reuse well refuted arguments to feel justified.

Symptoms of#Religion 430. ABUSIVE: Beg me to forgive you or you’ll make me angry. I hate it when I have to hurt you.~#god/by@RosaRubicondior

Symptoms of #Religion 429. STRAIT JACKET: Has anyone else noticed that people who’ve found #God always appear to have lost their sanity?

Symptoms of #Religion 428. #BLASPHEMYDAY: #jesus,#muhammed#god#allah#theHolySpirit < All Evil, Impotent or#Fake! /#Atheism

Symptoms of #Religion 427. SELECTIVELY DEAF: Theists hear > HOLY BLAH! blah bl-blah blah #JESUS blah-ing #CHRIST!!! Blah blah #HELL!!

Symptoms of #Religion 426. HOW TO 10: To win a theistic argument, claim random definitions are actually alternate ones. A valid tactic.

Symptoms of #Religion 425. HOW TO 9: To prove that your #god vision was really god, if others fail to prove it was fake, then it was real.

Symptoms of#Religion 424. HOW TO 8: To refute other religions, claim they have no evidence or truth, as they werent believed by your parents

Symptoms of#Religion 423. HOW TO 7: To be offended by criticism of your #god, spread inflammatory lies to incite violent riots. Praise god!

Symptoms of#Religion 422. HOW TO 6: To praise #god, LIE. Yes, tell everyone that god is all loving &all good. God needs followers, not truth

Symptoms of #Religion 421. HOW TO 5: To “Love an #Atheist” compel them to baselessly accept #god, while ignoring all atheistic perspectives.

Symptoms of #Religion 420. HOW TO 4: If its awkward to pray to god at first, then just pretend you’re actually talking to somebody who cares

Symptoms of #Religion 419. HOW TO 3: To shut up #Atheists, be sure to cite their baseless #faith, beliefs & religion, unlike your own.

Symptoms of #Religion 418. HOW TO 2: In reading the #bible#god agrees with your choice to ignore whatever parts hinder your belief in him.

Symptoms of #Religion 417. HOW TO: To find #god, suspend your common sense, reason, rationality & then imagine he authored those traits.

Symptoms of #Religion 416. INFINITE: Saying “Theistic ‘truths’ are limited”, compares to saying “Stupidity has a limit!” /#Atheism #bible

Symptom of #Religion 415. ASS BACKWARD 2:#God belief is a fully justified, historical, well documented & evidence based belief”~The Theist

Symptom of #Religion 414. ASS BACKWARD: “Science is an emotionally biased conspiracy of errors, with unverified facts & results”~The Theist

Symptom of #Religion 413. SELFISH: You “love” enemies & do good deeds to assure your place in heaven… not because you’re decent or care.

Symptom of #Religion 412. PATRONIZING: Unless you are conceding your wild absurdities as #Atheist see them, you do not “love” the atheists.

Symptom of#Religion 411. GOD GAS: Are farts gods voice? “Many ‘experience’ it, must be true!” Your experiences are subjective body functions

Symptom of #Religion 410. CHOOSING: The simple idea that people can pick a religion, indicates there was/is no god demonstrating itself.

Symptom of #Religion 409. THE TEACHER: #God started morally enlightening us by imposing sacrifices, plagues & mass murder./#Atheism #bible

Symptom of #Religion 408. INSULT: A directing master implies both that we are slaves and that we cannot decide whats right without him.

Symptom of #Religion 407. IMPOSTER: It is not a God, just &good, but a devil,under the name of #God, that the #Bible describes.~Thomas Paine

Symptom of #Religion 406. DUMB: What you believe is absolutely meaningless regarding what’s true unless by dumb luck it ends up being true.

Symptom of #Religion 405. MISSING: From a sealed, gaurded tomb#Jesus went missing! Compelling, if ANY of that actually happened. Proof?

Symptom of#Religion 404. DOUBT: If 500 witnesses saw a resurrected Jesus in the same fictional book that said it happened, it proves nothing

Symptom of #Religion 403. MAGIC: You see the power of your #god as something other than magic, but if you cant explain it, its “magic”.

Symptom of #Religion 402. GODS POWER: You can only “prove”#god by claiming gods power made everything… & this makes sense to you. via~GG

Symptom of #Religion 401. PERFECT: You claim your Quran is perfect and unflawed, but DEATH is a grossly immoral punishment for losing faith!

Symptom of #Religion 400. CHARITABLE: You donate money to get a higher place in heaven. #Atheist do it because they are good, moral people.

Symptom of #Religion 399. LAWS: You say the laws of physics math & logic are authored by #god, yet 1+1=2 always. Such laws are descriptive!

Symptom of #Religion 398. UNCOMFORTABLE GAPS: You fill scientific gaps in knowledge with miracles, only answered by #god. Via~@gospelguidance

Symptom of #Religion 397. BAD CREDIT: Literally you have credited god for EVERYTHING, thousands of times, but have never shown 1 link to god

Symptom of #Religion 396. JUMPING THE GUN: Instead of fearing none or all unproven gods, you fear one for irrational, irresponsible reasons.

Symptom of #Religion 395. DEVIL BLINDERS: You say you dont have to prove god assertions, because non-believers are deluded & cant see truth.

Symptom of #Religion 394. IMPRESSIONABLE: Whether it be children, the devastaded or the desperate, these are easy prey for all religions.

Symptom of #Religion 393. HOPE: This is how your ignore the lack of evidence for #god,but can you hope #evil away? >> 

Symptom of #Religion 392. HERO: You see yourself as a #christian champion of truth and your truth is whatever lies convince you and others.

Symptom of #Religion 391. LOBOTOMY: The equivolent mind change it would take to convert a #freethinking #Atheist to#christianity./*#Atheism

Symptom of #Religion 390. ATHEIST BIAS: You claim that #Atheists are biased toward science, reason & evidence & therefore can’t find#god

Symptom of #Religion 389. SELF WASH: Isn’t amazing that believers willingly self reinforce their brainwashing?!; church, radio, prayer, tv!

Symptom of #Religion 388. REALITY: Having no evidence, your bible fables are manipulative lies, not a >”Different worldview”~@GospelGuidance

Symptom of #Religion: 387. IMAGINED: LORD gives strength to his people;the #LORD blesses his people with peace. Psalm 29:11~@PrayerNetworker

Symptom of #Religion 386. OUT OF THE FRYING PAN… : “Make#Jesus a habit and He’ll cancel out all your bad habits.”~@jesse_duplantis

Symptom of #Religion 385. OPPOSITE LAND: “The greatest lack of education is lack of knowledge of #God and His Word.” ~@GospelGuidance

Symptom of #Religion 384. SLAVERY: Prov37:5 Give yourself to the LORD; & he will give you your heart’s desire/<Be free with REASON!#Atheism

Symptom of #Religion 383. HOOK LINE & SINKER:@Pastorsmallwood: I don’t need proof or evidence because I live by faith and not by sight”

Symptom of Religion 382. FLOOD GATES: My reason filters the manipulative religious babble, but believers must let it flow like a burst dam.

Symptom of Religion 381. FORSAKING:#Jesus is awesome. All day long, I think of ways to glorify him.”/< Have you left your family for him?

