The Question Which Validates Extremist Behavior


  • Which god do you believe in?    (Extremist tie in later on…)  

It seems reasonable enough to ask, but shouldn’t there be one religion for the one true god, if we’re to take it seriously? Why should society respect any religion’s dogmatic “truths” while there’s no proof for even one deity, let alone the many?  The extent of current godly evidence is in the competing, ancient texts, claiming divine influence and the subjective ‘experiences’ of believers.  So, in short, none.  

Until we can at least verify s/he’s there, isn’t intelligently choosing a god impossible?  In practice, intelligence has no bearing on how theists discern a true god from the thousands of mythical ones.  Despite this blind choice, any theist will claim they “know” their god is real.  How?  The traditional tricks which actually lead people to believe in a deity only draw upon our mortal lives, with no godly influences at all.  

  • Why you believe in a god; You were specifically told god is real, he IS watching and he’ll punish you for betraying him (indoctrination) or… you personally needed to answer unknowns of our existence and an omnipotent god magically answers everything (a logical fallacy). Beyond indoctrination, you’re convinced it’s reasonable to interpret natural complexities as being designed, but that’s merely a subjective leap.  Some folks claim god inspired the hand which guided you, but that’s just baseless, wishful thinking.
  • Which god you believe in; 1. You simply believe what options your parents gave you, as their parents likely did to them.  2. Also, the region in which you live may well restrict religious options through law, or threats… leading to number 1.  Again, there were no divine hints from above.
  • Which godly commands and moralities you can follow;  Often enough, ancient holy rules of slavery, executions, misogyny and beatings no longer apply to modern society, and such evils are ignored or at least frowned upon. Yes the laws of your chosen omnipotent, absent god are out-shined by Secular Humanism.  Still no sign of a god insisting you must obey his laws.
  • What validates your belief; If cornered to justify your belief, you blindly fumble with assertions that your feelings and prayers are divinely touched and answered.  You will cite hidden, mysterious god qualities that only allow believers to see the proof.  You might also pointlessly note that so many other people believe the same thing.  In the end, you have no real justifications, but that’s only because no god ever offered any.
  • The source of your religion; Your ancient holy text is full of falsehoods, contradictions, unverifiable claims and outdated moralities, yet somehow it’s the flawless wisdom of your god. Further, its key magical events and figures often have no verification beyond the book itself.  Ultimately, the stories were written and revised by men, with no evidence of a god’s input or approval.
  • You needed comfort; Somewhere along the way, your life was too hard to handle and you felt helpless. Weakness and desperation left you open to need and want a god to watch over you. The human mind can easily make this feel real enough to give us strength, but the hope gained is personal and internal, not godly.
  • Your limitations concerning the sciences; You may have been told that science is wrong or is a conspiracy on some level, as it often conflicts with religious facts and stories. For example, when evolution is shown to be a proven fact, conditioning compels theists to reject the blasphemous ideas.  Additionally, the apologetic community offers fallacious counter arguments, but the average theist blindly presumes they’re valid.  Predictably, there’s no god around to offer a better idea.
  • A general ignorance of history and the state of the world; Your circumstances and culture has almost certainly limited your comprehensive understanding of the universe.  A schooling in religious “truths” is probably automatic, if not, forced into your life. On the other hand, a modern, secular education is likely restricted or is at least much harder to come by.  Does god divinely inspire such ignorance or is skepticism and knowledge simply feared?

None of these things remotely help us discern the truth of a god’s existence, but they do unscrupulously lead people to believe that one is real.  Somewhere along the way, most believers recognize that they’ve accepted unproven, life changing beliefs as truths.  Despite this dilemma, the response might be “Why should we question the guidence, comfort and purpose these traditions and beliefs give us?” It seems there are at least 2 responsible, intelligent reasons to jump ship.

  1.     Ask yourself if you desire your life to be based on truth. Considering the random chance that led you to that god belief and the blind faith required to believe it, you’ve been extensively manipulated. Such things are not truths in every other aspect of your life, so be consistently wise and believe in faeries, Bigfoots and gods only after they’ve been proven.
  2.     Since dogma is allowed to be irresponsibly interpreted or ignored and then remain entirely unproven, blind faith will always enable religious harm. If its acceptable to abandon evidence for blind faith, then theists are permitted to act on dogma as if its true, with no evident divine approval!  Yet, religious extremists acting on faith, to justify murder, is widely seen as wrong.  So, if extremists are not justified to act on their traditional, baseless beliefs, how are all other believers not hypocrites in EVERY faith based action?  As long as you accept blind faith as an honest path to believing in god, then you are personally validating all the religious harm in the world.

With such ingrained traditions, bolstered by ongoing communal reinforcement, the oddity in this world is understandably the atheist.  Yet the theist, clearly embodies the non-believer by validly dismissing all other gods, while (comically) all opposing theists know his religion fails the evidence test too! HA!  It predictably comes down to being biased and conditioned toward your traditional truth and not theirs.  A deluded stalemate.  Clearly, no god has led any of you to your equally unjustified beliefs, so…“Which god do you believe in?“  A question that wouldn’t exist if there were proof of one god, which leaves the horrifically abused faith it relies upon subject to the whims of Lunatics!

So, considering this HARM, the arguably better question is: “Which unproven god have you been convinced to believe in?”  or, better yet  “Doesn’t your baseless faith give validation to the actions of religious extremists?”  Atheists know there’s a wealth of human life to consider, so we argue against the harms of baseless god beliefs.  Theists: I challenge you to demonstrate that your life is based on truth and is not enabling others to justify their atrocities!

Thanks for reading!
~Artie Petro     #FreeAtheist
@AtheisticEarth on Twitter

One comment on “The Question Which Validates Extremist Behavior

  1. Exactly right. Even saying you are a Christian is validating the violence and bigotry that is perpetrated in the name of it. Same with any other faith. Not only that, but this type of indoctrination is actually so harmful it robs people of their ability to think logically. This is blatantly obvious to anyone who has argued with even the smartest of fundamental theists. You can tell that there is intelligence there, but their sense of reason and ethics are totally out of whack. Some of them even go so far as to take arguments against religion, then replace the words religious or theist with atheist. Then some of them have the nerve to put us down for name-calling. It may not be the right way to go about it, but how many times can you show a fairly intelligent adult that the square peg doesn’t go in the round hole before you smack them in the back of the head, metaphorically speaking. Seriously. What. the. fuck?

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