Joys of Atheism

I have mostly focused on the negative aspects of religion and god fearing, morally deficient believers, but I think shouting out the benefits of Atheism will draw as much or more attention. Enjoy!  If curious, my loose rules for creating Joys of #Atheism:  1. Joy, pride, validation of atheism  2. Happy not to be a theist because…
Joy of #Atheism 503. I love it! It never occurs to theists that #godvisions could be somebody’s fiction… your own, a demon, an alien. HA
Joy of #Atheism 502.”Education—Not Indoctrination. Reason—Not Revelation. Science—Not Salvation. Doubt—Not Damnation#Imagine“~@KidSagan
Joy of #Atheism 501. “If you were an #Atheist you could relax and enjoy the rest of your life. #Atheism“~@RosaRubicondior /< you know it
Joy of #Atheism 500. This world gets more Atheistic every day. Eventually, humanity will thank us for saving it, from its terrible delusion!
Joy of #Atheism 499. Visions,Voices & Miracles cannot be source verified.You can only pretend your favorite #god is on the other end! #faith
Joy of #Atheism 498. If you think justified non-belief is punishable by eternal torture, then you are seriously fucked up! YOU are immoral.
Joy of #Atheism 497. If #God became an omnipotent man on Earth & he demanded love & worship… or else TORTURE… would you? Anyone? Really?
Joy of #Atheism 496. Religion is the process of a human mind struggling to both accept & expel unreasonable & worrisome ideas.#Atheist
Joy of #Atheism 495. Im glad not to be among those still embroiled in baseless religious justifications, simply to keep believing.
Joy of #Atheism 494. Just smiling on my sofa, on a warm water rock, spinning with 100 billion stars, among 175 billion galaxies….at peace.
Joy of #Atheism 493.”@GospelGuidance: …“/< & this resurrection ‘proof’ is factless. Bible witnesses are story characters
Joy of #Atheism 492 “@GospelGuidance: …“//< Thats proof?! “How else could an unproven tomb of an unproven event be empty?”
Joy of #Atheism 491.”Stop telling ppl the lie that God does not exist”~@Gospel Guidance//< Indeed, then stop telling the lie that he does!
Joy of #Atheism 490.”@korneelverhaegh: There is no proof of Atheism”//< You are overwhelmingly atheistic toward 3000+ gods. Are you wrong?
Joy of #Atheism 489 “@AlAlekhine: I don’t believe in fairy tales”/<< You do. Your beliefs are indistinguishable from fairy tales sir. #faith
Joy of #Atheism 488. #FF Ms @RosaRubicondior. She will fortify your argument! Like here: Historical Evidence For Jesus 
Joy of #Atheism 487.”@AlAlekhine: Atheism = Materialism 99.9% of the time”/< On the contrary, we are very intellectually & culturally minded
Joy of #Atheism 486. A veritable one #Atheist army! #FF>>@MsGrumpy << Fall in ranks behind her and CHAAAAARGE!#Atheistrollcall
Joy of #Atheism 485 “@AlAlekhine: you ever get lonely being an outcast…?” /<“Where I come from – we’re the majority!”~@MsGrumpy #Atheist
Joy of #Atheism 484. ★Caution: Be sure to follow religious doctrine to the letter or relevant hating & abuse dictated therein may be missed★
Joy of #Atheism 483. ★Caution: Education taken with a combination of thinking & common sense may result in a full blown case of#Atheism!★
Joy of #Atheism 482.”Hello. ATHEIST. PERSECUTION”~@bill_sexton“//<“being told to back up your claims is not persecution”~@MoriyaMug #proof
Joy of #Atheism 481. ★Caution: If Evolution is taken with education, it may cause death of Creationism, faith, religion & all known deities★
Joy of #Atheism 480. “Religion is based on hearsay upon hearsay, logical fallacies & pure lies”~@MoriyaMug//< Damn! Well said!#freethinker
Joy of #Atheism 479. “evolution is based on proven forgeries and deceptions with nothing but thoeries.”~@bill_sexton/<< ★Amazing ignorance!★
Joy of #Atheism 478.”All too obvious: Christianity does not discriminate against the ignorant, stupid, moron, imbecile or idiot”~@MobiusDick
Joy of #Atheism 477.”My belief is based on 2000+fulfilled proph” ~B sexton</”Prophecies claimed then proved by the same fiction”~@karlmeyer
Joy of #Atheism 476. “dont have 2 b educated to accept Christ.”~@bill_sexton //< OBVIOUSLY… and that part of the problem sir. #atheist
Joy of #Atheism 475 “@GospelGuidance: U make the illogical case that things come from nothing”/<Um, your god made the universe from nothing.
Joy of #Atheism 474. “@bill_sexton: you are a slave as we speak”//<No sir, I am wise enough to not follow your mentally enslaving religion!
Joy of #Atheism 473.”@bill_sexton: i know it is wrong.that is why God did not condone it”/< The bible condones SLAVERY! 
Joy of #Atheism 472. #God:A believed to be real transcendent, all powerful magic being, which cannot be shown as powerful, magic,or a being.
Joy of #Atheism 470. We know what Atheism means. We ARE Atheism. Its what WE say! Theists willfully think they know better. NO EXCUSE for it!
Joy of #Atheism 469. Does witnessing gay activities make you uncomfortable? Fine, dont dwell on it, just move on. Let those folks be happy.
Joy of #Atheism 468. Many christians admit to not having read the whole bible. Amazing! I think they feel justified by simply having one! HA
Joy of #Atheism 467. An #Atheist doesnt need threats to be kind.Do you behave decently for an ultimate reward or to avoid punishment?#faith
Joy of #Atheism 466. Religion is dangerous. Always has been. Always will be, until its gone. #AtheistRollCall Why? >