Symptom of #Religion 380. CHARMS: If @PennJillette lived 2000 yrs ago, he’d have out miracled Jesus & believers would wear Tellers today.

Symptom of #Religion 379. NO TRUE MUSLIM: You say 9/11 criminals were not muslim, but didnt they read the Quran & believe in the same god?

Symptom of #Religion 378. FREE ATHEISTS: Free from god beliefs & exploring secular morality? I call this #FreeAtheism > 

Symptom of #Religion 377. REQUIREMENT: If you’re doing good deeds for reward or punishment sake, its not being Moral.#FreeAtheists get it.

Symptom of#Religion 376. CRITICISM: Anyone putting down#Atheism is wrong.WE are the are the ones free to seek & accept truths! #FreeAtheism

Symptom of #Religion 375. ACT OF GOD: Such events are never loving, nor remotely benevolent. If #god were real, these would be wonderful.

Symptom of #Religion 374. BULLSHIT: That which holds together all theistic lies, excuses, truths, claims, actions, crimes & oh yes, beliefs.

Symptom of #Religion 373. FOSSILS: These religious headaches are not “tests of faith”, but rather, tests of creative excuse making./#Atheism

Symptom of #Religion 372. TRANSLATING JESUS: ‘Love one another as I have loved you’ ~John 15:12 << “Kill, rape, destroy lives & conquer.”

Symptom of #Religion 371. VILE: If the #bible were true, #god has demanded that mankind do many horrific deeds for very inadequate reasons.

Symptom of #Religion 370. UNBURDENED: If #Atheists dont prove abiogenesis, evolution & universe origins it does not justify #god beliefs.

Symptom of #Religion 369. DECEIVED: How hard would it have been for the devil to swipe the body of a dead,false prophet? Got news for you…

Symptom of #Religion 368. SICK BASTARDS: Your faith has you so F*CKED UP you think murder is a good answer! SICK! >> …

Symptom of #Religion 367. SEEKING MISOGYNY: You blatantly ridicule women,by wishing your country allowed biblical repression. Twisted prick!

Symptom of #Religion 366. WHAT IF YOU’RE WRONG?: We’re not. This will make a wise &moral theist puke for life wasted >> …

Symptom of #Religion 365. SEARCH: If you reject #evolution for lack of evidence, take 10 seconds to google it 1st before opening your mouth.

Symptom of #Religion 364. CONFUSED: At least theists NEVER rape, kill, cheat & lie as representatives of #gods morality. #sarcasm#Atheism

Symptom of#Religion 363. FREE FROM BELIEF:#Atheism, just as you are free from disease, free from pain or free from delusion”~Lance Buckley

Symptom of #Religion 362. ANY GOD WILL DO: Even the bible talks of how gullible and eager to accept ‘miracles’ some people were. eg~Acts28:6

Symptom of #Religion 361. PRE-JESUS: “Do not injure, abuse, oppress, enslave, insult, torment, torture or kill any living being” ~500BCE

Symptom of #Religion 360. HISTORY: Correcting somebody on #jesus prophesy, has the same real world validity as noting how Bilbo got his ring

Symptom of #Religion 359. DUNCE: You say #athIEsts are dumb. Now the spellchecker will give you your medicine. +

Symptom of #Religion 358. JUXTAPOSE: You faithfully oppose views from the beautiful mind of @rickygervais , but you’re simply wrong.#Atheism

Symptom of #Religion 357. FALLBACK: Pray all you want, but your life situation will ultimately be solved by people. Need help? Google it.

Symptom of #Religion 356. RESISTANCE: Religionists who hate#Atheists the most, are likely struggling with questioning their own beliefs.

Symptom of #Religion 355. DOUBLE TAKE: Even devout believers will cringe occasionally at how batshit crazy their toxic babble sounds.

Symptom of #Religion 354. DISCOMFORT: Theists hate #Atheists because of all the rational, uncomfortable thoughts we inspire!#freethinker

Symptom of #Religion 353. QUANTITY: When considering these billions of religious tweets, its mind blowing HOW OFTEN theists are simply wrong

Symptom of #Religion 352. COMMUNITY LIES: Theists believe & make lies for each other, so they can live with a false sense of righteousness.

Symptom of #Religion 351. LESS WRONG: Theist arguments are never to make their beliefs look justified, but only to have them seem less wrong

Symptom of #Religion 350. SELECTION: You treat your holy text like a menu, picking what you like,ingnoring its immutable prescriptive intent

Symptom of #Religion 349. POLYRELIGIONISM: You say #Atheism is a religion,but you DONT believe in MANY gods! How many religions do you have?

Symptom of #Religion 348. SCIENCE: Oddly,you claim pursuing scientific knowledge supports your faith./< Until proving god is real of course

Symptom of #Religion 347. PANDERING: Believing on faith means you believe god panders to the credulous, resulting in proof of credulousness.

Symptom of #Religion 346. WHAT WOULD JESUS DO?: “What would #Jesus do, with claims of Horus being real & seeing no evidence?” Be an #Atheist

Symptom of #Religion 345. LIKELIHOOD: An unfalsifiable god thats baselessly presumed to be real OR its a mythical being like all the others?

Symptom of #Religion 344: HISTORY: Religion began in worldly ignorance, leaders developed it for control, now its just a habit & addiction.

Symptoms of #Religion 343: DISHONEST THEIST: “My perception of #god isn’t my imagination, feelings & desires, because EVERYTHING is proof.”

Symptoms of #Religion 342: HONEST THEIST: “My perception of god might be my imagination, feelings & desires, but Im too damaged to admit it”

Symptom of #Religion 341. METAPHORE: When parts of the bible should prove #god, but have always failed, they were not written to be truths.

Symptom of #Religion 340. SELF DECEPTION: “Truth is never easy to find, but it’s damn worth the battle.” ~@1stCitizenKane //#atheism

Symptom of #Religion 339. FRUSTRATION: Every variation of nonbeliever contends daily with seemingly endless, nonsensical theist bullshit.

Symptom of #Religion 338. MAKING SHIT UP: About>#Atheism#lesbianism#abortion#marriage,#stem-cell research, #morality,#evolution,#god

Symptom of #Religion 337. LEADING: The ongoing behavior of forcing their subjective observations to match their biased version of truth.

Symptom of #Religion 336. SABBATH: For gathering wood on the Sabbath, the LORD said “The man must die…stone him outside the camp” Num15:32

Symptom of #Religion 335. ENABLERS: Theists often congregate just to convince each other, that they really do believe that shit! #Atheist

Symptom of #Religion 334. PERVERSION:#Christianity is the most perverted system that ever shone on man” ~Thomas Jefferson /#Atheism

Symptom of #Religion 333. CHOICES: How did you dismiss all other unfalsifiable gods, to end up with your god? Obviously you didnt.#Atheism

Symptom of #Religion 332. PROOF: Jesus in John14:12& Mark16:17-18 “He that believeth in me, the works that I do shall he also”-yet NOBODYcan

Symptom of #Religion 331. SOLUTIONS: Hitting your kids or leading them to #god, has the same affect, they dont learn to solve problems.

Symptom of #Religion 330. COGNITIVE DISSONANCE: Aside from the ignorant Xtians, the learned theist knows #god is a vengeful tyrant asshole!

