500 Symptoms of Religion

The Symptoms of Religion are indeed meant to suggest that Religion is a disease, Mental Illness, or poison.  The tweetable symptoms are clips of every aspect of life “tainted by” religion.

*Feel free to use, copy or repost the Symptoms in part or in full, as you like. Give me credit when you can. Thanks!

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Symptom of #Religion 500. ANTIGEN: When not filtered through bias, knowledge & Reason are #miracle cures for unjustified beliefs.#Atheism

Symptom of #Religion 499. LOVE LIES: Either #jesus doesnt understand #love or xtians dont. Making nonbelievers go to hell is not loving them

Symptom of #Religion 498. MORE LIKELY: An embellished story of a holy man OR the virgin born son of a vile unverifiable #god, who loves you?

Symptom of #Religion 497. UNGODLY FACTS: “The Earth is 4.54 billion years old. Homo sapiens is a species of ape. 4 awareness!”~@adrianbriggs

Symptom of #Religion 496. KNOWING BETTER: If we scare kids into blindly accepting our truths, its brainwashed abuse. #Atheists know better.

Symptom of #Religion 495. LOGICAL GOALTENDER: Knocking down unlawful arguments, @Beechbum doesnt let those nasty fallacies slip by. #atheism

Symptom of #Religion 494. HOLY GUIDE: The religious are lost so@BibleAlsoSays guides (yanks) their heads out of their asses & into reality.

Symptom of #Religion 493. BIG STICK: Speaking loudly & beating down religious delusion, @ascotsmanabroad will show you the Weeman you are.

Symptom of #Religion 492. WORKHORSE: The persistence of@FlyingFree333 in standing up to religious harm is epic! Kudos & Much gratitude!

Symptom of #Religion 491. SHITSTORM: “Even Athiests cry out to god when they have diarrhea.” Proving god is a load of shit?~@Omnisvalidus

Symptom of #Religion 490. FALLACY RADAR: If you flaunt idiocy & untruths as godly fact, then @askegg will be setting you strait very soon.

Symptom of #Religion 489. UNGODLY WISDOM: If its a question about religion, @RosaRubicondior will have 10 answers #godcouldnt think of.

Symptom of #Religion 488. DIVINE ADVICE: If you find truth in any#god myths, its only because @MrOzAtheist hasnt explained it to you yet.

Symptom of #Religion 487. LAUGHING AT GOD: One of the funniest people in the universe @rickygervais, clearly has far better timing than #God

Symptom of #Religion 485. UN-FOUND: Not only cant we find #god, theres no good reason to believe a god has found &claimed us either!#Atheism

Symptom of #Religion 484. PROOF DEFERENCE: Even if #god exists, his existence is not proof of his claims. He still has burden of proof.

Symptom of #Religion 483. THANKFUL: “l thank #god for making me so incapable of #freethinking that i cant imagine who else to thank”~Theists

Symptom of #Religion 482. A NEEDY GOD: “In sunday school they read out Genesis 1:1, I raised my hand and asked “Why?”~@JahKnowBuu #Atheism

Symptom of #Religion 481. INCAPABLE: You CANT comprehend 1.#god is not apparent 2.nothing proves god 3.miracles/visions are unsourced

Symptom of #Religion 480. GONE: If there were this pill which irradicated unjustified beliefs,theists would decline in fear of being ERASED!

Symptom of #Religion 479. ASSHOLE: Dear “god”, if youre there, GET OFF YOUR HOLY ASS & DO YOUR FUCKING JOB! …thought so, we’re on our own

Symptom of #Religion 478. SELF EVIDENT BRAINWASH: “I’m not brainwashed.The devil has u that way…We will have eternal life”~@vickiehenshaw

Symptom of #Religion: 477. FAMILY: Why do atheists celebrate Christmas? <–“…same as Christians. Family, food & presents.”~@terilynlemaire

Symptom of #Religion 476. INSIGHT: “Try to realize the miniscule chance that you even exist in this universe. Make it count.”~@MizMelly

Symptom of #Religion 475. LOGIC BOMB:@askegg:@ConversionRadio Still waiting for a reply to your knock down argument. http://www.godless.biz/2012/06/17/the-contingency-argument/ …

Symptom of #Religion 473. EARTHCENTRIC: <“Bible doesnt say that”~@GospelGuidance /<“http://po.st/v3wM2P  ” ~@SweetAphrodite<She BURNED him!

Symptom of #Religion: 474. SIMPLE MATH: Courage + Intelligence = #Atheism …. Fear + Ignorance = Theism //< Ive double checked the math

Symptom of #Religion 472. @PROPHECY_YEC: <“Another brainwashed bigot who cant grasp the meaning of scientific theory.”~@Jack_st0ne <Bullseye

Symptom of #Religion 471. SCIENCE PROVES GOD?: GG< “Nowhere in ANY science book is god used as a source. Nutjob”~>@MsGrumpy ‹‹-Awesome Mind

Symptom of #Religion 470. RESPECT?: “Would you respect me if I preached about a flying spaghetti monster? Of course you wouldn’t.”~>@oscli

Symptom of #Religion 469. NUMBERS: Someday the #Atheist voice will be so loud & justified, that we’ll just shut the #god myth down cold.

Symptom of #Religion 468. EQUALITY: “I don’t cherry pick. I believe each bit of the bible is equally wrong.”~> @Mel_in_Canada < loving her!

Symptom of #Religion 467. OMNI-FAIL: “If only God had known that Eve would disobey Him… oh, wait… :D” ~> @dawkinsassangeř <#brilliant

Symptom of #Religion 466. NO SIGNAL: The simplest miracle #god could pull off, is sending messages between believers… Never heard of it.

Symptom of #Religion 465. E.S.P.: #God knows ALL our thoughts, believers hear god’s thoughts, but they cant hear each others. Go figure.

Symptom of #Religion 464. CLUBBED: Either you join the invisible, hate club or GET clubbed …and thats BEFORE & AFTER you die.#Atheism

Symptom of #Religion 463. JESUS’ PET: If you refuse reason, logic & common sense as a pathway to truth, then #jesus rewards your efforts.

Symptom of #Religion 462. GODS EXAMPLE: If I torture people for not choosing me as a spiritual leader, its their choice & totally not evil

Symptom of #Religion 461. EASY DECISION: Its not a choice between #jesus & torture, its choosing between implausible, rediculous or #Atheism

Symptom of #Religion 460. COMMUNITY: Sure, theists gather for their delusion, but #truth, acceptance, #wisdom & skepticism are not invited.

Symptom of #Religion 459. DESPERATE: Arguments for #god are nothing of the sort.They only serve to make believers look less wrong! #atheism

Symptom of #Religion 458. CULT: “Grovel at my feet or i’ll burn you forever” is extortion& abuse, NOT love. Youre in a cult.~@FlyingFree333

Symptom of #Religion 457. RESTART: If we erased religion, gods would emerge different. With #science, it would be reassembled the same. #god

Symptom of #Religion 456. BLISS: “Ignorance is bliss! Believe what ever makes you happy and don’t question it!” via~>@tsh1118#atheism

Symptom of #Religion 455. CHILDREN: Atheists see kids as innocent & free minded. Xtians see theirs as soiled sinners with too many questions

Symptom of #Religion 454. LONELINESS: The maker & keeper of gods & religion. It drives people to believe a smart faerie guides & loves them.

Symptom of #Religion 453. BROKEN RECORD: Your proof is old & youve been proven wrong thousands of times, yet you dishonestly keep citing it.

Symptom of #Religion 452. ENDINGS: If anything does,unchecked#Faith will destroy humanity. We ALL know it.Why are only Atheists fighting it?

Symptom of #Religion 451. ABSENT: Gods seem to only work through people, nature & the unexplained. Sounds like the imagination of fools.

Symptom of #Religion 450. REALITY IMPAIRED: No magical sky friends can ever replace your missing personal relationship with reality.#atheism

Symptom of #Religion 449. UNKIND: Being honest with your religion usually means being #hurtful in the name of your #god.#FreeAtheism

Symptom of #Religion 448. DISRESPECT: Women should be cherished for their wisdom, intelligence, & beauty… and never mistreated! /#atheism

Symptom of #Religion 447. HISTORICAL BULLY: I love it when religies call me a fucking bully.>>PIC pic.twitter.com/m69IeJJrVIA~@ascotsmanabroad

Symptom of #Religion 446. COMEDY: You cite reason, science & truth as a theistic basis for belief in #jesus. Funny as hell! /#atheism

Symptom of #Religion 445. NO AUTHORITY: You make other twitter profiles to back up your original crazy ass self, in debates with atheists.