Joy of #Atheism 465 Divine weightloss: For each baseless #godclaim tweeted today,I’ll burn 1 calorie. So far,I need to lose 948,623 pounds!
Joy of #Atheism 464. Ha! You mean “if you ALLOW gods”>>”U can come up with all sorts of things if u deny God’s intervention”~@GospelGuidance
Joy of #Atheism 463. FYI @GSpellchecker ,watching theists get “spellchecked” is like watching #jesus get kicked in the balls!
Joy of #Atheism 462. Prove Satan didnt dictate the Bible.>”Lying is not a character of God so it doesn’t count in His omnipotence”~@Bxlx59xx
Joy of #Atheism 461. In the last few thousand years we have gone from no answers of the universe,to countless. The reasons for#god are gone!
Joy of #Atheism 460 Ha! Godbusters!..Im so Dr Venkman.> “Don’t cross the streams, except in case of rapture.  “~@sara7133
Joy of #Atheism 459. “Why does @pontifex need a Dr? Can’t he just pray?”~@Ddraiggoch1969 /< Yes, he can, but he knows that would be stupid.
Joy of #Atheism 458. Loving a person is based on direct experiences. Loving a #god is based on imagined experiences. Love for real reasons.
Joy of #Atheism 457. The greatest beings in my universe are my wife & son. Hands down. If you know love too, then a myth could NEVER be #1
Joy of #Atheism 455. If you teach your kids of “Blorch” the elusive, mystical color,which can be heard by believers, they will hear it!#god
Joy of #Atheism 454. “Very encouraging coming across new atheist accounts, gives me hope that we will overcome adversity”~@GammaAtheist
Joy of #Atheism 453. “Blorch” is an all inspiring, mystical color, which can only be heard by those who believe its a real color.#god#Allah
Joy of #Atheism 452. The kind of argument >Sacerdotus< will use in 2013 > “Your birthday is before mine, so you are older than me!”#nonsense
Joy of #Atheism 451. The kind of argument >Gospelguidance< will use in 2013 > “My Poo proves god! #Atheist bias blinds you from that truth!”
Joy of #Atheism 450. Every time I see a human touch greatness with kindness & inspiration, I joyfully celebrate our evolution & achievement!
Joy of #Atheism 449. “We should have an international #atheistparty, celebrating humanity”~@ask_dr_rick /< Many of us celebrate every day!
Joy of #Atheism 448. Theists, May you gain the wisdom in 2013 to see your #god story for the myth that it is. Freedom & friendship await you
Joy of #Atheism 447. A high note for #Atheism in 2013. We probably already outnumber christians! There are SURELY many hiding Atheists! Ya!
Joy of #Atheism 446. Another inane platitude. Its demonstrably not true! e.g.›infants &#Atheist/>”Faith in God is universal”~@GospelGuidance
Joy of #Atheism 445. “Have you never prayed for absolutely nothing to happen? Try it, it seriously works!”~@mrrichardbank#Atheist #prayer
Joy of #Atheism 444.”If you need the Bible to tell right from wrong, how do you know Satan didn’t write it?~@RosaRubicondior#moralcompass
Joy of #Atheism 441. Im amazed by the complexity nature has achieved. You however only see what you’re conditioned to see.#indoctrination
Joy of #Atheism 440. If your #god is perfect, changing anything makes him imperfect. If he made a whole universe, he’s now wrecked!
Joy of #Atheism 439. If you grew up abused with unproven ‘truths’ of #god and finally realized its FULLY unjustified, STOP BELIEVING IT!
Joy of #Atheism 438. If we destroy ourselves, it will have started with religion. If we find peace, it will have started with #Atheism.
Joy of #Atheism 436. We common #Atheist folk can refute theists best arguments. Its all been done before, heres how: …
Joy of #Atheism 435. You know somebody is programmed when they accept an unproven magic god as #truth & fact based#evolution as fiction.
Joy of #Atheism 434. “We are all stardust. That’s all I need to feel like I’m a part of something bigger”~@orosous /#freethinker #Atheist
Joy of #Atheism 433.★Dont delay, call today! The Festering Faith Cure, by #Atheism is guaranteed to end your nasty delusion or its free!★
Joy of #Atheism 432.★Upon ordering our Festering Faith Cure, by#Atheism, you will also get the ‘Fallacy Awareness Thinking Cap’ for FREE!★
Joy of #Atheism 431.★Side effects of Festering Faith Cure, by#Atheism include: Joyfulness, Lie reduction, Freethinking &Visions of reality★
Joy of #Atheism 430. ★Our exclusive Festering Faith Cure, by#Atheism, must be applied daily for your impaired reason to recover fully! Ya!★
Joy of #Atheism 429. ★Has your #Faith started to fester? Has it infected all Reason? Call now for your Festering Faith Cure, by#Atheism!★
Joy of #Atheism 428. Willful ignorance is an important skill to master if you are to be a successful theist. Beware! Failure breeds Atheism!
Joy of #Atheism 427. To understand @LoveAnAtheist tweets, imagine that she thinks her proofs are fully supported by #jesus magic./#Atheist
Joy of #Atheism 426. Do your prayers let you down? Does god seem morally unworthy? Is #science now where #god was? BEING HONEST = #ATHEISM !
Joy of #Atheism 424. The more absurd, deceptive, contradictory, unsupported & obviously false religion is, the more #Joyful the#Atheist!!!
Joy of #Atheism 425. Any person who WORSHIPS a killer of millions of people, should be ridiculed endlessly for their idiocy! #teamjesus
Joy of #Atheism 423. If you seek subjective signs & magic answers, you’re a theist. If you seek actual #truth, you’re an#Atheist.
Joy of #Atheism 422. #Christians dont believe in the bible’s #god. In truly realizing whats depicted,they would be horrified by the monster!