Symptom of #Religion 329. RECEDE: Most #christians no longer act on the cruelest commands of #god, because they know mans laws are greater.

Symptom of #Religion 328. HYPOCRICY 7: Must marry dead brothers wife>Deut 25:5-6. Woman to marry rapist>Deut 22:28-29 /< & who does this?

Symptom of #Religion 327. HYPOCRICY 6: Give one-tenth of your income to the church>Lev 27:30-32. Dont eat pork>Deut 14:8 /<Nearly all fail!

Symptom of#Religion 326. HYPOCRICY 5: Do not seek mediums>Lev 19:3,20:6. No tattoos>Lev 19:28. No bastards in church>Deut 23:2 /<All common

Symptom of#Religion 325. HYPOCRICY 4: Discreetly dressed women>2:9 RSV. Use not ungodly courts>Cor 6:1NIV. No long mens hair>Cor11:14 <JESUS

Symptom of #Religion 324. HYPOCRICY 3: Resist not evil > Matt 5:39. Only god is “Father”>Matt 23:9. Judge not> Luke 6:37.< Contantly broken!

Symptom of #Religion 323. HYPOCRICY 2: The laws of the old testament are still in force > 5:18-19. So where are the killings? Deut 13:6-11

Symptom of #Religion 322. HYPOCRICY 1: The bond of marriage shall not be broken > Matt 19:6, 5:32, 19:9 Mark 10:9-12 Luke 16:18 / #Atheism

Symptom of #Religion 321. ARMAGEDDON: Why didnt #god smite all things quickly & with high efficiency? We could. #Atheism #jesus#islam

Symptom of #Religion 320. BENEFITS: Absolution of morally horrific sins, so to still enter a blissful afterlife. Magically answered prayers

Symptom of #Religion 319. JUSTIFICATION: #gods word promotes killing, hate, slavery, misogyny, ignorance & belief in unproven magic stories

Symptom of #Religion 318. JESUS KILLS: #Jesus wears a different skin, but its the same immoral #god > Zephaniah 2:12-15, & Ezekiel 9:5-7

Symptom of #Religion 317. HEAVEN IS HELL: Souls in #heaven would RAGE against gods unjustified torture of the damned >

Symptom of #Religion 316. CARDS: The #bible story is an interdependent house of cards, yet disproved cards are replaced by magic & excuses

Symptom of #Religion 315. GOD DIDNT DO IT: If you resort to “god did it” to debate science’s debunking of god, then youve conceded the fact.

Symptom of #Religion 314. NOTHING: The evidence backing#Atheism also means youre likely ultimately believing in exactly “NOTHING” at all.

Symptom of #Religion 313. QUESTION: Ask yourself why you must flatly deny solid evidence with excuses, instead of admitting you may be wrong

Symptom of #Religion 312. TESTED: Matthew 4:7 says not to test#god, but how is every single uttered prayer not a test of god? #fail

Symptom of#Religion 311. MOSTLY ATHEIST: You dont believe in 2869 gods, which makes you 99.9996514465% #Atheist. Thats good, but Im PERCECT!

Symptom of #Religion 310. ALL KNOWING: You dont “get” #Atheists, but incredibly you understand your infinite, unfalsifiable, mysterious god?

Symptom of #Religion 309. LIKE: You claim you have proof of #god, but #atheists dont like it. Wrong, we do like it…its as funny as #faith!

Symptom of#Religion 308. TEACHING: Theists tell kids god is real, backed with threats & Atheists explain “we dont know” backed with evidence

Symptom of #Religion 307. TRUE HEAVEN: Sharing experiences, lessons, beauty, morality & many loves with family. Remembered = eternal life.

Symptom of#Religion 306. PROOF: Mr/s religionist, find a cliff top, pray hard for flight & jump. At about 100 mph you will be an atheist.

Symptom of#Religion 305. THE DECEIVED: What if your God was imagined by a devil, who cleverly inspired Holy books. You wouldn’t know!

Symptom of #Religion 304. BRAVERY: Putting ones life on the line, who is braver; a believer of an afterlife or s/he who thinks this the end?

Symptom of#Religion 303. SUPERSTITION2: “Took time to accept#atheism#Catholic mom, #bornagain dad, grandpa minister.” ~@TheBelovedFreak

Symptom of #Religion 302. NO ANSWER: The wrong, bullshit, made up, delusional answer is WORSE than no answer at all! ~@pennywiseflame (alt)

Symptom of #Religion 301. ACTIVE #ATHEISM: “All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men & women do nothing.” ~E. Burke

Symptom of #Religion 300. HEAD UP GODS ASS: “The greatest enemy of knowledge is not ignorance, it is the illusion of knowledge.” ~S Hawking

Symptom of #Religion 299. UNITY: Has ever such a Non-thing as#Atheism brought together so many, with such universal respect for humanity?

Symptom of #Religion 298. FAITH 2: If Atheist “faith” was the same as theist “faith”,the existence of “Scientists” would be highly debatable

Symptom of #Religion 297. HARDENED: Telling atheists their hearts are hardened by God, doesnt justify your god belief

Symptom of #Religion 296. 100% ACCURATE: I dont need #faith to say the #Bible is PROVEN as 100% accurate! It hits something on every throw!

Symptom of #Religion 295. SPELLING: The only evident difference between Mythology and Religion. / #Atheism #Atheistrollcall #god#faith

Symptom of #Religion 294. ULTIMATE NARCISSIST: Humans are used merely as worshipers & play things as #God is the center of his own universe!

Symptom of #Religion 293. GOD SAYS: “____________________________” ~#God /< At least thats more than he DOES! /#atheist via@baristaman

Symptom of #Religion 292. VIRGIN BIRTH: John & Mark didnt even mention the critical miracle, likely because #Jesus was a 100% human bastard!

Symptom of #Religion 291. MORALIY FAIL: Believers say #god isnt evil, he’s mysterious & beyond judgement.>> #SamHarris

Symptom of#Religion 290. It allows decent & sane people to believe by the billions, what only lunatics could believe on their own! -S Harris

Symptom of #Religion 289. HIDING: No your #god doesnt hide & do nothing, hes a stanky, steaming pile of LIES, with a side of utter NONSENSE!

Symptom of#Religion 288. FRIENDS: You say you cant be friends with Atheists, but the truth is you dont want to be tricked into using reason!

Symptom of #Religion 287. TWISTED VIRTUE: You must believe in#Jesus as savior to get to heaven, but being a good person is optional. #faith

Symptom of #Religion 286. VALID O.T. : Matthew 5:17-19 shows all OT laws are still valid. #Jesus didn’t do away with any of #Gods Evil laws!

Symptom of #Religion 285. DUMBASS: You cherrypick parts of the Bible to believe, but that doesnt change your worshiping of a VENGEFUL PRICK!

Symptom of #Religion 284. CHRISTIAN ROCK: Not harmless music with mere spiritual message, but Christian Right indoctrination & propaganda.

Symptom of #Religion 283. P.R.A.T.T. : Overused & failed theistic arguments deserve this title: PREVIOUSLY REFUTED A THOUSAND TIMES ! /#god

Symptom of #Religion 282. BIAS BLINDERS: You constantly fail to identify your religious bias, as you repeatedly make baseless conclusions.