Symptom of #Religion 444. VACATION: If god took a break from his incredible benevolence upon humans, everything would seem exactly the same.

Symptom of #Religion 443. FALLACIOUS: You say youre a proponent of ending religious produced fallacy, but thats about all you debate with.

Symptom of #Religion 442. “JESUS IS REALITY”: The very backwards, baseless, copout statement said by those who have no argument.//#Atheism

Symptom of #Religion 441. GODLESS HOUSES: Churches dont exist because a god is proven, they exist because #god cannot be disproven. #Atheism

Symptom of #Religion 440. INCONSIDERATE: Theists cant fathom being wrong on #god, since #Reason was never part of #faith in the first place.

Symptom of #Religion 439. CRACKING: You were devoted to #god& his word, but now you think ancient #aliens genetically made humans for god!

Symptom of #Religion 438. TRIBULATIONS: The theist distress & suffering resulting from questioning their indoctrination & conditioning.

Symptom of#Religion 437. HEART: Not one man in a thousand has the strength of mind or the goodness of heart to be an #atheist.~Sam Coleridge

Symptom of #Religion 436. JUST SCARED: In truly considering Satan, you wouldnt be scared,you would be IRATE that #god actually promotes him!

Symptom of #Religion 435. MANS IMAGE: Man created #god in his image: intolerant, sexist, homophobic and violent.~@Zenobiobi#atheist #jesus

Symptom of #Religion 434. PROVIDER: Prove those #atheists wrong by quitting your job & praying for food! God will provide!~@distant_angel

Symptom of #Religion 433. NEWS: No philosophy, no religion, has ever brought so glad a message to the world as this good news of Atheism.

Symptoms of #Religion 432. TOO LATE: Its ok to believe in a #god, because when you die it will be too late to understand how stupid it was.

Symptoms of #Religion 431. DISHONEST: Desperate to support their baseless belief, theists reuse well refuted arguments to feel justified.

Symptoms of#Religion 430. ABUSIVE: Beg me to forgive you or you’ll make me angry. I hate it when I have to hurt you.~#god/by@RosaRubicondior

Symptoms of #Religion 429. STRAIT JACKET: Has anyone else noticed that people who’ve found #God always appear to have lost their sanity?

Symptoms of #Religion 428. #BLASPHEMYDAY: #jesus,#muhammed#god#allah#theHolySpirit < All Evil, Impotent or#Fake! /#Atheism

Symptoms of #Religion 427. SELECTIVELY DEAF: Theists hear > HOLY BLAH! blah bl-blah blah #JESUS blah-ing #CHRIST!!! Blah blah #HELL!!

Symptoms of #Religion 426. HOW TO 10: To win a theistic argument, claim random definitions are actually alternate ones. A valid tactic.

Symptoms of #Religion 425. HOW TO 9: To prove that your #god vision was really god, if others fail to prove it was fake, then it was real.

Symptoms of#Religion 424. HOW TO 8: To refute other religions, claim they have no evidence or truth, as they werent believed by your parents

Symptoms of#Religion 423. HOW TO 7: To be offended by criticism of your #god, spread inflammatory lies to incite violent riots. Praise god!

Symptoms of#Religion 422. HOW TO 6: To praise #god, LIE. Yes, tell everyone that god is all loving &all good. God needs followers, not truth

Symptoms of #Religion 421. HOW TO 5: To “Love an #Atheist” compel them to baselessly accept #god, while ignoring all atheistic perspectives.

Symptoms of #Religion 420. HOW TO 4: If its awkward to pray to god at first, then just pretend you’re actually talking to somebody who cares

Symptoms of #Religion 419. HOW TO 3: To shut up #Atheists, be sure to cite their baseless #faith, beliefs & religion, unlike your own.

Symptoms of #Religion 418. HOW TO 2: In reading the #bible#god agrees with your choice to ignore whatever parts hinder your belief in him.

Symptoms of #Religion 417. HOW TO: To find #god, suspend your common sense, reason, rationality & then imagine he authored those traits.

Symptoms of #Religion 416. INFINITE: Saying “Theistic ‘truths’ are limited”, compares to saying “Stupidity has a limit!” /#Atheism #bible

Symptom of #Religion 415. ASS BACKWARD 2:#God belief is a fully justified, historical, well documented & evidence based belief”~The Theist

Symptom of #Religion 414. ASS BACKWARD: “Science is an emotionally biased conspiracy of errors, with unverified facts & results”~The Theist

Symptom of #Religion 413. SELFISH: You “love” enemies & do good deeds to assure your place in heaven… not because you’re decent or care.

Symptom of #Religion 412. PATRONIZING: Unless you are conceding your wild absurdities as #Atheist see them, you do not “love” the atheists.

Symptom of#Religion 411. GOD GAS: Are farts gods voice? “Many ‘experience’ it, must be true!” Your experiences are subjective body functions

Symptom of #Religion 410. CHOOSING: The simple idea that people can pick a religion, indicates there was/is no god demonstrating itself.

Symptom of #Religion 409. THE TEACHER: #God started morally enlightening us by imposing sacrifices, plagues & mass murder./#Atheism #bible

Symptom of #Religion 408. INSULT: A directing master implies both that we are slaves and that we cannot decide whats right without him.

Symptom of #Religion 407. IMPOSTER: It is not a God, just &good, but a devil,under the name of #God, that the #Bible describes.~Thomas Paine

Symptom of #Religion 406. DUMB: What you believe is absolutely meaningless regarding what’s true unless by dumb luck it ends up being true.

Symptom of #Religion 405. MISSING: From a sealed, gaurded tomb#Jesus went missing! Compelling, if ANY of that actually happened. Proof?

Symptom of#Religion 404. DOUBT: If 500 witnesses saw a resurrected Jesus in the same fictional book that said it happened, it proves nothing

Symptom of #Religion 403. MAGIC: You see the power of your #god as something other than magic, but if you cant explain it, its “magic”.

Symptom of #Religion 402. GODS POWER: You can only “prove”#god by claiming gods power made everything… & this makes sense to you. via~GG

Symptom of #Religion 401. PERFECT: You claim your Quran is perfect and unflawed, but DEATH is a grossly immoral punishment for losing faith!

Symptom of #Religion 400. CHARITABLE: You donate money to get a higher place in heaven. #Atheist do it because they are good, moral people.

Symptom of #Religion 399. LAWS: You say the laws of physics math & logic are authored by #god, yet 1+1=2 always. Such laws are descriptive!

Symptom of #Religion 398. UNCOMFORTABLE GAPS: You fill scientific gaps in knowledge with miracles, only answered by #god. Via~@gospelguidance

Symptom of #Religion 397. BAD CREDIT: Literally you have credited god for EVERYTHING, thousands of times, but have never shown 1 link to god

Symptom of #Religion 396. JUMPING THE GUN: Instead of fearing none or all unproven gods, you fear one for irrational, irresponsible reasons.

Symptom of #Religion 395. DEVIL BLINDERS: You say you dont have to prove god assertions, because non-believers are deluded & cant see truth.

Symptom of #Religion 394. IMPRESSIONABLE: Whether it be children, the devastaded or the desperate, these are easy prey for all religions.

Symptom of #Religion 393. HOPE: This is how your ignore the lack of evidence for #god,but can you hope #evil away? >>http://wp.me/P2siE2-4t 

Symptom of #Religion 392. HERO: You see yourself as a #christian champion of truth and your truth is whatever lies convince you and others.

Symptom of #Religion 391. LOBOTOMY: The equivolent mind change it would take to convert a #freethinking #Atheist to#christianity./*#Atheism

Symptom of #Religion 390. ATHEIST BIAS: You claim that #Atheists are biased toward science, reason & evidence & therefore can’t find#god

Symptom of #Religion 389. SELF WASH: Isn’t amazing that believers willingly self reinforce their brainwashing?!; church, radio, prayer, tv!

Symptom of #Religion 388. REALITY: Having no evidence, your bible fables are manipulative lies, not a >”Different worldview”~@GospelGuidance

Symptom of #Religion: 387. IMAGINED: LORD gives strength to his people;the #LORD blesses his people with peace. Psalm 29:11~@PrayerNetworker

Symptom of #Religion 386. OUT OF THE FRYING PAN… : “Make#Jesus a habit and He’ll cancel out all your bad habits.”~@jesse_duplantis

Symptom of #Religion 385. OPPOSITE LAND: “The greatest lack of education is lack of knowledge of #God and His Word.” ~@GospelGuidance

Symptom of #Religion 384. SLAVERY: Prov37:5 Give yourself to the LORD; & he will give you your heart’s desire/<Be free with REASON!#Atheism

Symptom of #Religion 383. HOOK LINE & SINKER:@Pastorsmallwood: I don’t need proof or evidence because I live by faith and not by sight”

Symptom of Religion 382. FLOOD GATES: My reason filters the manipulative religious babble, but believers must let it flow like a burst dam.