Joy of #Atheism 421. Atheism is justified, gay isnt wrong, evolution is right, women are amazing & theists are damn liars. Been a good day!
Joy of #Atheism 420. “Told everyone on Facebook I’m an #atheist. Braced for the worst. Nothing but positivity and 10 new friends”~@Steveaux
Joy of #Atheism 419.”It’s hard to take #Christianity seriously when three #Christians…can’t agree on what the #Biblemeans”~@QrysBinThynkn
Joy of #Atheism 418. No, Faith is 4 unjustified beliefs >”it takes an immense amount of faith to actually be one (Atheist)”~@USAPatriotRadio
Joy of #Atheism 417. I feel like 1 of 20 #atheist parents in a zoo FULL of theist kids who fight constantly, dont listen & need time outs!
Joy of #Atheism 416.”When science contradicts itself,it corrects itself.When religion contradicts itself it calls it a parable”~@youredamned
Joy of #Atheism 415. Right Joyous! >”my interactions with my dog have given my life vastly more than religion ever did or could”~@Good_Beard
Joy of #Atheism 414. Do theists think this deceit & dishonesty is godly?/”Anonymous” doesn’t mean unknown authorship generally”~@ksoileau
Joy of #Atheism 413. Nope. Evolution doesnt need it/> life from non-life (abiogenesis)…? All of evolution hinges on this issue.”~@3amCoder
Joy of #Atheism 412. Happily, not at all. Its all backwards./>”The evidence actually supports the biblical account of creation”~@3amCoder
Joy of #Atheism 411. I smell fallacies!>”Everything that begins to exist has a cause.Eventually you get to something uncaused-God”~@3amCoder
Joy of #Atheism 410. “Proof is not subjective. Verifiable evidence establishes validity. God cannot be proven, ergo, invalid”~@thinkblue77
Joy of #Atheism 409. I prove my claim easily with many sources & the theist CANT ADMIT IT. They cower, dodge & make excuses.#indoctrination
Joy of #Atheism 408. “Atheism is sexy because it typically denotes intelligence. Intellect is a rational person’s aphrodisiac”~@GodlessMommy
Joy of #Atheism 407. I cant imagine being conditioned like >@ksoileau to HAVE TO lie about being wrong to keep #faith!
Joy of #Atheism 406. I Dont need to lie. Im an #atheist. You lied like a common theist! />You obviously have been caught in a lie”~@ksoileau
Joy of #Atheism 405. I dont believe in any god, therefore god exists? You are now the Top #Moron!/>”#atheism is a proof of God”~@Sacerdotus
Joy of #Atheism 404. Folk religion crosses into #christianity & its just as invalid as your religioun/>”Thor is folk religion.”~@Sacerdotus
Joy of #Atheism 403. Theists only WANT answers that end in “#goddid it”/>Actually, religion has always been the one asking”~@Sacerdotus
Joy of #Atheism 402. Its amazing what can make sense to a desperate & broken, religious mind!/>”#atheism is a proof of God”~@Sacerdotus
Joy of #Atheism 401. They are anonymous, so NO! … /> “The authors of the Gospels all knew Christ personally”~@ksoileau
Joy of #Atheism 400. Following an #Atheist is going to inform you what seeking #truth looks like! #freethinker #Atheistrollcall
Joy of #Atheism 399. You wouldnt believe how many theist i hear finally admitting their #god belief isnt a justified belief! …..Not even 1
Joy of #Atheism 398. By the time theists are indoctrinated adults, they must no longer have pangs of doubt about their self deceit. Scary!
Joy of #Atheism 397. I am so used to reason & truth, that it made me physically ill to even attempt a theist pretender tweet. Never. Never!
Joy of #Atheism 396. I have a hypothesis that theists are actually comfortable with lying. They lie to themselves ALL THE TIME about#god!
Joy of #Atheism 395. “You can’t make claims and not back them up and expect them to be valid”~@Sacerdotus /< EXACTLY why #godis a myth!
Joy of #Atheism 394. If you have not proven #god & you are acting upon his unproven judgements (#bible), then its YOU who are judging.
Joy of #Atheism 393. You mean science actually ASKS questions. Religion does not!/>”science raises more questions than answers”~@Sacerdotus
Joy of #Atheism 392. Prove it x4 & mutiple fallacies! >”My degrees in physics, philosophy, biology & psychology state otherwise”~@Sacerdotus
Joy of #Atheism 391.”You need to be clever to keep faith in face of reality”~@appraisalist < True,but in facing reality they become atheists
Joy of #Atheism 390. Wrong x3 !/> “#evolution is not #science, it contradicts established laws and has never been observed”~@DebunkEvolution
Joy of #Atheism 389. No, the point is YOU cant prove he does?/> Jesus Christ is God. Prove He doesn’t or has ever existed”~@CatholicForLife
Joy of #Atheism 388. “My blind faith in god & his word is valid, but the extremists blind faith in his god & word is not”~Every Christian
Joy of #Atheism 386. I cant help but imagine the millions of theists in conditioned denial of their homosexuality &/or their #Atheism! HA!
Joy of #Atheism 385. Your #faith fabricates a truth, it doesnt verify one. Selfish acceptance of such fabrications harms & kills constantly.
Joy of #Atheism 384. Taking a theist poll: Do you use logical fallacies in deceit or do you truly not recognize that you rely on/ use them?
Joy of #Atheism 383. Whether theists use logical fallacies out of pure stupidity or in deceit, their proofs are unsound & we are justified!
Joy of #Atheism 382. SHAME! Mr.@Sacerdotus, your “Atheism-a crime against Humanity” post > … is built on many fallacies!
Joy of #Atheism 381. We #atheists & #freethinkers embody the intent & fervor of #Hitchens. We are his legacy & afterlife. Onward!