Symptom of #Religion 281. DESIGN: If we cant explain complexity in nature, it doesnt imply design or a #god. Thats just your bias talking.

Symptom of #Religion 280. ATHEIST INDOCTRINATION: Was I taught to always demand proof for silly beliefs? Absolutely Yes! #atheism

Symptom of #Religion 279. SCIENCE FAIL: The gaps in science knowledge leave us with “I dont know” & never with “#God did it!” /#atheism

Symptom of #Religion 278. MISERY: There has always been misery, so if there is a #god, he KNOWS he has failed us & deserves NO respect!

Symptom of #Religion 277. ROCK BOTTOM: People help, dont turn to gods>> “The unendurable is the beginning of the curve of joy.”~Djuna Barnes

Symptom of #Religion 276. LOST: Unless we give what we’ve experienced to others – what we know & value will be irrevocably & utterly gone.

Symptom of #Religion 275. HALF LIVING: “That it will never come again is what makes life so sweet” ~Emily Dickenson / #atheism

Symptom of #Religion 274. BRAINS: Gods voice, fuzzy feelings, miracles & answered prayers are likely our advanced brain power misinterpreted

Symptom of#Religion 273. FUTURES: Atheists dont waste time& resouces on a pretend 2nd life,while theists sacrifice even their own KIDS lives

Symptom of #Religion 272. DECEIVERS: Anyone who ‘KNOWS’ #GodIS our: fuzzy feelings, inner voice, omniscient guide, miracle maker & Creator.

Symptom of #Religion 271. APOLOGETICS: Futile argumentation in an attempt to make baseless, theological positions look less mythological.

Symptom of #Religion 270. ORIGIN DENIAL: Theists baselessly dispute our Genetic Evolution from Great Ape anscestors>>

Symptom of #religion 269. ADDICTION: Impaired &preoccupied obsessive behavior,continued despite denial of the identified behavior.<<#FAITH?

Symptom of #Religion 268. PROGRESS: Religion uses control & power, but the only true progress is made with science >>

Symptom of #Religion 267. EXECUTIONS: Rape victims, Blasphemers and Atheists are tarets for religious killings >> #evil

Symptom of #Religion 266. DISCONNECT: Pointing out corrected errors in Evolutions fossil record> <does NOT prove a God!

Symptom of #Religion 265. DELUGE: Deluded believe in a world flood so easily dismissed with common sense & science. >>

Symptom of #Religion 264. CONFUSED: Theists discredit & defile themselves by labeling #Atheists with #Faith, Indoctrination, Dogma & a #God.

Symptom of #Religion 263. UNSUPPORTED: “That which can be asserted without evidence, can be dismissed without evidence.”#Hitchens #Atheism

Symptom of #Religion 262. DUMB THEISTS 1: Desperately denying theres NO #GOD, > @prophecy_yec11 @GospelGuidance < these fools lost ALL SENSE

Symptom of #Religion 261. FAKE GOD 5: Noahs flood is taken as truth by many. Evidence shows its just a FAKE God story!>

Symptom of #Religion 260. FAKE GOD 4: God wouldnt dictate a book, command genocide, send his son, cause miracles & THEN require blind faith.

Symptom of #Religion 259. FAKE GOD 3: If you read what the Bible actually says, its ridiculous. An all-knowing #God CLEARLY didnt contribute

Symptom of#Religion 258. FAKE GOD 2: Christianity snowball rolled over a dozen religions attaching pagan rituals & beliefs. NOT God inspired

Symptom of #religion 257. SUPERSTITION: Prayer has been disproven scientifically many times, making it a superstition!

Symptom of #religion 256. FAKE GOD 1: Praying should work! Matthew 7:7, 7:20,18:19, 21:21, Mark 11:24, John 14:12-14 & James 5:15-16. #FAIL

Symptom of #religion 255. CONNECTIONS: Evidence of design is everywhere, god whispers to you& the bible is gods word, but its all imagined!

Symptom of #religion 254. ATHEISTIC EARTH: Most people are raised to believe in 1 or a few gods & are fervid ATHEISTS to 1000s of other Gods

Symptom of #religion 253. PICKING GODS: You were most likely not truly given a choice, so of the 2870 historical deities, why pick yours?

Symptom of #religion 252. DIVIDE & CONQUER: If theres only one God, are all other religions deceived by him, so we fight for whose right?

Symptom of #religion 251. 100,000: Every day so many souls go to hell & their grieving family in Heaven would endlessly beg God for mercy!

Symptom of #religion 250: FULL OF SHIT: Religionists are by far the leaders in excuse ridden, evidence lacking, inanely glorified Bullshit!

Symptom of #Religion 249. VALIDITY: Obvious lack of Gods, dubious Holy book claims & fully unproven Prayer results, ONLY supports#Atheism.

Symptom of #Religion 248. PRAYER CHALLENGE: A simple & valid test for theists to prove Prayer works as per the #Bible.>

Symptom of #Religion 247. PRESUPPOSITION: Any debate over the details of holy books or Gods word, is always only ASSUMING it were true.

Symptom of #Religion 246. CONTROL: “Religion is excellent stuff for keeping common people quiet.” ~Napoleon Bonaparte / #jesus #God#islam

Symptom of #religion 245. INSANITY: Doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.~A. Einstein / e.g. >#PRAYER <

Symptom of #religion 244. 1 BILLION: A Billion of us are nonbelievers & most say we could be wrong, while UNPROVEN religions claim “truth”?

Symptom of #religion 243. SOURCES: You claim any source of evidence against #Gods existance is biased & untrue, because Atheists believe it.

Symptom of #religion 242. CIRCLE OF LIES: #Christianity,#Islam,#Judaism & many more. None are proven. None! SEE PIC >>

Symptom of #religion 241. SALVATION: Even Hitler went to #Heavento meet all his victims. Paradise!> per@Atheist_Wonka

Symptom of #religion 240. TRENDS: Defining a magical being to explain scary things was a trend from the bronze age, so knock it off already!

Symptom of #religion 239. APOLOGETICS: Like a crowd of auctioneers, imagine all religions trying to argue. Nothing gets sold. ~@iraqvet1980

Symptom of #religion 238. FIRE: One of evolved humans oldest discoveries, but its the best torture an all knowing God can come up with.

Symptom of #religion 237. SELFISHNESS: “Worship me! Worship me! ..or be tortured forever!” ~God, the Needy motherf–ker ~@RadicalSkeptic

Symptom of #Religion 236. INTUITION: Your chosen measure of reality is an arrogant, faith based, assumption. ~@RosaRubicondior(altered)

Symptom of #religion 235. ABSENT MINDED: To get to #Heaven, your brain is left behind, with all your experiences. All that is “You” is gone!

Symptom of #religion 234. SLAVERY: You claim #atheists have utterly wasted their lives, while you are every bit the slave your god# demands.

Symptom of #religion 233. LUCK OF THE DRAW: Youre unable to fathom being born into a nonChristian family & be made to believe in a false God

Symptom of #religion 232: PURITY: In a recent escape to #Atheism, you now admire lifelong #Atheists, having never being tainted by religion.