Symptom of Religion 381. FORSAKING:#Jesus is awesome. All day long, I think of ways to glorify him.”/< Have you left your family for him?

Symptom of #Religion 380. CHARMS: If @PennJillette lived 2000 yrs ago, he’d have out miracled Jesus & believers would wear Tellers today.

Symptom of #Religion 379. NO TRUE MUSLIM: You say 9/11 criminals were not muslim, but didnt they read the Quran & believe in the same god?

Symptom of #Religion 378. FREE ATHEISTS: Free from god beliefs & exploring secular morality? I call this #FreeAtheism >http://wp.me/P2siE2-8r 

Symptom of #Religion 377. REQUIREMENT: If you’re doing good deeds for reward or punishment sake, its not being Moral.#FreeAtheists get it.

Symptom of#Religion 376. CRITICISM: Anyone putting down#Atheism is wrong.WE are the are the ones free to seek & accept truths! #FreeAtheism

Symptom of #Religion 375. ACT OF GOD: Such events are never loving, nor remotely benevolent. If #god were real, these would be wonderful.

Symptom of #Religion 374. BULLSHIT: That which holds together all theistic lies, excuses, truths, claims, actions, crimes & oh yes, beliefs.

Symptom of #Religion 373. FOSSILS: These religious headaches are not “tests of faith”, but rather, tests of creative excuse making./#Atheism

Symptom of #Religion 372. TRANSLATING JESUS: ‘Love one another as I have loved you’ ~John 15:12 << “Kill, rape, destroy lives & conquer.”

Symptom of #Religion 371. VILE: If the #bible were true, #god has demanded that mankind do many horrific deeds for very inadequate reasons.

Symptom of #Religion 370. UNBURDENED: If #Atheists dont prove abiogenesis, evolution & universe origins it does not justify #god beliefs.

Symptom of #Religion 369. DECEIVED: How hard would it have been for the devil to swipe the body of a dead,false prophet? Got news for you…

Symptom of #Religion 368. SICK BASTARDS: Your faith has you so F*CKED UP you think murder is a good answer! SICK! >>http://allfacebook.com/fox-news-facebook-page-gets-8000-death-threats_b53976 …

Symptom of #Religion 367. SEEKING MISOGYNY: You blatantly ridicule women,by wishing your country allowed biblical repression. Twisted prick!

Symptom of #Religion 366. WHAT IF YOU’RE WRONG?: We’re not. This will make a wise &moral theist puke for life wasted >>http://m.youtube.com/watch?v=dqz0plz6DEs …

Symptom of #Religion 365. SEARCH: If you reject #evolution for lack of evidence, take 10 seconds to google it 1st before opening your mouth.

Symptom of #Religion 364. CONFUSED: At least theists NEVER rape, kill, cheat & lie as representatives of #gods morality. #sarcasm#Atheism

Symptom of#Religion 363. FREE FROM BELIEF:#Atheism, just as you are free from disease, free from pain or free from delusion”~Lance Buckley

Symptom of #Religion 362. ANY GOD WILL DO: Even the bible talks of how gullible and eager to accept ‘miracles’ some people were. eg~Acts28:6

Symptom of #Religion 361. PRE-JESUS: “Do not injure, abuse, oppress, enslave, insult, torment, torture or kill any living being” ~500BCE

Symptom of #Religion 360. HISTORY: Correcting somebody on #jesus prophesy, has the same real world validity as noting how Bilbo got his ring

Symptom of #Religion 359. DUNCE: You say #athIEsts are dumb. Now the spellchecker will give you your medicine. +

Symptom of #Religion 358. JUXTAPOSE: You faithfully oppose views from the beautiful mind of @rickygervais , but you’re simply wrong.#Atheism

Symptom of #Religion 357. FALLBACK: Pray all you want, but your life situation will ultimately be solved by people. Need help? Google it.

Symptom of #Religion 356. RESISTANCE: Religionists who hate#Atheists the most, are likely struggling with questioning their own beliefs.

Symptom of #Religion 355. DOUBLE TAKE: Even devout believers will cringe occasionally at how batshit crazy their toxic babble sounds.

Symptom of #Religion 354. DISCOMFORT: Theists hate #Atheists because of all the rational, uncomfortable thoughts we inspire!#freethinker

Symptom of #Religion 353. QUANTITY: When considering these billions of religious tweets, its mind blowing HOW OFTEN theists are simply wrong

Symptom of #Religion 352. COMMUNITY LIES: Theists believe & make lies for each other, so they can live with a false sense of righteousness.

Symptom of #Religion 351. LESS WRONG: Theist arguments are never to make their beliefs look justified, but only to have them seem less wrong

Symptom of #Religion 350. SELECTION: You treat your holy text like a menu, picking what you like,ingnoring its immutable prescriptive intent

Symptom of #Religion 349. POLYRELIGIONISM: You say #Atheism is a religion,but you DONT believe in MANY gods! How many religions do you have?

Symptom of #Religion 348. SCIENCE: Oddly,you claim pursuing scientific knowledge supports your faith./< Until proving god is real of course

Symptom of #Religion 347. PANDERING: Believing on faith means you believe god panders to the credulous, resulting in proof of credulousness.

Symptom of #Religion 346. WHAT WOULD JESUS DO?: “What would #Jesus do, with claims of Horus being real & seeing no evidence?” Be an #Atheist

Symptom of #Religion 345. LIKELIHOOD: An unfalsifiable god thats baselessly presumed to be real OR its a mythical being like all the others?

Symptom of #Religion 344: HISTORY: Religion began in worldly ignorance, leaders developed it for control, now its just a habit & addiction.

Symptoms of #Religion 343: DISHONEST THEIST: “My perception of #god isn’t my imagination, feelings & desires, because EVERYTHING is proof.”

Symptoms of #Religion 342: HONEST THEIST: “My perception of god might be my imagination, feelings & desires, but Im too damaged to admit it”

Symptom of #Religion 341. METAPHORE: When parts of the bible should prove #god, but have always failed, they were not written to be truths.

Symptom of #Religion 340. SELF DECEPTION: “Truth is never easy to find, but it’s damn worth the battle.” ~@1stCitizenKane //#atheism

Symptom of #Religion 339. FRUSTRATION: Every variation of nonbeliever contends daily with seemingly endless, nonsensical theist bullshit.

Symptom of #Religion 338. MAKING SHIT UP: About>#Atheism#lesbianism#abortion#marriage,#stem-cell research, #morality,#evolution,#god

Symptom of #Religion 337. LEADING: The ongoing behavior of forcing their subjective observations to match their biased version of truth.

Symptom of #Religion 336. SABBATH: For gathering wood on the Sabbath, the LORD said “The man must die…stone him outside the camp” Num15:32

Symptom of #Religion 335. ENABLERS: Theists often congregate just to convince each other, that they really do believe that shit! #Atheist

Symptom of #Religion 334. PERVERSION:#Christianity is the most perverted system that ever shone on man” ~Thomas Jefferson /#Atheism

Symptom of #Religion 333. CHOICES: How did you dismiss all other unfalsifiable gods, to end up with your god? Obviously you didnt.#Atheism

Symptom of #Religion 332. PROOF: Jesus in John14:12& Mark16:17-18 “He that believeth in me, the works that I do shall he also”-yet NOBODYcan

Symptom of #Religion 331. SOLUTIONS: Hitting your kids or leading them to #god, has the same affect, they dont learn to solve problems.

Symptom of #Religion 330. COGNITIVE DISSONANCE: Aside from the ignorant Xtians, the learned theist knows #god is a vengeful tyrant asshole!

Symptom of #Religion 329. RECEDE: Most #christians no longer act on the cruelest commands of #god, because they know mans laws are greater.

Symptom of #Religion 328. HYPOCRICY 7: Must marry dead brothers wife>Deut 25:5-6. Woman to marry rapist>Deut 22:28-29 /< & who does this?

Symptom of #Religion 327. HYPOCRICY 6: Give one-tenth of your income to the church>Lev 27:30-32. Dont eat pork>Deut 14:8 /<Nearly all fail!

Symptom of#Religion 326. HYPOCRICY 5: Do not seek mediums>Lev 19:3,20:6. No tattoos>Lev 19:28. No bastards in church>Deut 23:2 /<All common

Symptom of#Religion 325. HYPOCRICY 4: Discreetly dressed women>2:9 RSV. Use not ungodly courts>Cor 6:1NIV. No long mens hair>Cor11:14 <JESUS

Symptom of #Religion 324. HYPOCRICY 3: Resist not evil > Matt 5:39. Only god is “Father”>Matt 23:9. Judge not> Luke 6:37.< Contantly broken!