Joy of #Atheism 380. Prayers of bigots are childish.>”God, we pray that you remove the atheist SCUM from twitter imminently.”~@STOPGAYAGENDA
Joy of #Atheism 379. I LOVE how theists claim they’ve proven #godbut never do. Pure delusion.> “See my blog for proof “~@Sacerdotus
Joy of #Atheism 378. You cant prove #god, its serious! > “#atheismcannot be taken seriously if it cannot back up its claims.”~@Sacerdotus
Joy of #Atheism 377. Heartburn is heartburn… unless youre looking for signs… then it is #jesus burning you for your sins. #faith
Joy of #Atheism 376. It must be endlessly frustrating for theists to never get a response from #god, other than what they KNOW they imagine!
Joy of #Atheism 375. “It’s not that I’m sure NO gods exist, it’s that I’m pretty sure YOURS doesn’t. #atheist#Christianity“~@OrangeThoughts
Joy of #Atheism 374.”I actually have something I’m living for.”~TaylorC6798 /> Sure, you love & endorse a monster torturing 2/3 of humanity!
Joy of #Atheism 373. #god if you are there, please confirm your worthlessness by continuing to give all humans no reply………………
Joy of #Atheism 372. Sorry, we dont confuse “brave” with “irresponsible” >> “are u brave enough to say you know Your God?”~@Loveanatheist
Joy of #Atheism 371. Wow, you truly are an ignorant #fraud! /> “Atheism is a pathetic excuse to hate others who know God” ~@Loveanatheist
Joy of #Atheism 370. Actually we demonstrably hold the moral high ground & not from a book! > “atheists dont have morals…”~@meta4malsous
Joy of #Atheism 369 “Ms @Loveanatheist Im tired of letting faith snuff out my reason…I think youre making me an atheist”~@Holy_Foundation
Joy of #Atheism 368. Against Dogma, we wield common sense like its a super power.The only sense coming from theists is ‘nonsense ‘./#Atheist
Joy of #Atheism 367. Complexity DOES NOT= A #god made it./>”u take for granted the incredibly complex creation all around u”~@GospelGuidance
Joy of #Atheism 366. Pagan #god “reasons” long predated the jesus myth.>”#Jesus is the ONLY reason for the season”~@petenaotg
Joy of #Atheism 365. WRONG, I guess bigots cant really tell the difference.>”gays, pedophile, necrophilia….all the same thing”~@IanMuiruri
Joy of #Atheism 364. You do know Xianity stole & renamed it? “@lindsey_palm: You’re an atheist but you celebrate Christmas.That makes sense”
Joy of #Atheism 363. #god doesnt believe in me. He defines me as accepting his attrocities,miracles, words& existence. That ME doesnt exist.
Joy of #Atheism 362. If you find the idea of an all loving, all powerful #god utterly absurd & insulting, join the club! Become an#Atheist
Joy of #Atheism 361. What does #jesus do on #christmas? Does he thank us for our irrationality? …or shake his head in disbelief at it?
Joy of #Atheism 360. The #Atheist recognizes that #god is based on extremes which humanity has imagined… not experienced. How is that real?
Joy of #Atheism 359. If there were a marginally powerful #god of at least the love & morality of a kind human, we would all have met him.
Joy of #Atheism 358. If youre a beacon of love & morality to your kids, while imposing #god upon them, you are lying to them on both fronts.
Joy of #Atheism 357. If #god appears & talks to me regularly & he regrows amputated limbs when I bet he cant…he still is unproven.#think
Joy of #Atheism 356. Do you feel you’ll be suddenly alone upon becoming an #Atheist? Thats untrue. I will be your friend. No worship needed!
Joy of #Atheism 355. BOYCOT FAITH! #Faith killings & abuse are validated by the SAME unverified faith which makes you comfy with death!
Joy of #Atheism 354. An #Atheist universe makes sense! >”I am an atheist because religious scripture is ignorant of reality”~@AtheistSociety
Joy of #Atheism 353. Be honest, you theists make excuses for your#faith./>”Is your religion a hoax? “~@TacticalAtheist
Joy of #Atheism 352 Prove it! >”For there is born to you, this day, in the city of David, a Savior, who is Christ the Lord.”@PiltdownSupermn
Joy of #Atheism 351. If your worst fear is your kids going to hell for valid disbelief, its time to listen to your kids &not irrational fear
Joy of #Atheism 350. Trust Fiction?>“@BurkParsons: My worst nightmare isnt my children being murdered, its my children not trusting Christ”
Joy of #Atheism 349. Atheism is advancing cultures! />”Still think homosexuality is sinful? #LGBTrights“~@tomwales_
Joy of #Atheism 348. I never got why #god didnt just burn everyone instead of a Great Flood. Then I realized, he was just craving gazpacho!
Joy of #Atheism 347. Do you know how a slave follows the commands &whims of his master for fear of punishment? Sure you do,#God= Your Master
Joy of #Atheism 346. “He could think of no better way than to drown his creation?”~@s_rossini /< Especially when humans can/could have! Haha
Joy of #Athesm 345 “Atheism is liberating!My life is my own,not cluttered up with a”purpose” imposed by some supernatural tyrant”~Infidel753
Joy of #Atheism 344. During some family #christmas caroles I thought I found #jesus, but it was just a bit of under done potatoe.#Atheist
Joy of #Atheism 343. Joyous Christmas! May your tree sparkle like Odin! Give a thought to Saturn as you enjoy his traditional gifts & food!
Joy of #Atheism 342. #christians dont sell their kids into slavery anymore, because they know Atheists will just buy them & set them free.
Joy of #Atheism 341. Is tomorrow the day #christian folks go whip themselves in church? No? Well they should. Their #god would love that!