Symptom of #religion 231. CHAGRIN: Much to your dismay,you cant ignore Gods apparent lack of interest & action, as if he werent there at all

Symptom of #religion 230. STRAY: For years you sought to develop a relationship with #God, then you realized you just dont believe that shit

Symptom of #religion 229. TREND: You assert that #Atheism is just a trend, like autmobiles, telephones, televisions & computers. #justAfad

Symptom of #religion 228. CONVICTION: You would sooner cut off a finger than consider the evidence, facts or logical aguments of an#Atheist

Symptom of #religion 227. DEFENSES: “You’re ignorant & deceived by Satan, your hardened heart hates #god, you lie & you can’t disprove god!”

Symptom of #Religion 226. FOXHOLES: Caught in a scary crossfire, would you rather be next to an atheist returning fire or a praying theist?

Symptom of #Religion 225. DIGITAL: Spreading of God’s word has fallen behind in the digital age with the proliferation of truth and doubt.

Symptom of #Religion 224. GOD’S VOICE: Despite a plethora of differently defined Gods, its baffling how people always hear their favorites.

Symptom of #religion 223. SICKNESS: Addicts find #Jesus after hitting bottom only to replace one illness with another more virulent one.

Symptom of #religion 222. JUDGE: One’s Omnipotence does not invalidate an “evil” judgement upon yourself. Denial of your Evil is Irrelevant.

Symptom of#Religion 221. VALIDITY: A theistic position is based on faith that God is real, with NO basis in objective observation whatsoever

Symptom of #Religion 220. INFECUOUS: If exposed to virulent dogma for extended periods, seek your local #Atheist for infusions of reason.

Symptom of #Religion 219. LANGUAGE BARRIER: When a lifelong#atheist 1st hears religious decrees, truths & history, its COMPLETE jibberish!

Symptom of#Religion 218. EXCUSES: As scientific knowledge chips away at religion, excuses for God & baseless faith become the last holdouts.

Symptom of #religion 217. PAEDOPHILE: Church leader atrocities are vile, but its apparent whose example they follow in screwing his children

Symptom of #religion 216. STAGNATION: Religion can’t exand its knowledge of God’s word, without further input, but its retractions are many.

Symptom of #religion 215. FEAR: You’re sufficiently conditioned to repel reasoned assaults on your #faith, but you fear your kids may fail.

Symptom of #religion 214. GOD PARTICLE: The half joking label for the #HiggsBoson, per its importance, actually ended up mocking all faiths.

Symptom of #religion 213. SAFE HAVEN: Anymore your Ignorance only hides in the safety of church, as #reason can find you everywhere else.

Symptom of #religion 212. DOUBT: As a believer youve become aware of the growing contingent of atheists, whom are determined to extend truth

Symptom of #religion 211. HONESTY: Dogma & the Deluded have muddled truth for too long, as many New #Atheists AWAKEN into an honest reality!

Symptom of #religion 210. BIBLE BLINDERS: You insist the Bible proves itself & any contrary facts ultimately proves it right too.#brainwash

Symptom of #religion 209. LIES: You say Atheism exists because of lies. We say TRUE! The theist & #atheist both exist due to #BIBLElies!

Symptom of #religion 208. OMNIPOTENCE : Being all powerful must come with a bundle of insecurity, envy, & wrath. #bible~@AtheistUndrwrld

Symptom of #religion 207. FATHER: An honored father loves, has compassion & hangs around, but doesn’t kill or threaten to torture his kids.

Symptom of #religion 206. GODLESS: “Everyone is godless. There is a group of people who realize this, called #atheists.” ~@GodlessAtheist

Symptom of #religion 205. RIDICULE: “The only weapon which can be used against unintelligible propositions.”~Thomas Jefferson. #Atheism

Symptom of #religion 204. COMMON SENSE: Christians have the#Bible, so they don’t need common sense or society’s input to know what is right

Symptom of #religion 203. CHARACTER: #God cant violate his character unless he were to stop killing & hating or help out on earth for once!

Symptom of #religion 202. JUDGE: Humans cant Judge #god (per#god) but if he looks, sounds, smells, tastes and feels EVIL, he IS evil.

Symptom of #Religion 201. DESIGN: #Gods were designed so theists can give excuses for clear atrocities, failings, immorality & total absence!

Symptom of #religion 200. PROPAGANDA: Characters like @Stormbringer_5 promote a fearful bias & blind denial of the NEW AGE OF #ATHEISM >NOW!

Symptom of #religion 199. DOUBLE STANDARD: #God dictates that he is not #Evil for his genocide, while humans are evil for just one murder.

Symptom of #religion 198. IMAGE: “I made thee in mine own image and thusly regret making you all SCREW UPS like me!  ~#God~The Cosmic Idiot

Symptom of #religion 197. DEBATE: If theism had the strongest argument, it wouldn’t be an argument. We would all just worship the one #God.

Symptom of #religion 196. ACCUSER: You claim Atheists are also Intollerant, Hateful, deluded & ignorant, hoping to bring them to your level.

Symptom of #religion 195. BEGINNINGS: You deny evidence based evolution in favor of your ancient, unwitnessed, magical creation story!#bible

Symptom of #religion 194. ANGER: Whether it be current, recent or past atrocities, believers still represent the guilty faiths. Expect Anger

Symptom of #religion 193. DISRESPECT: If your faith advocates rape, murder, misogyny, hate, guilt or irrationality, it deserves NO respect!

Symptom of #Religion 192. DECEPTION: You claim all the universe is evidence of God, but God leaves no evidence, so you are deceiving us.

Symptom of #Religion 191. EXCUSES: Religious belief is 1% Faith & 99% Excuses for the crimes, hate, death, lies, immorality & lack of proof.

Symptom of #religion 190. ANGEL: Free will beings who follow #Gods will, and thus are arguably immoral, having murdered in God’s name.

Symptom of #religion 189. FALLEN ANGEL: Angels refusing to follow Gods will are Fallen, and thus are arguably benevolent in contrast to God

Symptom of #religion 188. DAMNATION. Wonderfully moral humans denying the Holy Spirit or not believing in Jesus as savior, will go to hell.

Symptom of #religion 187. FORGIVNESS. God will forgive your most gruesome, bloody, murderous, hateful sins as long as you believe in him.

Symptom of #Religion 186. Good #Christian: He worships #god despite god’s Slavery, genocide, vengeance, bigotry, hate & obvious absence!

Symptom of#Religion 185. JESUS: The timeless, all powerful son of God who freely reappeared to people in Bible stories, but not in real life

Symptom of#Religion 184. TRUST: If I told you I was all Loving, you would expect me to demonstrate it, especially if I was a murderous prick

Symptom of #Religion 183. PRAYER: Like yelling into a canyon, you get an answer & its what you wanted to hear, but its just you being silly.

Symptom of#Religion 182. DOGMA: The authoritarian weapon of mass delusion which halts intelligent inquiry & propagates ignorance.-RadSkeptic

Symptom of #religion 181. PURPOSE: Holding a Creator #God belief gives comfort to people who can’t accept that life is just a chance event.

Symptom of #religion 180. BELIEF: The qualification #God requires you to fulfill, in order for him to take your soul. Rethink it! #atheism

Symptom of #religion 179. CULT: Start with a theist who speaks to spirits, add some believers & obscure doctrine. Bam, its a future religion

Symptom of #religion 178. SATAN: The evil deceiver in Hell whom believers think all atheist MUST believe in since they don’t believe in#god

Symptom of #religion 177. INSANITY: God speaks directly to you & they say you’re blessed. If #God tells you to do harm, THEN you’re insane?