Symptom of #Religion 323. HYPOCRICY 2: The laws of the old testament are still in force > 5:18-19. So where are the killings? Deut 13:6-11

Symptom of #Religion 322. HYPOCRICY 1: The bond of marriage shall not be broken > Matt 19:6, 5:32, 19:9 Mark 10:9-12 Luke 16:18 / #Atheism

Symptom of #Religion 321. ARMAGEDDON: Why didnt #god smite all things quickly & with high efficiency? We could. #Atheism #jesus#islam

Symptom of #Religion 320. BENEFITS: Absolution of morally horrific sins, so to still enter a blissful afterlife. Magically answered prayers

Symptom of #Religion 319. JUSTIFICATION: #gods word promotes killing, hate, slavery, misogyny, ignorance & belief in unproven magic stories

Symptom of #Religion 318. JESUS KILLS: #Jesus wears a different skin, but its the same immoral #god > Zephaniah 2:12-15, & Ezekiel 9:5-7

Symptom of #Religion 317. HEAVEN IS HELL: Souls in #heaven would RAGE against gods unjustified torture of the damned >http://wp.me/p2siE2-6

Symptom of #Religion 316. CARDS: The #bible story is an interdependent house of cards, yet disproved cards are replaced by magic & excuses

Symptom of #Religion 315. GOD DIDNT DO IT: If you resort to “god did it” to debate science’s debunking of god, then youve conceded the fact.

Symptom of #Religion 314. NOTHING: The evidence backing#Atheism also means youre likely ultimately believing in exactly “NOTHING” at all.

Symptom of #Religion 313. QUESTION: Ask yourself why you must flatly deny solid evidence with excuses, instead of admitting you may be wrong

Symptom of #Religion 312. TESTED: Matthew 4:7 says not to test#god, but how is every single uttered prayer not a test of god? #fail

Symptom of#Religion 311. MOSTLY ATHEIST: You dont believe in 2869 gods, which makes you 99.9996514465% #Atheist. Thats good, but Im PERCECT!

Symptom of #Religion 310. ALL KNOWING: You dont “get” #Atheists, but incredibly you understand your infinite, unfalsifiable, mysterious god?

Symptom of #Religion 309. LIKE: You claim you have proof of #god, but #atheists dont like it. Wrong, we do like it…its as funny as #faith!

Symptom of#Religion 308. TEACHING: Theists tell kids god is real, backed with threats & Atheists explain “we dont know” backed with evidence

Symptom of #Religion 307. TRUE HEAVEN: Sharing experiences, lessons, beauty, morality & many loves with family. Remembered = eternal life.

Symptom of#Religion 306. PROOF: Mr/s religionist, find a cliff top, pray hard for flight & jump. At about 100 mph you will be an atheist.

Symptom of#Religion 305. THE DECEIVED: What if your God was imagined by a devil, who cleverly inspired Holy books. You wouldn’t know!

Symptom of #Religion 304. BRAVERY: Putting ones life on the line, who is braver; a believer of an afterlife or s/he who thinks this the end?

Symptom of#Religion 303. SUPERSTITION2: “Took time to accept#atheism#Catholic mom, #bornagain dad, grandpa minister.” ~@TheBelovedFreak

Symptom of #Religion 302. NO ANSWER: The wrong, bullshit, made up, delusional answer is WORSE than no answer at all! ~@pennywiseflame (alt)

Symptom of #Religion 301. ACTIVE #ATHEISM: “All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men & women do nothing.” ~E. Burke

Symptom of #Religion 300. HEAD UP GODS ASS: “The greatest enemy of knowledge is not ignorance, it is the illusion of knowledge.” ~S Hawking

Symptom of #Religion 299. UNITY: Has ever such a Non-thing as#Atheism brought together so many, with such universal respect for humanity?

Symptom of #Religion 298. FAITH 2: If Atheist “faith” was the same as theist “faith”,the existence of “Scientists” would be highly debatable

Symptom of #Religion 297. HARDENED: Telling atheists their hearts are hardened by God, doesnt justify your god beliefhttp://pic.twitter.com/PebInbbd

Symptom of #Religion 296. 100% ACCURATE: I dont need #faith to say the #Bible is PROVEN as 100% accurate! It hits something on every throw!

Symptom of #Religion 295. SPELLING: The only evident difference between Mythology and Religion. / #Atheism #Atheistrollcall #god#faith

Symptom of #Religion 294. ULTIMATE NARCISSIST: Humans are used merely as worshipers & play things as #God is the center of his own universe!

Symptom of #Religion 293. GOD SAYS: “____________________________” ~#God /< At least thats more than he DOES! /#atheist via@baristaman

Symptom of #Religion 292. VIRGIN BIRTH: John & Mark didnt even mention the critical miracle, likely because #Jesus was a 100% human bastard!

Symptom of #Religion 291. MORALIY FAIL: Believers say #god isnt evil, he’s mysterious & beyond judgement.>>http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hvlEr3P6zzM #SamHarris

Symptom of#Religion 290. It allows decent & sane people to believe by the billions, what only lunatics could believe on their own! -S Harris

Symptom of #Religion 289. HIDING: No your #god doesnt hide & do nothing, hes a stanky, steaming pile of LIES, with a side of utter NONSENSE!

Symptom of#Religion 288. FRIENDS: You say you cant be friends with Atheists, but the truth is you dont want to be tricked into using reason!

Symptom of #Religion 287. TWISTED VIRTUE: You must believe in#Jesus as savior to get to heaven, but being a good person is optional. #faith

Symptom of #Religion 286. VALID O.T. : Matthew 5:17-19 shows all OT laws are still valid. #Jesus didn’t do away with any of #Gods Evil laws!

Symptom of #Religion 285. DUMBASS: You cherrypick parts of the Bible to believe, but that doesnt change your worshiping of a VENGEFUL PRICK!

Symptom of #Religion 284. CHRISTIAN ROCK: Not harmless music with mere spiritual message, but Christian Right indoctrination & propaganda.

Symptom of #Religion 283. P.R.A.T.T. : Overused & failed theistic arguments deserve this title: PREVIOUSLY REFUTED A THOUSAND TIMES ! /#god

Symptom of #Religion 282. BIAS BLINDERS: You constantly fail to identify your religious bias, as you repeatedly make baseless conclusions.

Symptom of #Religion 281. DESIGN: If we cant explain complexity in nature, it doesnt imply design or a #god. Thats just your bias talking.

Symptom of #Religion 280. ATHEIST INDOCTRINATION: Was I taught to always demand proof for silly beliefs? Absolutely Yes! #atheism

Symptom of #Religion 279. SCIENCE FAIL: The gaps in science knowledge leave us with “I dont know” & never with “#God did it!” /#atheism

Symptom of #Religion 278. MISERY: There has always been misery, so if there is a #god, he KNOWS he has failed us & deserves NO respect!

Symptom of #Religion 277. ROCK BOTTOM: People help, dont turn to gods>> “The unendurable is the beginning of the curve of joy.”~Djuna Barnes

Symptom of #Religion 276. LOST: Unless we give what we’ve experienced to others – what we know & value will be irrevocably & utterly gone.

Symptom of #Religion 275. HALF LIVING: “That it will never come again is what makes life so sweet” ~Emily Dickenson / #atheism

Symptom of #Religion 274. BRAINS: Gods voice, fuzzy feelings, miracles & answered prayers are likely our advanced brain power misinterpreted

Symptom of#Religion 273. FUTURES: Atheists dont waste time& resouces on a pretend 2nd life,while theists sacrifice even their own KIDS lives

Symptom of #Religion 272. DECEIVERS: Anyone who ‘KNOWS’ #GodIS our: fuzzy feelings, inner voice, omniscient guide, miracle maker & Creator.

Symptom of #Religion 271. APOLOGETICS: Futile argumentation in an attempt to make baseless, theological positions look less mythological.

Symptom of #Religion 270. ORIGIN DENIAL: Theists baselessly dispute our Genetic Evolution from Great Ape anscestors>>http://www.mun.ca/biology/scarr/Robertsonian_fusion_in_Homo.html

Symptom of #religion 269. ADDICTION: Impaired &preoccupied obsessive behavior,continued despite denial of the identified behavior.<<#FAITH?

