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Evolved into a new species

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Jesus Never Existed

God is Imaginary

This web site is designed to spread the vicious truth about the Bible.

the creation/evolution controversy

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How evolution works

Human “Evolution

Evolution Basics, Facts and Sciences

Novas Evolution

Understanding Evolution

Natural Center for Science Education

Wikipedia Evolution as fact and theory

Humans have 2n=46 chromosomes, as compared with 2n=48 in our closest relatives, the Great Apes  pic and description


Ken Miller on Apes and Humans   Human Chromesome proof of Evolution

Irrefutable Proof of Evolution – Part 1 (mtDNA, ERVs, Fusion)  Irrefutable proof of evolution, along with their ‘rebuttals’. ERV human chromosome 2 neanderthal mtDNA DNA summation.

Proof of Evolution – Part 2 (Summation)  Second part in the series- strongest piece of evidence for evolution.

Proof of Evolution – Part 3 (Atavisms and Fossils- censored)

Evolution is real science

Noah’s Ark

Bible Noah’s Flood Debunked

Noah’s Flood debunked (Part 2)

Dawkins Debunks Noahs Ark and says why we must

 100 Categories of Evidence Against Noahs Flood

The REAL Truth About Religion And Its Origins

The Bibles Noah Knows Nothing of Science

Debating Religionists

Argument from poor design

Matt Dillahunty Tears down Christian Faith

Renowned Cosmologist Lawrence Krauss explains how something can come from nothing. Other quotes too!

Sam Harris simply destroys catholicism

Take the prayer challenge


God: Omni-bullshit!

Top Ten Dumbest Things Christians Say To Atheists by chatterton

Atheist Debates God (Debunking 7 Most Common Theist Arguments)

Bible Issues

The Evil Jesus Christ

Bible Contradictions

This web site is designed to spread the vicious truth about the Bible.

Religious Morality

God on Trial -film drama, but true!

Sam Harris simply destroys catholicism

Religiously-based civil unrest and warfare around the world

The Morality of God  The first instalment of the Voice of Reason-series. This one is based on Sam Harris rebuttal in the God debate with William Lane Craig.