Heaven Would Be Hell Too

Christianity asserts there is a Heaven and Hell, but I contend Hell isn’t the opposite of Heaven, rather the downfall of it by its existence. I will show you why hell does not exist with heaven, under a moral god.

If my precious, innocent little boy, who only knows the word ‘God’ as an habitual exclamation of surprise or profanity… if he isn’t accepted to heaven for lack of belief, then heaven is missing the most beautiful thing I can imagine.  Granted Heaven may not be based on my view of paradise, but it immediately falls short with its concept of separation.  Of course, this is supposing myself or someone who loved him dearly, were missing him from Heaven.  “Thanks God. This sucks, but hey, I made it to Heaven right?”

Now, consider what this means. If my son and I were to die in a car accident and for some selfish, baseless reason I suddenly accepted Jesus as my savior… Supposedly I would go to heaven and my son would not.  Any parent knows that such eternal separation of you from your child would be… hard, but the knowledge that he is alone, terrified, helpless and being TORTURED is the worst imaginable hell.  The WORST imaginable hell!  The realization that God has done this, could have avoided this and did it anyway, is all just as we foolishly awaken into Heaven… give it a minute, it gets better.  Now, this Heaven shouldn’t be, but clearly would be full of human souls stepping into complete and utter hell. “Thanks again God. Nice going there Sport.”

Before you reach the inner gates of this “eternal bliss”, you would be weeping uncontrollably among today’s other new lucky arrivals.  A full 2/3 of all the deaths on Earth didn’t make it here today, which means about 100,000 souls, including so many beloved children, are now damned, terrified and burned forever. The first overwhelming impression of Heaven would be a rolling, tormented sound of pain.  Many souls around you would no doubt bear the same debilitating, weeping affliction. Beyond your own horrific sobs, the thousands of tortured voices nearby would amass into a monstrous wailing, all for loved ones in hell or perhaps for having died from horrible evil acts. In such dispair you might even stab at yourself to end the pain. I would.”Thanks again God. Bastard.”

Now consider that the rest of the crowd entering Heaven need not be moral, as its not a requirement, but most will be. This clueless, happy crew would arrive to the drones of these unfortunate souls too.  In the next moment they would realize what they have ignored their whole lives, God is a real fucking Prick… and they defended him!  Why?! The fear that kept them believing as a child would come back in force, but we humans are a rowdy bunch and we would NOT tolerate this.  Anger would sound off over the wailing, with brave shouts of “DAMN YOU” ringing out first perhaps. The closer this righteous mob gets to the kingdom, the more souls would realize God could have stopped all those violent, evil, diseased and pointless deaths, but he  just hid here in Heaven.  “PRICK!”

In this stark reality of gods evil (heaven), the last weeping souls and sickened loyalist would shortly be transformed by this morally united and free willed surge, into an unearthly rage!   How would your “Loving” god handle this inevitable, vengeful, riotous hell in Heaven?  Would he simply make you forget about your precious, tortured love, whom he sent to burn forever?  If so, you will no longer be yourself for an eternity and the bastard still gets your worship anyway.  Even worse, that means this PRICK would be forcibly taking your loved one(s) away from you… twice!  “Thanks God… and fuck you 2 times too.”

*     *     *     *     *

Inexplicably, this lunacy still stands as Gods great reward, in contrast to his utterly shortsighted threat. Who could ask for more love than that, right?  Well, here are the 2 horribly unacceptable results you would face (if God were real):

1. Heaven cannot be blissful to moral humans, since hell will still torment you from afar… eternally… and God will forever be the cause. Rage, horror or fear would be the norm, not bliss.

2. Alternately, God is still the tyrant, but he is forced to strip you of your mortal knowledge and loving memories, so his heaven can remain a blissful worship of himself… ignorant, but blissful.

So in conclusion, a remotely moral, Godly being wouldn’t have made a hell, if not simply to avoid its consequences.  HELL clearly is a Christian tactical concept to better transmit its virulent self to the next generation.  More obviously, this draws into question the entire Bibles validity, with fearful, ignorant men behind the quill and no concept of the harm they will cause.  The excuses have fallen far too short to hold up this flimsy house of cards anymore.  There clearly is no Hell and God in Heaven is just a man made mistake.

If you want to live forever,  just find your heaven here on earth.  My heaven is now … and he’s got my eyes. Through him I share my life lessons, morality, hope and love. I WILL exist in his heart and mind, being remembered and happily passed on to his kids. That’s Heaven.

ps- My wife is absolutely extraordinary too. ;o)   Thanks for reading.


2 comments on “Heaven Would Be Hell Too

  1. Some very interesting points and a much different angle than the one from which I approach it, as a born again atheist (I was raised evangelical xian by an excommunicated catholic), I was taught that when we ascend to heaven, all of our earthly concerns are alleviated. So, it is even worse than you suppose, heaven means that everything you once were or cared for simply goes away and you would forget that you once had and loved a son. Shitty, right? Yeah. The selfishness of xiantity is astounding and horrifying, on so many levels.

    • I understand the excuses they use to overlook Hell, but somehow living people are Morally at peace with a monster burning 2/3 of Humanity. Since he is beyond judgement supposedly forever, now is the time to see the pain of hell, which they condone. I am trying to have him judged while they are alive and can still cause harm to the rest of us.

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