Symptom of #Religion 268. PROGRESS: Religion uses control & power, but the only true progress is made with science >>http://pic.twitter.com/X12BNnzX

Symptom of #Religion 267. EXECUTIONS: Rape victims, Blasphemers and Atheists are tarets for religious killings >>http://www.atheistmedia.com/2008/10/somalia-rape-victim-executed-by-stoning.html #evil

Symptom of #Religion 266. DISCONNECT: Pointing out corrected errors in Evolutions fossil record> http://www.jesus-is-savior.com/Evolution%20Hoax/lucy.htm <does NOT prove a God!

Symptom of #Religion 265. DELUGE: Deluded believe in a world flood so easily dismissed with common sense & science. >>http://www.evcforum.net/dm.php?action=msg&f=17&t=198&m=1

Symptom of #Religion 264. CONFUSED: Theists discredit & defile themselves by labeling #Atheists with #Faith, Indoctrination, Dogma & a #God.

Symptom of #Religion 263. UNSUPPORTED: “That which can be asserted without evidence, can be dismissed without evidence.”#Hitchens #Atheism

Symptom of #Religion 262. DUMB THEISTS 1: Desperately denying theres NO #GOD, > @prophecy_yec11 @GospelGuidance < these fools lost ALL SENSE

Symptom of #Religion 261. FAKE GOD 5: Noahs flood is taken as truth by many. Evidence shows its just a FAKE God story!>http://www.evcforum.net/dm.php?action=msg&f=17&t=198&m=1

Symptom of #Religion 260. FAKE GOD 4: God wouldnt dictate a book, command genocide, send his son, cause miracles & THEN require blind faith.

Symptom of #Religion 259. FAKE GOD 3: If you read what the Bible actually says, its ridiculous. An all-knowing #God CLEARLY didnt contribute

Symptom of#Religion 258. FAKE GOD 2: Christianity snowball rolled over a dozen religions attaching pagan rituals & beliefs. NOT God inspired

Symptom of #religion 257. SUPERSTITION: Prayer has been disproven scientifically many times, making it a superstition!http://www.thefreedictionary.com/_/dict.aspx?word=superstition

Symptom of #religion 256. FAKE GOD 1: Praying should work! Matthew 7:7, 7:20,18:19, 21:21, Mark 11:24, John 14:12-14 & James 5:15-16. #FAIL

Symptom of #religion 255. CONNECTIONS: Evidence of design is everywhere, god whispers to you& the bible is gods word, but its all imagined!

Symptom of #religion 254. ATHEISTIC EARTH: Most people are raised to believe in 1 or a few gods & are fervid ATHEISTS to 1000s of other Gods

Symptom of #religion 253. PICKING GODS: You were most likely not truly given a choice, so of the 2870 historical deities, why pick yours?

Symptom of #religion 252. DIVIDE & CONQUER: If theres only one God, are all other religions deceived by him, so we fight for whose right?

Symptom of #religion 251. 100,000: Every day so many souls go to hell & their grieving family in Heaven would endlessly beg God for mercy!

Symptom of #religion 250: FULL OF SHIT: Religionists are by far the leaders in excuse ridden, evidence lacking, inanely glorified Bullshit!

Symptom of #Religion 249. VALIDITY: Obvious lack of Gods, dubious Holy book claims & fully unproven Prayer results, ONLY supports#Atheism.

Symptom of #Religion 248. PRAYER CHALLENGE: A simple & valid test for theists to prove Prayer works as per the #Bible.>http://voriank.net/challenge.html

Symptom of #Religion 247. PRESUPPOSITION: Any debate over the details of holy books or Gods word, is always only ASSUMING it were true.

Symptom of #Religion 246. CONTROL: “Religion is excellent stuff for keeping common people quiet.” ~Napoleon Bonaparte / #jesus #God#islam

Symptom of #religion 245. INSANITY: Doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.~A. Einstein / e.g. >#PRAYER <

Symptom of #religion 244. 1 BILLION: A Billion of us are nonbelievers & most say we could be wrong, while UNPROVEN religions claim “truth”?

Symptom of #religion 243. SOURCES: You claim any source of evidence against #Gods existance is biased & untrue, because Atheists believe it.

Symptom of #religion 242. CIRCLE OF LIES: #Christianity,#Islam,#Judaism & many more. None are proven. None! SEE PIC >>http://pic.twitter.com/CzPX13JY

Symptom of #religion 241. SALVATION: Even Hitler went to #Heavento meet all his victims. Paradise!>  http://pic.twitter.com/HEP2j3ve per@Atheist_Wonka

Symptom of #religion 240. TRENDS: Defining a magical being to explain scary things was a trend from the bronze age, so knock it off already!

Symptom of #religion 239. APOLOGETICS: Like a crowd of auctioneers, imagine all religions trying to argue. Nothing gets sold. ~@iraqvet1980

Symptom of #religion 238. FIRE: One of evolved humans oldest discoveries, but its the best torture an all knowing God can come up with.

Symptom of #religion 237. SELFISHNESS: “Worship me! Worship me! ..or be tortured forever!” ~God, the Needy motherf–ker ~@RadicalSkeptic

Symptom of #Religion 236. INTUITION: Your chosen measure of reality is an arrogant, faith based, assumption. ~@RosaRubicondior(altered)

Symptom of #religion 235. ABSENT MINDED: To get to #Heaven, your brain is left behind, with all your experiences. All that is “You” is gone!

Symptom of #religion 234. SLAVERY: You claim #atheists have utterly wasted their lives, while you are every bit the slave your god# demands.

Symptom of #religion 233. LUCK OF THE DRAW: Youre unable to fathom being born into a nonChristian family & be made to believe in a false God

Symptom of #religion 232: PURITY: In a recent escape to #Atheism, you now admire lifelong #Atheists, having never being tainted by religion.

Symptom of #religion 231. CHAGRIN: Much to your dismay,you cant ignore Gods apparent lack of interest & action, as if he werent there at all

Symptom of #religion 230. STRAY: For years you sought to develop a relationship with #God, then you realized you just dont believe that shit

Symptom of #religion 229. TREND: You assert that #Atheism is just a trend, like autmobiles, telephones, televisions & computers. #justAfad

Symptom of #religion 228. CONVICTION: You would sooner cut off a finger than consider the evidence, facts or logical aguments of an#Atheist

Symptom of #religion 227. DEFENSES: “You’re ignorant & deceived by Satan, your hardened heart hates #god, you lie & you can’t disprove god!”

Symptom of #Religion 226. FOXHOLES: Caught in a scary crossfire, would you rather be next to an atheist returning fire or a praying theist?

Symptom of #Religion 225. DIGITAL: Spreading of God’s word has fallen behind in the digital age with the proliferation of truth and doubt.

Symptom of #Religion 224. GOD’S VOICE: Despite a plethora of differently defined Gods, its baffling how people always hear their favorites.

Symptom of #religion 223. SICKNESS: Addicts find #Jesus after hitting bottom only to replace one illness with another more virulent one.

Symptom of #religion 222. JUDGE: One’s Omnipotence does not invalidate an “evil” judgement upon yourself. Denial of your Evil is Irrelevant.

Symptom of#Religion 221. VALIDITY: A theistic position is based on faith that God is real, with NO basis in objective observation whatsoever

Symptom of #Religion 220. INFECUOUS: If exposed to virulent dogma for extended periods, seek your local #Atheist for infusions of reason.

Symptom of #Religion 219. LANGUAGE BARRIER: When a lifelong#atheist 1st hears religious decrees, truths & history, its COMPLETE jibberish!

Symptom of#Religion 218. EXCUSES: As scientific knowledge chips away at religion, excuses for God & baseless faith become the last holdouts.

Symptom of #religion 217. PAEDOPHILE: Church leader atrocities are vile, but its apparent whose example they follow in screwing his children

Symptom of #religion 216. STAGNATION: Religion can’t exand its knowledge of God’s word, without further input, but its retractions are many.

Symptom of #religion 215. FEAR: You’re sufficiently conditioned to repel reasoned assaults on your #faith, but you fear your kids may fail.

Symptom of #religion 214. GOD PARTICLE: The half joking label for the #HiggsBoson, per its importance, actually ended up mocking all faiths.

Symptom of #religion 213. SAFE HAVEN: Anymore your Ignorance only hides in the safety of church, as #reason can find you everywhere else.

Symptom of #religion 212. DOUBT: As a believer youve become aware of the growing contingent of atheists, whom are determined to extend truth

Symptom of #religion 211. HONESTY: Dogma & the Deluded have muddled truth for too long, as many New #Atheists AWAKEN into an honest reality!

Symptom of #religion 210. BIBLE BLINDERS: You insist the Bible proves itself & any contrary facts ultimately proves it right too.#brainwash

Symptom of #religion 209. LIES: You say Atheism exists because of lies. We say TRUE! The theist & #atheist both exist due to #BIBLElies!