Symptom of #religion 176. INTELLIGENT DESIGN: Based on a #godbeliever’s limited ability to imagine a complex system’s natural development.

Symptom of #religion 175. CONGREGATION: A given faith’s followers, also known as “sheep”, which is considered insulting by most sheep. BAAA!

Symptom of #religion 174. JEHOVAH: The one true #god in the#Christian faith,which ironically sparks skepticism from the Islamic faith!

Symptom of #religion 173. ALLAH: The one true #god in the Islamic faith, which ironically sparks skepticism from the Christian faith!

Symptom of #religion 172. BLASPHEMY: The crime of any believer who decides not to follow the #bibles rape, slavery & stoning rules, per God.

Symptom of #religion 171. ABSOLUTION: The earthly escape for Christians, in doing any damn, horrific sin they like & still be ok with god.

Symptom of #religion 170. AGNOSTIC: Since all #Gods are hidden to us, the only true position is agnosticism. Believing is just pretending.

Symptom of #religion 169. BLINDERS: Indoctrination tells followers to all but ignore reason, proof & logic as they appear with the deceivers

Symptom of #religion 168. A.D.: An latin abbreviation for Year of our Lord, but considering lack of divine evidence, 2012 is fictitious too.

Symptom of #religion 167. AMEN: A word used at the end of a prayer meaning “I hope I finally get a prayer answered” or”Is anyone listening?”

Symptom of #religion 166. BRAINWASHING: Using non-‘truths’, kids and adults are threatened & coerced into #god beliefs, abandoning reason.

Symptom of #religion 165. ALTAR: The place they used to kill animals & people in the name of #god, but today its just for mass brainwashing.

Symptom of #religion 164. RAPTURE: You can’t wait for #Christ to appear & snatch believers up into heaven. #Atheists also can’t wait!#god?

Symptom of #religion 163. SELF DECEPTION: Clear evidence supporting #Atheistm means nothing as you blindly dismiss it as Satan’s lies.

Symptom of #religion 162. SACRIFICE: #God sacrificed himself to himself, to serve as a loophole in his own rule, so we had better love him.

Symptom of #religion 161. DELUSION: Despite their prattling on about #god, their firm belief has never held water, as evidence doesn’t exist

Symptom of #religion 159. BELIEVERS: Ignorance in numbers applies to these sheep, since together they can better ignore evidence & reason.

Symptom of #religion 158. MAGIC: Ancient believers explained the unknown with Divine magic. Even today ancient people carry on the tradition

Symptom of #religion 157. HOLY BOOKS: Imagined by men, these#god stories allow all the violence, threats, biases and magic a believer needs

Symptom of #religion 156. HEAVEN: A place with 10 minutes of blissful high 5’s & then an eternity realizing #God tortures countless billions

Symptom of #religion 155. HELL: The made up place for eternal damnation with no more believers prattling on about fake #gods. Sounds Great!

Symptom of #religion 154. SIN: A label in Christianity for select misdeeds which send you to hell, while rape, slavery & misogyny would not.

Symptom of #religion 153. LOVE: Sure religion creates love between the like minded, but mostly imaginary Love between ‘God’ and the deluded.

Symptom of #religion 152. FAITH: Not to mistake everyday types for Religious faith,the lack of godly proof requires pretending to know a god

Symptom of #religion 151. DEATH: Whether it be the Holocaust or terrorism, religion in all its intollerance, is always a factor in war.#god

Symptom of #religion 150. ATHEISM: #Atheist don’t always exist because of religion, but many do come from unsightly religious backgrounds.

Symptom of #religion 149. HATE: Between bigotry, misogyny, nonbelieving & scientific mistrust, indoctrination grows many hateful believers.

Symptom of #religion 149. BIGOTRY: Many Holy books and their believers unjustly advocate inequality among Gay, Lesbian, atheists and others.

Symptom of #religion 148. MISOGYNY: Many Holy books and their believers advocate inequality and violent abuse toward women. #sick#atheism

Symptom of #religion 147. OBSTINANCE: Among thousands of sects and religions, not one will admit that #Atheism best supports the evidence.

Symptom of #religion 146. PRIDE: Among thousands of sects and religions, none of them are willing to admit theirs may not be the right one.

Symptom of #religion 145. Practicing Reason is like eating healthy. It helps you fight invasive things like religion and indoctrination.

Symptom of #religion 144. The #bible says being Gay or Lesbian is a sin & you assume its a ‘truth’ even though your source remains unproven.

Symptom of #religion 143. Fantasical, fictional sounding, invisible friend stories are common conversation & assumed true among adults. #god

Symptom of #religion 142. Angry #Atheists are peppering the Planet. Its getting spicy ’round here! #atheism #jesustweets#teamjesus #islam

Symptom of #religion 141. You speak to a being whom nobody can see & he tells you to do questionable things. You are insane by any standard.

Symptom of #religion 140. You generally don’t challenge other sects or religions, because their truth claims are just as invalid a yours.

Symptom of #religon 139. As a Bigoted Christian you claim#atheists & #christians alike are deceivers if they disagree with your judgements.

Symptom of #religion 138. The #bibles ‘truths’ are largely unwitnessed, reinterpreted & cherry picked, but you claim it is the word of #god.

Symptom of #religion 137. You believe adhering to the #bibles rules, by #faith alone, is more important than individual rights and freedoms.

Symptom of #religion 136. Habitual “Sinners” love the #Christianreligion, because #god will forgive them, while they keep right on sinning.

Symptom of #religion 135. An ancient, biased filled #god belief with huge rewards, pain and imaginary benefits, perpetuating itself virally.

Symptom of #religion 134. You feel its unfair how #atheists have all the evidence and you just have an old book which claims itself true.

Symptom of #religion 133. You dont know how you would get through the day if #god was not there, but then again #atheists do pretty well.

Symptom of #religion 132. The proudest moment of becoming an#atheist is realizing you have your own opinions and can THINK FOR YOURSELF!

Symptom of #religion 131. Most #Theists are unable to disbelieve#god, so they’re unknowingly dependent on #atheists to lead them to reason.

Symptom of #religion 130. You hate #atheists & discredit them every chance you get, mostly because they ARE the biggest threat to your faith

Symptom of #religion 129. Your kids became bullies from the daily intolerances you taught them to uphold, as commanded in the #bible.

Symptom of #religion 128. You rarely confront theists with opposing views, to avoid debating how their #god is just as valid as yours.

Symptom of #religion 127. You often dissociate your responsibility from #gods commands by siting a view starting with “The #biblesays…”

Symptom of #religion 126. At work, among the loud “Praise Jesus” comments you descretely hide your #atheism, to avoid jeopardizing your job.

Symptom of#Religion 125. Your religious indoctrination was so complete that it took a decade of #soul searching to find you never had a soul

Symptom of #religion 124. You perceive #atheists as having no meaning in their lives, without believing #god put you here to worship him.

Symptom of#Religion 123. Your religion is so devoid of evidence & science that indoctrination made your theistic insights painfully vacuuous

Symptom of #religion 122. Your best theological argument amounts to “There has yet to be any proof for #atheism, sounds like #faith to me.”