Joy of #Atheism 340. #Christmas never meant #christ growing up. Family, presents, feasts, lights, trees,stockings& Santa! #Jesusdirties it.
Joy of #Atheism 339. I just want to point out that both #christianity & the Grinch stole #christmas. Both had jack to do with #jesus#christ!
Joy of #Atheism 338. The Elephant in the (religious) room is the painful lack of pachyderm evidence. Such power would be CLEAR. Its not.
Joy of #Atheism 337. No, we’re not blinded by desire./>”U choose by faith not to believe in God when evidence is everywhere”~@GospelGuidance
Joy of #Atheism 336 “Zeus, Horus and Jesus just appeared to me…They said, LEAVE US THE FUCK ALONE AND GROW UP ALREADY!”~@ScandicAtheist
Joy of #Atheism 335. “The difference between Me and Santa is once in a great while Santa will actually get you what you want”~@TheTweetOfGod
Joy of #Atheism 334. Knowing is believing for evolved folk.//”Believing is knowing for dummies.”~God @TheTweetOfGod
Joy of #Atheism 333. If you asked #Moses if he magically split the Red sea & led 40,000 people through, he would shoot a milk out his nose.
Joy of #Atheism 332. If you were to ask the #god of #bible if he is all loving, he would shoot a milky way out his nose. #Atheist
Joy of #Atheism 331. If you asked the historical jesus (we embellished into magic #jesus) to walk on water,he would shoot milk out his nose.
Joy of #Atheism 330. If #Allah existed & you asked him if he agreed that #Islam is the “religion of peace”,he would shoot milk out his nose!
Joy of #Atheism 328. If we could ask Mary if she knew many believed her child was of virgin birth, she’d shoot milk out her nose.
Joy of #Atheism 329. The #bible is based on a true #god, in the same way #Christmas is based on Xtianity. Hijacked and renamed.
Joy of #Atheism 327. Happy #HumanLight Day! The 4 candles represent reason, compassion, hope & the celebration itself. 
Joy of #Atheism 326. #Jesus‘/Mary’s placenta would be at least half#god. Maybe one of the sheep ate it? Holy Sheep! Via~@Nostradamnisuck
Joy of #Atheism 325 Not wise,not accurate & a fallacy! >”When you deny God, you deny human dignity..”~the Pope// …
Joy of #Atheism 324 “#god is running out of places to hide!”~@northrnlite8 /< Obviously #Brilliant mind #ff
Joy of #Atheism 323. The information age is rapidly spreading the good news of #Atheism,exploding doubt into full blown godlessness! #reason
Joy of #Atheism 322. Maybe for their kids?/”Some people are so blinded by faith that no amount of evidence will ever be enough”~@hagaha_lol
Joy of #Atheism 321. Note the religious backgrounds& ages on . It indicates a migration to atheism!
Joy of #Atheism 320. Are you an #Atheist please? /> “just within the last month I am! :0) #newbie #atheist“~@AngiRiNGSitUP //YAY!
Joy of #Atheism 318. Convenient, its the same as not being there at all! >”Instructions for making a“~@Gregornious
Joy of #Atheism 317. Religion isnt so horrible if you took away the#faith. You know, the part that falsely justifies hate, killing & wars?
Joy of #Atheism 316. The only honest theist is one who admits their religion is hard to swallow. Otherwise they are just kidding themselves
Joy of #Atheism 315. We have a primarily Atheistic Earth where everyone KNOWS thousands of gods are myths, yet some pretend 1 isnt a myth?!
Joy of #Atheism 313. At best, information says that #jesus was a deluded cultist with a #god complex. Oh, & his name wasnt jesus.#Atheist
Joy of #Atheism 314. You made her mad! >”I hate it when #atheistscelebrate #Christmas! »  « Monicks Unleashed”~@Monicks
Joy of #Atheism 312 “militant Christians think atheists are bothered by “Merry Christmas” Nope dont give a fuck what you call it”~@imtoridee
Joy of #Atheism 311. Sounds like an end all party!>”Atheist Census is now at 100,000+ It’s going to be the end of the world!”~@atheistuniver
Joy of #Atheism 310. “good? I’m not good! I’m a god damned#atheist….. Sorry that was my theist programming again”~@Nickdrumr2
Joy of #Atheism 309. Fallacies are fun! >”Have you herd of the Cosmological Argument. The universe is its evidence so to speak.”~@IDontIM
Joy of #Atheism 308. “@JOHNATHON28: Seems like a lot of atheist are Gay.”/< Wise people distance themselves from bigoted dogma.#freethinker
Joy of #Atheism 307. “We can quote the bible too.. #AtheistRollCall#Bible #TeamJesus #Jesus “~@AbsoluteGodless
Joy of #Atheism 306. Heres ALL the evidence for the #divinity of#jesus >>”the #bible“< Heres evidence that the bible is valid >>”…….”<
Joy of #Atheism 305. Yes, pagan traditions were hijacked & renamed. “@Ming_Adisugata: Christmas begin with Christ 
Joy of #Atheism 304. Your random #god choice verifies nothing!>”If the world did end tomorrow, would you KNOW where you’re going?”~@AHud806
Joy of #Atheism 303. “yeah, and belief out of fear really isn’t belief at all…”~@sara7133 #freethinker
Joy of #Atheism 302. Yup, Crazy! >”I am not crazy. Maybe highly blessed. Gifted. But im definitely not crazy. Im VERY WISE”~@Loveanatheist
Joy of #Atheism 301. Picture a loved one, being tortured in prison forever… no matter their crime. Would ANYONE believe the warden loving?
Joy of #Atheism 300. When the distorting glare of faith dims, the eye of reason can get a fix on reality again. Its beautiful here!#Atheist
Joy of #Atheism 299. My new, well fitting term for theists who blindly lie, manipulate & endlessly argue fallaceously:#ThoughtFreeThinker