Symptom of #religion 208. OMNIPOTENCE : Being all powerful must come with a bundle of insecurity, envy, & wrath. #bible~@AtheistUndrwrld

Symptom of #religion 207. FATHER: An honored father loves, has compassion & hangs around, but doesn’t kill or threaten to torture his kids.

Symptom of #religion 206. GODLESS: “Everyone is godless. There is a group of people who realize this, called #atheists.” ~@GodlessAtheist

Symptom of #religion 205. RIDICULE: “The only weapon which can be used against unintelligible propositions.”~Thomas Jefferson. #Atheism

Symptom of #religion 204. COMMON SENSE: Christians have the#Bible, so they don’t need common sense or society’s input to know what is right

Symptom of #religion 203. CHARACTER: #God cant violate his character unless he were to stop killing & hating or help out on earth for once!

Symptom of #religion 202. JUDGE: Humans cant Judge #god (per#god) but if he looks, sounds, smells, tastes and feels EVIL, he IS evil.

Symptom of #Religion 201. DESIGN: #Gods were designed so theists can give excuses for clear atrocities, failings, immorality & total absence!

Symptom of #religion 200. PROPAGANDA: Characters like @Stormbringer_5 promote a fearful bias & blind denial of the NEW AGE OF #ATHEISM >NOW!

Symptom of #religion 199. DOUBLE STANDARD: #God dictates that he is not #Evil for his genocide, while humans are evil for just one murder.

Symptom of #religion 198. IMAGE: “I made thee in mine own image and thusly regret making you all SCREW UPS like me!  ~#God~The Cosmic Idiot

Symptom of #religion 197. DEBATE: If theism had the strongest argument, it wouldn’t be an argument. We would all just worship the one #God.

Symptom of #religion 196. ACCUSER: You claim Atheists are also Intollerant, Hateful, deluded & ignorant, hoping to bring them to your level.

Symptom of #religion 195. BEGINNINGS: You deny evidence based evolution in favor of your ancient, unwitnessed, magical creation story!#bible

Symptom of #religion 194. ANGER: Whether it be current, recent or past atrocities, believers still represent the guilty faiths. Expect Anger

Symptom of #religion 193. DISRESPECT: If your faith advocates rape, murder, misogyny, hate, guilt or irrationality, it deserves NO respect!

Symptom of #Religion 192. DECEPTION: You claim all the universe is evidence of God, but God leaves no evidence, so you are deceiving us.

Symptom of #Religion 191. EXCUSES: Religious belief is 1% Faith & 99% Excuses for the crimes, hate, death, lies, immorality & lack of proof.

Symptom of #religion 190. ANGEL: Free will beings who follow #Gods will, and thus are arguably immoral, having murdered in God’s name.

Symptom of #religion 189. FALLEN ANGEL: Angels refusing to follow Gods will are Fallen, and thus are arguably benevolent in contrast to God

Symptom of #religion 188. DAMNATION. Wonderfully moral humans denying the Holy Spirit or not believing in Jesus as savior, will go to hell.

Symptom of #religion 187. FORGIVNESS. God will forgive your most gruesome, bloody, murderous, hateful sins as long as you believe in him.

Symptom of #Religion 186. Good #Christian: He worships #god despite god’s Slavery, genocide, vengeance, bigotry, hate & obvious absence!

Symptom of#Religion 185. JESUS: The timeless, all powerful son of God who freely reappeared to people in Bible stories, but not in real life

Symptom of#Religion 184. TRUST: If I told you I was all Loving, you would expect me to demonstrate it, especially if I was a murderous prick

Symptom of #Religion 183. PRAYER: Like yelling into a canyon, you get an answer & its what you wanted to hear, but its just you being silly.

Symptom of#Religion 182. DOGMA: The authoritarian weapon of mass delusion which halts intelligent inquiry & propagates ignorance.-RadSkeptic

Symptom of #religion 181. PURPOSE: Holding a Creator #God belief gives comfort to people who can’t accept that life is just a chance event.

Symptom of #religion 180. BELIEF: The qualification #God requires you to fulfill, in order for him to take your soul. Rethink it! #atheism

Symptom of #religion 179. CULT: Start with a theist who speaks to spirits, add some believers & obscure doctrine. Bam, its a future religion

Symptom of #religion 178. SATAN: The evil deceiver in Hell whom believers think all atheist MUST believe in since they don’t believe in#god

Symptom of #religion 177. INSANITY: God speaks directly to you & they say you’re blessed. If #God tells you to do harm, THEN you’re insane?

Symptom of #religion 176. INTELLIGENT DESIGN: Based on a #godbeliever’s limited ability to imagine a complex system’s natural development.

Symptom of #religion 175. CONGREGATION: A given faith’s followers, also known as “sheep”, which is considered insulting by most sheep. BAAA!

Symptom of #religion 174. JEHOVAH: The one true #god in the#Christian faith,which ironically sparks skepticism from the Islamic faith!

Symptom of #religion 173. ALLAH: The one true #god in the Islamic faith, which ironically sparks skepticism from the Christian faith!

Symptom of #religion 172. BLASPHEMY: The crime of any believer who decides not to follow the #bibles rape, slavery & stoning rules, per God.

Symptom of #religion 171. ABSOLUTION: The earthly escape for Christians, in doing any damn, horrific sin they like & still be ok with god.

Symptom of #religion 170. AGNOSTIC: Since all #Gods are hidden to us, the only true position is agnosticism. Believing is just pretending.

Symptom of #religion 169. BLINDERS: Indoctrination tells followers to all but ignore reason, proof & logic as they appear with the deceivers

Symptom of #religion 168. A.D.: An latin abbreviation for Year of our Lord, but considering lack of divine evidence, 2012 is fictitious too.

Symptom of #religion 167. AMEN: A word used at the end of a prayer meaning “I hope I finally get a prayer answered” or”Is anyone listening?”

Symptom of #religion 166. BRAINWASHING: Using non-‘truths’, kids and adults are threatened & coerced into #god beliefs, abandoning reason.

Symptom of #religion 165. ALTAR: The place they used to kill animals & people in the name of #god, but today its just for mass brainwashing.

Symptom of #religion 164. RAPTURE: You can’t wait for #Christ to appear & snatch believers up into heaven. #Atheists also can’t wait!#god?

Symptom of #religion 163. SELF DECEPTION: Clear evidence supporting #Atheistm means nothing as you blindly dismiss it as Satan’s lies.

Symptom of #religion 162. SACRIFICE: #God sacrificed himself to himself, to serve as a loophole in his own rule, so we had better love him.

Symptom of #religion 161. DELUSION: Despite their prattling on about #god, their firm belief has never held water, as evidence doesn’t exist

Symptom of #religion 159. BELIEVERS: Ignorance in numbers applies to these sheep, since together they can better ignore evidence & reason.

Symptom of #religion 158. MAGIC: Ancient believers explained the unknown with Divine magic. Even today ancient people carry on the tradition

Symptom of #religion 157. HOLY BOOKS: Imagined by men, these#god stories allow all the violence, threats, biases and magic a believer needs

Symptom of #religion 156. HEAVEN: A place with 10 minutes of blissful high 5’s & then an eternity realizing #God tortures countless billions

Symptom of #religion 155. HELL: The made up place for eternal damnation with no more believers prattling on about fake #gods. Sounds Great!

Symptom of #religion 154. SIN: A label in Christianity for select misdeeds which send you to hell, while rape, slavery & misogyny would not.

Symptom of #religion 153. LOVE: Sure religion creates love between the like minded, but mostly imaginary Love between ‘God’ and the deluded.

Symptom of #religion 152. FAITH: Not to mistake everyday types for Religious faith,the lack of godly proof requires pretending to know a god

Symptom of #religion 151. DEATH: Whether it be the Holocaust or terrorism, religion in all its intollerance, is always a factor in war.#god

Symptom of #religion 150. ATHEISM: #Atheist don’t always exist because of religion, but many do come from unsightly religious backgrounds.

Symptom of #religion 149. HATE: Between bigotry, misogyny, nonbelieving & scientific mistrust, indoctrination grows many hateful believers.

Symptom of #religion 149. BIGOTRY: Many Holy books and their believers unjustly advocate inequality among Gay, Lesbian, atheists and others.

Symptom of #religion 148. MISOGYNY: Many Holy books and their believers advocate inequality and violent abuse toward women. #sick#atheism

Symptom of #religion 147. OBSTINANCE: Among thousands of sects and religions, not one will admit that #Atheism best supports the evidence.

Symptom of #religion 146. PRIDE: Among thousands of sects and religions, none of them are willing to admit theirs may not be the right one.