Symptom of #religion 121. To defend your #faith you have to rely on all kinds of fallacies, excuses, lies & claims of religious persecution.

Symptom of #religion 120. As an #atheist you see oversized brainwashing cults with extreme biases , otherwise known as religons.#faith #god

Symptom of #religion 119. Anyone who hears #god telling him to do evil is “insane”, while anyone hearing #gods word otherwise is “blessed”.

Symptom of #religion 118. You won’t recognize the difference between having the freedom to your beliefs and having your beliefs questioned.

Symptom of #religion 117. You can’t conceive of how anyone could disregard all the evidence, you’ve been told to believe, as proof for#god.

Symptom of #religion 116. You say #god watches over your life and your experience as barely surviving a crash, is your miraculous proof.

Symptom of #religion 115. You think you are superior to anyone who does not #believe in your arguably contrived & conveniently hidden#god.

Symptom of #religion 114. You think religious teachings make valid your outspoken bigotry about gays and lesbians & people should respect it

Symptom of #religion 113. You are #teamjesus and devout believers, but even you can’t take the evil, crazy parts of the #bible seriously.

Symptom of #religion 112. Mark 16:17-18 says believers will be unharmed by drinking poisons, but you just pretend its not damning evidence.

Symptom of #religion 110. Youre comfortable with your immoral deeds since you can just ask forgiveness and be absolved again and again. #god

Symptom of #religion 109. You’re a 3 year old, with no frame of reference to know your parents’ #God truths are nothing more than stories.

Symptom of #religion 108. Whenever anyone quotes #gods evil from the #bible, you claim its taken out of context and ignore any implications.

Symptom of #religion 107. You’re satisfied in your theistic position because nobody has evidence to prove you are the fool you appear to be.

Symptom of #religion 106. Your debates with #Atheists have seeded doubts in your #faith, so you read the bible to refresh your brainwashing.

Symptom of#Religion 105. Atheists always get bogged down in your Strawman arguments,so you pray they never make an #AtheistHandbook! Yikes!

Symptom of #religion 104. You became an active #atheist,but debating is like shoveling #faith BS! You wonder if we have an atheist handbook.

Symptom of #religion 103. Driven by the painful stupidity of believers, you are an #atheist just trying to make the world safer and fairer.

Symptom of #religion 102. With insults & threats of damnation you hide your embarrassment that #atheists know your holy book better than you

Symptom of #religion 101. You believe you gave your kids the option to not believe in your #God, but you really only gave them guilt & fear.

Symptom of #religion 100. Your first thought is to thank a #god. An#atheist thinks first to thank Family, Friends, Colleagues or Teammates.

Symptom of #religion 99. You think having faith in people is ill advised and silly since they may fail you, yet your god always fails you.

Symptom of #religion 98. You think #atheists validate your beliefs because THEY can’t “scientifically” prove there are NO “gods”. *sigh*

Symptom of #religion 97. In a grand display of ignorance you think#atheists believe in nothing at all! #jesustweets #teamjesus #islam#god

Symptom of #religion 96. An unknown scribe wrote his lifeview well over a 1000 yrs ago and you believe its the word of #god /#jesus#atheism

Symptom of #religion 95. You’ve been raised to believe in #God as if there were no other choice, so you can’t actually comprehend#atheism.

Symptom of #religion 94. You believe a multi-century old book’s fantastical stories,retold over generations, written under unknown pretenses

Symptom of #religion 93. You are convinced #god helps and listens to you daily, yet immorally does nothing for starving 3rd world believers

Symptom of #religion 92. You say you’re a good #theist debater, but can’t even convince @RadicalSkeptic to make a wish with B-day candles.

Symptom of #religion 91. You never met God, nor has he told you he loves you, but you’re SURE he does & YOU love him. Stalkers say that too.

Symptom of #religion 90. You check consantly that your kids stay nearby, but you never thought to check if #god was ever truly with you.

Symptom of #religion 89. You are unable to comprehend that there may be no soul or heaven, so you assert the idea is illogical and foolish.

Symptom of #religion 88. You see Miracles, #gods intervention and answered prayers, despite unchecked disease, starvation, war and abuse.

Symptom of #religion 87. You equate your daily rant of spoonfeeding the Gospel to all people, with it somehow proving #god is real & worthy.

Symptom of #religion 85. Your religion not only allows for the killing of humans, but its believed that you will be greatly rewarded for it.

Symptom of #religion 84. Your Holy Book has a dated morality guide and society has proven it archaic, but you claim we cannot judge god.

Symptom of #religion 83. You’re angry at an #atheist, because she makes more sense than you care to admit. #teamjesus#jesustweets #atheism

Symptom of #religion 82. You think its both required and morally acceptable to discriminate, because everyone in your church does it too.

Symptom of #religion 81. You relate to many “Sypmtoms of religon” and can’t understand why its a bad thing to find them virtuous.#jesus#god

Symptom of #religion 80. You dont know how to form an important opinion on your own without including what you are supposed to think. #jesus

Symptom of #religion 79. You think #Jesus is proud of you for praying, going to church and agreeing with the tolerable parts of the#bible.

Symptom of #religion 78. You impose your views on others, based on ancient rehashed moralities and rules, from an unproven authority. #bible

Symptom of #religion 77. Your so called objective research into evidence has led you to conclude that the god you love is the one true god.

Symptom of #religion 76. You are on a journey of discovery, an understanding of your #faith and love for #god,but have yet to read the bible

Symptom of #religon 75. You honestly expect prayer to help fix yours and others lives, but nothing gets better until you go do it yourself.

Symptom of #religion 74. You go to church & pray to God every chance you get, but you don’t live to be kind, compassionate and understanding

Symptom of #religion 73. In an oppressive,religious world of bronze age moralities & concepts, #atheists are forced to become the antibodies

Symptom of #religion 72. With no basis in reality, you assert nonbelievers are deceived, ignorant, of the Devil, lying, angry or Hell bound.

Symptom of #religion 71. You are an unwitting pawn to your programming. You automatically reject any reasoning which contradicts your faith.

Symptom of #religion 70. If we took the monster that is war apart and extract all religious influences, we would mostly have compassion left

Symptoms of #religion 69. Your moral code is derived from bronze age stories, with the ugly parts ignored to still not fit with society.

Symptoms of #religion 68. You don’t care whether or not your religious claims are true, since you can’t proove them, but believe them anyway

Symptom of #religion 67. Christians argue we can’t see God because he is immaterial, invisible, and unknowable, but they KNOW he’s there.

Symptom of #Religion 66. Your standard for #Miracles is extremely low: “Praise the lord, Its a Miracle I found my keys in time for work!”

Symptom of #religion 65. You employ rediculous logics: “We were created in the image of God, meaning, we have an eternal soul, & autonomy.”

Symptom of #religion 64. You think our planets size, content and distance from the sun is too perfect for it to not be created. Its chance.

Symptom of #religion 63. Despite the similarities, you refuse to give merit to the idea that religion is often like a Reality Twisting Virus

Symptom of #religion 62. You feel your version of #god takes particular interest in everyday decisions.”Dear god. Red or blue shirt?”

Symptom of #religion 61. Your sense of personal responsibility is notably dulled, as your #faith allows all misdeeds to be forgiven by#god.