  1. Joy of #Atheism 298. Theres something beyond #freethinking… More & more #Atheists engage in #BoundlessFreeThinking. Im just#Amazed!
  2. Joy of #Atheism 297. Bitchslapped by a beauty! “@cherokee_autumn: btw, it’s *you’re* fucking nitwit RT@MDCCIXXVI:@cherokee_autumn your ugly”

  3. Joy of #Atheism 296. Rosa ridicules with unlimited ammo! “@RosaRubicondior: Why God’s First Words to Adam Was A Lie –  ”

  4. Joy of #Atheism 295.”If #God didnt exist, there would be no such thing as an #atheist.”~@VarcityHigh /<No, atheists exist due to god CLAIMS

  5. Joy of #Atheism 294. I’ve a hypothesis: Theists #fear Atheists who stand up to religion with ridiculing facts. Theists confirm it with lies.

  6. Joy of #Atheism 293. “#God is real. Atheists just cant find him” < That was then. NOW #Atheism is a logically justified & honest conclusion!

  7. Joy of #Atheism 292. Happy for her! >”My 1st convert! My 70 yo mother said “its just not logical that theres a god!#atheism“~@HeatherHastie

  8. Joy of #Atheism 291.”#jesus was divine”, RUMOR-> Gossip or hearsay in general circulation without confirmation or certainty as to facts.

  9. Joy of #Atheism 290. “You should read the Bible; it’s hilarious.” – Stephen Fry … via~@957Chatterton // #Atheistrollcall #atheist

  10. Joy of #Atheism 289. “why didn’t god stop the shooting?” Simple. For the same reason a unicorn didn’t Or a fairy Or a pixie….”~@CharlieNP3

  11. Joy of #Atheism288 “I’m a happy reason loving #atheist 🙂 “~@YodelingZombie /< knowing the nonsense you are free of is pure joy!

  12. Joy of #Atheism 287. YEAH! High 5! >”I want facts! Not some whiny bullshit about your feelings on the matter.”~@Skeptical_Lady

  13. Joy of #atheism 286. “I actively avoid faith …& i don’t want all religion to go away. It’s such a wonderful thing to laugh at!”~@ZachsMind

  14. Joy of #Atheism 285. Love it! >”Ah well, last night on earth. Wonder what it’ll be, fire, flood or zombies? Hope it’s zombies.”~@neriscene

  15. Joy of #Atheism 284. “Not “believing in evolution” is a CHOICE arising from stubbornness, not a rational conclusion. #atheism” ~@anderev

  16. Joy of #Atheism 283. Atheists constantly come up with new criticisms of religion. Thats because the stupidity of many theists is endless.

  17. Joy of #Atheism 283. “@Irishcatholic10: there is no such thing as#atheism“/< “I dont believe in your god” that’s #Atheism. Youre an#idiot!

  18. Joy of #Atheism 282. #Atheists sometimes tell a falsehood & then admit it. Theists sometimes tell the truth & never seem to admit lies!

  19. Joy of #Atheism 281. Its the same baseless choice to believe in 1#god as it is to believe in all 3000+ gods as real. Equally stupid.

  20. Joy of #Atheism 280. When xtians fail to prove #jesus existed, demonstrate a #god or prove a heaven, #honest people become#Atheists.

  21. Joy of #Atheism 279. Me: “Are you an #Atheist please?” >@roondnaboot: “Most definitely. 6+ on the scale and happy.”#atheistrollcall JOY!

  22. Joy of #Atheism 278. “Yes, I am an #Atheist!” << The sound of a#god dying! … Think about that… #Freethinker #Atheistrollcall

  23. Joy of #Atheism 277. “Hi, are you an #Atheist please?” << How to find reasonable, freethinking, human rights supporting people!

  24. Joy of #Atheism 276. Humanity rejoining reality! “HuffPost: No religion “third-largest global group” ” ~@Ddraiggoch1969

  25. Joy of #Atheism 275. A conclusion of Atheism is based on common sense & reasoning. The belief in gods is based on fear & ignorance. Simple.

  26. Joy of #Atheism 274. Your ideas of #god are right because your parents, feelings, tea leaves, silly books or church said they were???

  27. Joy of #Atheism 273. The result of gods: hate, denial of rights, torture, murder,acting crazy. Result of Atheism: Questioning those results!

  28. Joy of #Atheism 272. If I can claim all theists are gullible & deluded & they refute with feelings & books… they are gullible & deluded!

  29. Joy of #Atheism 271. Where does #god (very apparently) NOT exist? Everywhere in the universe EXCEPT the imagination of gullible folks.