Symptom of #religion 145. Practicing Reason is like eating healthy. It helps you fight invasive things like religion and indoctrination.

Symptom of #religion 144. The #bible says being Gay or Lesbian is a sin & you assume its a ‘truth’ even though your source remains unproven.

Symptom of #religion 143. Fantasical, fictional sounding, invisible friend stories are common conversation & assumed true among adults. #god

Symptom of #religion 142. Angry #Atheists are peppering the Planet. Its getting spicy ’round here! #atheism #jesustweets#teamjesus #islam

Symptom of #religion 141. You speak to a being whom nobody can see & he tells you to do questionable things. You are insane by any standard.

Symptom of #religion 140. You generally don’t challenge other sects or religions, because their truth claims are just as invalid a yours.

Symptom of #religon 139. As a Bigoted Christian you claim#atheists & #christians alike are deceivers if they disagree with your judgements.

Symptom of #religion 138. The #bibles ‘truths’ are largely unwitnessed, reinterpreted & cherry picked, but you claim it is the word of #god.

Symptom of #religion 137. You believe adhering to the #bibles rules, by #faith alone, is more important than individual rights and freedoms.

Symptom of #religion 136. Habitual “Sinners” love the #Christianreligion, because #god will forgive them, while they keep right on sinning.

Symptom of #religion 135. An ancient, biased filled #god belief with huge rewards, pain and imaginary benefits, perpetuating itself virally.

Symptom of #religion 134. You feel its unfair how #atheists have all the evidence and you just have an old book which claims itself true.

Symptom of #religion 133. You dont know how you would get through the day if #god was not there, but then again #atheists do pretty well.

Symptom of #religion 132. The proudest moment of becoming an#atheist is realizing you have your own opinions and can THINK FOR YOURSELF!

Symptom of #religion 131. Most #Theists are unable to disbelieve#god, so they’re unknowingly dependent on #atheists to lead them to reason.

Symptom of #religion 130. You hate #atheists & discredit them every chance you get, mostly because they ARE the biggest threat to your faith

Symptom of #religion 129. Your kids became bullies from the daily intolerances you taught them to uphold, as commanded in the #bible.

Symptom of #religion 128. You rarely confront theists with opposing views, to avoid debating how their #god is just as valid as yours.

Symptom of #religion 127. You often dissociate your responsibility from #gods commands by siting a view starting with “The #biblesays…”

Symptom of #religion 126. At work, among the loud “Praise Jesus” comments you descretely hide your #atheism, to avoid jeopardizing your job.

Symptom of#Religion 125. Your religious indoctrination was so complete that it took a decade of #soul searching to find you never had a soul

Symptom of #religion 124. You perceive #atheists as having no meaning in their lives, without believing #god put you here to worship him.

Symptom of#Religion 123. Your religion is so devoid of evidence & science that indoctrination made your theistic insights painfully vacuuous

Symptom of #religion 122. Your best theological argument amounts to “There has yet to be any proof for #atheism, sounds like #faith to me.”

Symptom of #religion 121. To defend your #faith you have to rely on all kinds of fallacies, excuses, lies & claims of religious persecution.

Symptom of #religion 120. As an #atheist you see oversized brainwashing cults with extreme biases , otherwise known as religons.#faith #god

Symptom of #religion 119. Anyone who hears #god telling him to do evil is “insane”, while anyone hearing #gods word otherwise is “blessed”.

Symptom of #religion 118. You won’t recognize the difference between having the freedom to your beliefs and having your beliefs questioned.

Symptom of #religion 117. You can’t conceive of how anyone could disregard all the evidence, you’ve been told to believe, as proof for#god.

Symptom of #religion 116. You say #god watches over your life and your experience as barely surviving a crash, is your miraculous proof.

Symptom of #religion 115. You think you are superior to anyone who does not #believe in your arguably contrived & conveniently hidden#god.

Symptom of #religion 114. You think religious teachings make valid your outspoken bigotry about gays and lesbians & people should respect it

Symptom of #religion 113. You are #teamjesus and devout believers, but even you can’t take the evil, crazy parts of the #bible seriously.

Symptom of #religion 112. Mark 16:17-18 says believers will be unharmed by drinking poisons, but you just pretend its not damning evidence.

Symptom of #religion 110. Youre comfortable with your immoral deeds since you can just ask forgiveness and be absolved again and again. #god

Symptom of #religion 109. You’re a 3 year old, with no frame of reference to know your parents’ #God truths are nothing more than stories.

Symptom of #religion 108. Whenever anyone quotes #gods evil from the #bible, you claim its taken out of context and ignore any implications.

Symptom of #religion 107. You’re satisfied in your theistic position because nobody has evidence to prove you are the fool you appear to be.

Symptom of #religion 106. Your debates with #Atheists have seeded doubts in your #faith, so you read the bible to refresh your brainwashing.

Symptom of#Religion 105. Atheists always get bogged down in your Strawman arguments,so you pray they never make an #AtheistHandbook! Yikes!

Symptom of #religion 104. You became an active #atheist,but debating is like shoveling #faith BS! You wonder if we have an atheist handbook.

Symptom of #religion 103. Driven by the painful stupidity of believers, you are an #atheist just trying to make the world safer and fairer.

Symptom of #religion 102. With insults & threats of damnation you hide your embarrassment that #atheists know your holy book better than you

Symptom of #religion 101. You believe you gave your kids the option to not believe in your #God, but you really only gave them guilt & fear.

Symptom of #religion 100. Your first thought is to thank a #god. An#atheist thinks first to thank Family, Friends, Colleagues or Teammates.

Symptom of #religion 99. You think having faith in people is ill advised and silly since they may fail you, yet your god always fails you.

Symptom of #religion 98. You think #atheists validate your beliefs because THEY can’t “scientifically” prove there are NO “gods”. *sigh*

Symptom of #religion 97. In a grand display of ignorance you think#atheists believe in nothing at all! #jesustweets #teamjesus #islam#god

Symptom of #religion 96. An unknown scribe wrote his lifeview well over a 1000 yrs ago and you believe its the word of #god /#jesus#atheism

Symptom of #religion 95. You’ve been raised to believe in #God as if there were no other choice, so you can’t actually comprehend#atheism.

Symptom of #religion 94. You believe a multi-century old book’s fantastical stories,retold over generations, written under unknown pretenses

Symptom of #religion 93. You are convinced #god helps and listens to you daily, yet immorally does nothing for starving 3rd world believers

Symptom of #religion 92. You say you’re a good #theist debater, but can’t even convince @RadicalSkeptic to make a wish with B-day candles.

Symptom of #religion 91. You never met God, nor has he told you he loves you, but you’re SURE he does & YOU love him. Stalkers say that too.

Symptom of #religion 90. You check consantly that your kids stay nearby, but you never thought to check if #god was ever truly with you.

Symptom of #religion 89. You are unable to comprehend that there may be no soul or heaven, so you assert the idea is illogical and foolish.

Symptom of #religion 88. You see Miracles, #gods intervention and answered prayers, despite unchecked disease, starvation, war and abuse.

Symptom of #religion 87. You equate your daily rant of spoonfeeding the Gospel to all people, with it somehow proving #god is real & worthy.

Symptom of #religion 85. Your religion not only allows for the killing of humans, but its believed that you will be greatly rewarded for it.

Symptom of #religion 84. Your Holy Book has a dated morality guide and society has proven it archaic, but you claim we cannot judge god.

Symptom of #religion 83. You’re angry at an #atheist, because she makes more sense than you care to admit. #teamjesus#jesustweets #atheism

Symptom of #religion 82. You think its both required and morally acceptable to discriminate, because everyone in your church does it too.

Symptom of #religion 81. You relate to many “Sypmtoms of religon” and can’t understand why its a bad thing to find them virtuous.#jesus#god

Symptom of #religion 80. You dont know how to form an important opinion on your own without including what you are supposed to think. #jesus

Symptom of #religion 79. You think #Jesus is proud of you for praying, going to church and agreeing with the tolerable parts of the#bible.

Symptom of #religion 78. You impose your views on others, based on ancient rehashed moralities and rules, from an unproven authority. #bible

Symptom of #religion 77. Your so called objective research into evidence has led you to conclude that the god you love is the one true god.

Symptom of #religion 76. You are on a journey of discovery, an understanding of your #faith and love for #god,but have yet to read the bible

Symptom of #religon 75. You honestly expect prayer to help fix yours and others lives, but nothing gets better until you go do it yourself.

Symptom of #religion 74. You go to church & pray to God every chance you get, but you don’t live to be kind, compassionate and understanding

Symptom of #religion 73. In an oppressive,religious world of bronze age moralities & concepts, #atheists are forced to become the antibodies

Symptom of #religion 72. With no basis in reality, you assert nonbelievers are deceived, ignorant, of the Devil, lying, angry or Hell bound.