Symptom of #religion 60. The power of prayer is the best way, in your opinion, to treat infections, cancer and most deadly diseases

Symptom of #religion 59. You believe the fastest and the most efficient way of fixing your problems is to pray about it. #atheism#islam#god

Symptom of #religion 58. In Jesus’ name you are righteously opposed to recognizing Gays rights as equal to your own, but its not Bigotry.

Symptom of #religion 57. To you a naturally made universe simply makes no sense if you could just explain everything with the supernatural.

Symptom of #religion 56. You were raised to automatically disbelieve any contrary belief,argument or science as being ignorant or irrational

Symptom of #religion 55. When you tell an #atheist you will PRAY for him, youre offended by him saying “No thanks, but I will THINK for you”

Symptom of #religion 54. You fear for your safety in highschool, being a closet homosexual, as your openly gay classmates are bullied daily.

Symptom of #religion 53. You struggle with your #faith & family, as they expect you to submit & be subservient to your arranged husband.

Symptom of #religion 52. The only details you know of Evolution came from church & your parents, since your teachers were afraid to teach it

Symptom of #religion 51. When #atheists ask for proof of your #godclaims, your best sited evidence is “Because it says so in the bible.”

Symptom of #religion 50. You & your congregation think #athiestsare ‘thick’ because only idiots can believe that they evolved from monkeys.

Symptom of #religion 49. You keep saying that the universe is like a painting in its design & nobody thinks the painting made itself, right?

Symptom of #religion 48. You are a proud gay couple who has just been legally refused service, in 3 stores, due to faith based lawmaking.

Symptom of #religion 47. You hope #atheists learn to have faith and experience the LORD, instead of focusing only on reality and the facts.

Symptom of #religion 46. Youre a Church sponsored aid worker in Haiti’s disaster zone and every 10th crate arriving is full of Bibles.

Symptom of #religion 45. Your country and family is devastated by natural disasters and a fresh group of faith healers just set up shop.

Symptom of #religion 44. You never believe that the Bible means what it says; you are always convinced that it says what you mean.-Shaw(alt)

Symptom of#Religion 43. You view public displays of atheistic pride and community as hateful intolerance and demand the displays are removed

Symptom of #religion 42. As a closet #atheist you are afraid to come out, knowing you will be suddenly hated by friends and disowned at home

Symptom of #religion 41. After finally reading the Bible, you convert to atheism,but are plagued by fears from your childhood indoctrination

Symptom of #religion 40. Much of your belief is contingent upon some woman, living 2000 years ago, actually being a pregnant virgin.

Symptom of #religion 39. Youre compelled to convert nonbelievers into your #faith with fairytale level threats of “Believe or face PAIN!”

Symptom of #religion 38. In unparalleled absurdity you claim your Holy Book is historicity impeccable & its prophecies were fulfilled 100%.

Symptom of #religion 37. Youve been taught #atheists are angry at#god and hate all believers, but you won’t believe the truth from atheists

Symptom of #religion 36. You are a unknowingly a #theist of ignorance as the questionable parts of your holy book were never taught to you.

Symptom of #religion 35. You argue #atheism is responsible for far more deaths than #theism,despite it having no guiding dogma suggesting it

Symptom of #religion 34. You insist that #atheism is just another religion,only having its faith in science and logic with reason as its god

Symptom of #religion 33. You give hard earned money to knowingly perpetuate the actions of child rapist and abusers within the church.

Symptom of#Religion 32. You believe your revised, cherry picked versions of holy book truths are in no way made up,reactionary or dishonest.

Symptom of #religion 31. You believe your revised and cherry picked version of #god is in no way made up or pretend. #atheism#jesustweets

Symptom of #religion 30. You find it reasonable to insert your #godas the cause of the big bang, because its unknown and your god fits.

Symptom of #religion 29. Youre compelled to disbelieve verified,peer researched, scientific results because they conflict with your religion

Symptom of #religion 28. You believe that your faith in #god alone makes you a good person, no matter how immoral and hateful you are.

Symptom of #religion 27. You assert that #Atheists are deluded, irrational deceivers, while instead you demonstrate those qualities yourself

Symptom of #religion 26. You believe and teach that homosexuality is unnatural and can be fixed by knocking the ‘gay’ out of somebody.

Symptom of #religion 25. You demand that your freedom of religion places you above questioning and scrutiny and even mans morality and laws

Symptom of #religion 24. You are content with an unfalsifiable #godclaim as being true enough to base a wide variety of your decisions upon

Symptom of #religion 23. You believe there are people who should not have the same rights as you, because your holy leaders say its needed.

Symptom of #religion 22. You admit to not being able to even imagine a world without #god and that you might kill yourself if it were true.

Symptom of #religion 21. You feel validated in your bigotry and misogyny because #god dislikes and even hates the same people you do.

Symptom of #religion 20. You see no connection of your faith to extremism even tho faith allows them to make baseless rules just like yours

Symptom of#Religion 19. You believe it is virtuous toward heavenly reward to hijack a jet and fly it into a skyscraper, to kill nonbelievers

Symptoms of #religion 18. You believe the gospels of your holy book to be historically accurate since all the other believers agree with you

Symptom of #religion 17. When debating with an #Atheist its a reasonable tactic to claim them deceived by the devil, even if they’re correct

Symptom of #religion 16. When debating with an #Atheist its a reasonable tactic to claim them ignorant of your bible even if they’re correct

Symptom of #religion 15. You know YOUR #religion is the right one and all others are of the #devil, because your parents knew it was right.

Symptom of #religion 14. You define #god as all powerful and beyond our understanding, so he could divinely exist, while leaving no evidence

Symptom of #religion 13. You admit hideous crimes can be forgiven by accepting your savior,but you claim THOSE people are not TRUE believers

Symptom of #religion 12. You know there is an afterlife for those who believe in your hidden#god and eternal damnation for rational skeptics

Symptom of #religion 11. You claim your apparently evil #god is beyond human judgement and standards of morality, so he is still all loving.

Symptom of#Religion 10. You believe God sacrificed himself TO himself to serve as a loophole in a rule he himself made yet couldn’t overrule

Symptom of #religion 9. You and your Holy book claim prayers to#god are heard and answered, despite never apparently being the case, ever.

Symptom of #religion 8. You desire to hear from god so intently, that you’re convinced he is the author of your dreams and inner dialogue.

symptom of #religion 7. You think its reasonable that 30,000+ animals gathered and survived on a boat for 6 months during a global flood.

Symptom of #religion 6. You view proof seeking,rational skeptics of your#god and related claims as: Deluded, illogical and misled by demons.

Symptom of #religion 5. You believe what others of your#faith are insisting is truth, no matter how implausible or fantastical the claims.

Symptom of #religion 4. You believe the bible is God’s word, written by truthful authors many centuries ago, despite reliable contrary facts

Symptom of #religion 3. You believe in a #god who is responible for genocide, slavery, torture, rape and misogyny, but claim he loves all.

Symptom of #religion 2. You pick which parts of an ancient holy book are true, define a#god that agrees with you,then call unbelievers fools

Symptom of #religion 1. Feeling compelled to tell kids a loving invisible being is watching and he will torture you if you dont believe it.