  30. Joy of #Atheism 270. I agree! #God exists in a very limited handful of confused places. The human theist brain. There’s even proof of that!

  31. Joy of #Atheism 269. With the shroud & burden of false gods removed, your fellow man becomes humanity’s obvious source of hope, love & joy.

  32. Joy of #Atheism 268. Its said that we cant disprove god, but considering that no #god has EVER been apparent, thats proof enough. #JobDone

  33. Joy of #Atheism 267. Yes, some Atheists ponder #god many times a day. We’re fascinated by the monsters you think are in your closet.Grow up!

  34. Joy of #Atheism 266. There is NO difference between all deity worshipers. They are equally unfounded & deluded. The #atheist is justified.

  35. Joy of #Atheism 265. Our sun acts as a loving guardian. We need it, it provides, it asks nothing. Its appreciated. Oh, & its REAL! #Atheist

  36. Joy of #Atheism 264. Psh, Atheism can compel no murder. > “Btw, the shooter was an atheist. You atheists go killing kids.”~@MichaelEstrada1

  37. Joy of #Atheism 263. Theists make excuses & rationalize why #goddoesnt help, answer or save children, instead of accepting there is no god!

  38. Joy of #Atheism 262. Lie, rationalize & make up shit all you want, it doesnt change that your #god has always simply failed to show up!

  39. Joy of #Atheism 261. I dont recognize your story book, by ancient goat herders, as an authority & I prefer Harry Potters morality anyway.

  40. Joy of #Atheism 260. They make us look brilliant!>”Don’t you know that friendship with the world is hatred toward God?#Jesustweets“~@JimEKey

  41. Joy of #Atheism 259. Self made idiot >”All my gospels are literally accurate, historically accurate, scientifically accurate”~@Loveanatheist

  42. Joy of #Atheism 258.”Bible Morality: Killing gays, non-believers, stubborn children= GOOD//Shrimp, wool/linen, shaving= BAD”~@StrictlyShorts

  43. Joy of #Atheism 257. “What religion do you believe in?”. I simply replied, “I don’t, I believe and have faith in myself”~@AtheistNation

  44. Joy of #Atheism 256. I did a dance of Joy simply because im not this guy! > “My God doesn’t condone slavery nor genocide.”~@MichaelEstrada1

  45. Joy of #Atheism 255. “You are part of a very rapidly growing world-wide ‘community’ of Atheists.” ~@DamnedAtheists

  46. Joy of #Atheism 253. “Slavery is never ok, but its in your bible,#godsays its ok! Are you going to argue this one?”~@ThisAtheistBite/<HAHA

  47. Joy of #Atheism 254 “Being an #Atheist means you have at least one less personality defect that you & others have to deal with”~@skepticali

  48. Joy of Atheism 252. “Reason is always in season.”~@Alexs3217 /< Just brilliant Alex… it just makes Atheism sound like a celebration!

  49. Joy of #Atheism 251. #Atheists in America comfortably outnumber Mormons, Muslims, Jews, Hindus and Buddhists all put together.(& growing!)
  50. Joy of #Atheism 250. SANITY! “1 reason I stopped going to Mass; the wild emotions from seeing a tortured & dead guy on a cross”~@ShawnFLucas
  51. Joy of #Atheism 249. “The problem with the religious is that they have been tricked into thinking that they’re actually thinking”~@marco_iO9

  52. Joy of #Atheism 248. “Strong feelings, anecdotal accounts, 3rd person testimonies & scripture are NOT proof of the supernatural.”~@Alexs3217

  53. Joy of #Atheism 247. We use REASON! >”The most effective weapon predominantly used by churches is psychological manipulation.”~@theholiestli

  54. Joy of #Atheism 246. “That was a really good line Mary spun him. “I was impregnated by god – honest”~@karlmeyer /<Ya, Joseph was a moron!

  55. Joy of #Atheism 245. “magic man in the sky, that would make a great song by an atheist rock group.. 🙂 “~@LoveMySpouse

  56. Joy of #Atheism 243. We freely dismiss stupid beliefs. >Ex: If a mass murderer shooter believes in #Jesus, he gets to go to#heaven!? WTF?

  57. Joy of #Atheism 242. Theists point out their own stupidity.>”Religious logic and solid”~@AtheistWorld

  58. Joy of #Atheism 241 “Remarkable, #Evolution is only proven wrong by people who don’t have a fucking clue what it is!”~@logicalNarwhal (mod)

  59. Joy of #Atheism 240. “Atheism is freedom not only of the mind but also freedom of the heart!”~@SLustinia /< Yes! & free to be moral too!

  60. Joy of #Atheism 239. “… science confirms the Bible”~@SextonYah/< #LIE, the bible claims a #god exists. No person or science has proven it!

  61. Joy of #Atheism 237. “The wonder of the universe is infinitely more incredible when you see there is no #god.”~@Mel_in_Canada

  62. Joy of #Atheism 236. For theists #faith rules over reality! > “For me, proof and reality rule over belief, faith and hope.”~@BlondeAlpha

  63. Joy of #Atheism 235. “I cant believe the blind idiocy of my sheep! I clearly have allowed a tragedy & they pray more than ever!”~#god

  64. Joy of #Atheism 234. A reason to NOT worship: Did you know,#god is omnipotent & all loving, but he wont jam a mass murderers’s guns?#nogod
  65. Joy of #Atheism 233. Simple & true, with a twist! Brilliant! > “#god is great. yes, the greatest stupidity of mankind!”~@AtheistGhanaian

  66. Joy of #Atheism 232. “I don’t have to love #atheism. No one has to love Atheism. That is what I love about being an#Atheist“~@Dave_was_here

  67. Joy of #Atheism 231. “I now know that #God is a non smoker the same as me…. “God hates Fags” yay… ~♎The ♎Craft♎@Ddraiggoch1969

  68. Joy of #Atheism 229. Praise his holy noodles! > “I love how the iPhone auto-capitalizes Flying Spaghetti Monster but not#god.”~@karlmeyer

  69. Joy of Atheism 228. If a #christian takes offense & insists I capitalize #god, I give them a capital ‘Fuck You’ for pushing their beliefs!