Symptom of #religion 71. You are an unwitting pawn to your programming. You automatically reject any reasoning which contradicts your faith.

Symptom of #religion 70. If we took the monster that is war apart and extract all religious influences, we would mostly have compassion left

Symptoms of #religion 69. Your moral code is derived from bronze age stories, with the ugly parts ignored to still not fit with society.

Symptoms of #religion 68. You don’t care whether or not your religious claims are true, since you can’t proove them, but believe them anyway

Symptom of #religion 67. Christians argue we can’t see God because he is immaterial, invisible, and unknowable, but they KNOW he’s there.

Symptom of #Religion 66. Your standard for #Miracles is extremely low: “Praise the lord, Its a Miracle I found my keys in time for work!”

Symptom of #religion 65. You employ rediculous logics: “We were created in the image of God, meaning, we have an eternal soul, & autonomy.”

Symptom of #religion 64. You think our planets size, content and distance from the sun is too perfect for it to not be created. Its chance.

Symptom of #religion 63. Despite the similarities, you refuse to give merit to the idea that religion is often like a Reality Twisting Virus

Symptom of #religion 62. You feel your version of #god takes particular interest in everyday decisions.”Dear god. Red or blue shirt?”

Symptom of #religion 61. Your sense of personal responsibility is notably dulled, as your #faith allows all misdeeds to be forgiven by#god.

Symptom of #religion 60. The power of prayer is the best way, in your opinion, to treat infections, cancer and most deadly diseases

Symptom of #religion 59. You believe the fastest and the most efficient way of fixing your problems is to pray about it. #atheism#islam#god

Symptom of #religion 58. In Jesus’ name you are righteously opposed to recognizing Gays rights as equal to your own, but its not Bigotry.

Symptom of #religion 57. To you a naturally made universe simply makes no sense if you could just explain everything with the supernatural.

Symptom of #religion 56. You were raised to automatically disbelieve any contrary belief,argument or science as being ignorant or irrational

Symptom of #religion 55. When you tell an #atheist you will PRAY for him, youre offended by him saying “No thanks, but I will THINK for you”

Symptom of #religion 54. You fear for your safety in highschool, being a closet homosexual, as your openly gay classmates are bullied daily.

Symptom of #religion 53. You struggle with your #faith & family, as they expect you to submit & be subservient to your arranged husband.

Symptom of #religion 52. The only details you know of Evolution came from church & your parents, since your teachers were afraid to teach it

Symptom of #religion 51. When #atheists ask for proof of your #godclaims, your best sited evidence is “Because it says so in the bible.”

Symptom of #religion 50. You & your congregation think #athiestsare ‘thick’ because only idiots can believe that they evolved from monkeys.

Symptom of #religion 49. You keep saying that the universe is like a painting in its design & nobody thinks the painting made itself, right?

Symptom of #religion 48. You are a proud gay couple who has just been legally refused service, in 3 stores, due to faith based lawmaking.

Symptom of #religion 47. You hope #atheists learn to have faith and experience the LORD, instead of focusing only on reality and the facts.

Symptom of #religion 46. Youre a Church sponsored aid worker in Haiti’s disaster zone and every 10th crate arriving is full of Bibles.

Symptom of #religion 45. Your country and family is devastated by natural disasters and a fresh group of faith healers just set up shop.

Symptom of #religion 44. You never believe that the Bible means what it says; you are always convinced that it says what you mean.-Shaw(alt)

Symptom of#Religion 43. You view public displays of atheistic pride and community as hateful intolerance and demand the displays are removed

Symptom of #religion 42. As a closet #atheist you are afraid to come out, knowing you will be suddenly hated by friends and disowned at home

Symptom of #religion 41. After finally reading the Bible, you convert to atheism,but are plagued by fears from your childhood indoctrination

Symptom of #religion 40. Much of your belief is contingent upon some woman, living 2000 years ago, actually being a pregnant virgin.

Symptom of #religion 39. Youre compelled to convert nonbelievers into your #faith with fairytale level threats of “Believe or face PAIN!”

Symptom of #religion 38. In unparalleled absurdity you claim your Holy Book is historicity impeccable & its prophecies were fulfilled 100%.

Symptom of #religion 37. Youve been taught #atheists are angry at#god and hate all believers, but you won’t believe the truth from atheists

Symptom of #religion 36. You are a unknowingly a #theist of ignorance as the questionable parts of your holy book were never taught to you.

Symptom of #religion 35. You argue #atheism is responsible for far more deaths than #theism,despite it having no guiding dogma suggesting it

Symptom of #religion 34. You insist that #atheism is just another religion,only having its faith in science and logic with reason as its god

Symptom of #religion 33. You give hard earned money to knowingly perpetuate the actions of child rapist and abusers within the church.

Symptom of#Religion 32. You believe your revised, cherry picked versions of holy book truths are in no way made up,reactionary or dishonest.

Symptom of #religion 31. You believe your revised and cherry picked version of #god is in no way made up or pretend. #atheism#jesustweets

Symptom of #religion 30. You find it reasonable to insert your #godas the cause of the big bang, because its unknown and your god fits.

Symptom of #religion 29. Youre compelled to disbelieve verified,peer researched, scientific results because they conflict with your religion

Symptom of #religion 28. You believe that your faith in #god alone makes you a good person, no matter how immoral and hateful you are.

Symptom of #religion 27. You assert that #Atheists are deluded, irrational deceivers, while instead you demonstrate those qualities yourself

Symptom of #religion 26. You believe and teach that homosexuality is unnatural and can be fixed by knocking the ‘gay’ out of somebody.

Symptom of #religion 25. You demand that your freedom of religion places you above questioning and scrutiny and even mans morality and laws

Symptom of #religion 24. You are content with an unfalsifiable #godclaim as being true enough to base a wide variety of your decisions upon

Symptom of #religion 23. You believe there are people who should not have the same rights as you, because your holy leaders say its needed.

Symptom of #religion 22. You admit to not being able to even imagine a world without #god and that you might kill yourself if it were true.

Symptom of #religion 21. You feel validated in your bigotry and misogyny because #god dislikes and even hates the same people you do.

Symptom of #religion 20. You see no connection of your faith to extremism even tho faith allows them to make baseless rules just like yours

Symptom of#Religion 19. You believe it is virtuous toward heavenly reward to hijack a jet and fly it into a skyscraper, to kill nonbelievers

Symptoms of #religion 18. You believe the gospels of your holy book to be historically accurate since all the other believers agree with you

Symptom of #religion 17. When debating with an #Atheist its a reasonable tactic to claim them deceived by the devil, even if they’re correct

Symptom of #religion 16. When debating with an #Atheist its a reasonable tactic to claim them ignorant of your bible even if they’re correct

Symptom of #religion 15. You know YOUR #religion is the right one and all others are of the #devil, because your parents knew it was right.

Symptom of #religion 14. You define #god as all powerful and beyond our understanding, so he could divinely exist, while leaving no evidence

Symptom of #religion 13. You admit hideous crimes can be forgiven by accepting your savior,but you claim THOSE people are not TRUE believers

Symptom of #religion 12. You know there is an afterlife for those who believe in your hidden#god and eternal damnation for rational skeptics

Symptom of #religion 11. You claim your apparently evil #god is beyond human judgement and standards of morality, so he is still all loving.

Symptom of#Religion 10. You believe God sacrificed himself TO himself to serve as a loophole in a rule he himself made yet couldn’t overrule

Symptom of #religion 9. You and your Holy book claim prayers to#god are heard and answered, despite never apparently being the case, ever.

Symptom of #religion 8. You desire to hear from god so intently, that you’re convinced he is the author of your dreams and inner dialogue.

symptom of #religion 7. You think its reasonable that 30,000+ animals gathered and survived on a boat for 6 months during a global flood.

Symptom of #religion 6. You view proof seeking,rational skeptics of your#god and related claims as: Deluded, illogical and misled by demons.

Symptom of #religion 5. You believe what others of your#faith are insisting is truth, no matter how implausible or fantastical the claims.

Symptom of #religion 4. You believe the bible is God’s word, written by truthful authors many centuries ago, despite reliable contrary facts

Symptom of #religion 3. You believe in a #god who is responible for genocide, slavery, torture, rape and misogyny, but claim he loves all.

Symptom of #religion 2. You pick which parts of an ancient holy book are true, define a#god that agrees with you,then call unbelievers fools

Symptom of #religion 1. Feeling compelled to tell kids a loving invisible being is watching and he will torture you if you dont believe it.


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