  70. Joy of Atheism 227. If you stole a novel, changed the dedication & title, then claimed authorship, thats #christianity to #Christmas!

  71. Joy of Atheism 226. JOYFULLY AWESOME! “The #AtheistCensushas hit over 50,000 with the USA leading. ” ~@cherokee_autumn

  72. Joy of #Atheism 225 Lets drive! “Being atheist is like being the only sober person in the car & no one will let you drive”~@cherokee_autumn

  73. Joy of #Atheism 224. It doesnt make sense. We’re right! /> “why would the devil punish me in hell for not worshipping god?”~@TheNonTheist_

  74. Joy of #Atheism 223. Atheists do! “It would be nice if our leaders could put reason, rationality, and science above superstitions”~@gaprider

  75. Joy of #Atheism 222. Which is most likely? 1.Ur full of shit, or 2. Magics real./>”you’re blessed. Even if you refuse to believe”~@DaleDuke7

  76. Joy of #Atheism 221. I told you so! Your evil god failed… He just had to jam 1 or 2 guns! Thats it! Hes EVIL, IMPOTENT or hes NOT THERE!

  77. Joy of #Atheism 220. Im dumbfounded by how theists find the magic & myth of their crazy beliefs, just as normal as punch!#Insane

  78. Joy of #Atheism 219. No matter what nonsense a theist believes, each will say THEY have found the truth. How dumb is that?#Atheist

  79. Joy of #Atheism 218. Atheists face the loss head on. Theists process the shootings by pretending god made it wonderful for the kids!? #SICK

  80. Joy of #Atheism 217. NO, families were DESTROYED!#twisted/>”Heaven just gained 18 children and 2 adults from the shooting”~@Jennifer_KhanaB

  81. Joy of #Atheism 216. So, #jesus doesnt love us. Ref –#hell />”Love means being able to say stop being a fuckin asshole”~@rudegyal

  82. Joy of #Atheism 215. Ive never been drunk enough or impared enough to decide that 1 of the thousands of gods is real. HAHAHA#sober

  83. Joy of #Atheism 214. I submit that directing kids to #god is clearly not giving them tools to deal with life.God solves by destroying lives.

  84. Joy of #Atheism 213. We seek human help. Saying #jesus has called victims home is not dealing with pain and tragedy. Its insulting

  85. Joy of #Atheism 212. Same nonsense -> May Harry Potter cast upon & enchant you! /> “@DaleDuke7: God bless you. Jesus still loves you.”

  86. Joy of #Atheism 211. WE have a relationship with reality! HA!/>”Questions for #atheist: Has not believing made life better?”~@cherronlanise

  87. Joy of #Atheism 210. An idiot would think we boycot #godeverything./> “@Mobbin4Christ: do athiest use money? every dollar says ‘God’ on it”

  88. Joy of #Atheism 209. “God is all powerful, but absent. God is listening, but never answers. Seems clear- God is imaginary.” ~@Mel_in_Canada

  89. Joy of #Atheism 208. The dishonesty we gladly avoid.> “Macro evolution is not scientifically demonstrated by fossils at all”~@GospelGuidance

  90. Joy of #Atheism 207. Amazing! Youve no idea the origins of#christmas!/”@micmayhan: it really bothers me when atheists celebrate christmas”

  91. Joy of #Atheism 206. No, we’re not pretending idiots! />”These are the last days. It’s time to start calling on Jesus name.”~@SwissCandyLuv

  92. Joy of #Atheism 205. A relationship with reality?/>”Get into a relationship with Jesus before you get into any relationship” ~@Mobbin4Christ

  93. Joy of #Atheism 204. Atheists find REAL people. />”Feeling a bit alone today, but I’m not….God loves me, God is with me”~@elsamejia92

  94. Joy of #Atheism 203. “I don’t want to sound like I’m showing off or anything, but this is the fifth #rapture I’m gonna survive.” ~@troyg175

  95. Joy of #Atheism 202. #Reason over time can cure theism, given in doses. When the theist learns to administer it themselves, there is hope!

  96. Joy of #Atheism 201. Its hard to believe that ignorant xtians go to church to learn about the #bible. WOW! Its brainwashing, not truth!

  97. Joy of #Atheism 200. At noon on the 21st, all Atheists should scream “AAARRGG, IT BUUUURNS! I ACCEPT YOU JESUS!” They will totally buy it.

  98. Joy of #Atheism 199. Ever notice that #god has never been asked to stop bestowing a wealth of blessings upon us? Theres a reason.#Atheist

  99. Joy of #Atheism 198. Blind theists! Whenever somebody actually chooses a #god to believe in, its 100% preference & never a justified choice.

  100. Joy of #Atheism 197. “God Hunters” <Would be a great show! Traveling Atheists would test & debunk claims around the world!#teamjesus #god

  101. Joy of #Atheism 196. Religious depression still runs rampant, but they have support. They just need to look to the sky & talk to themselves.

  102. Joy of #Atheism 195. “Like a stone has been lifted from your neck when you stop living in fear, shame & guilt of religious tyranny”~@bollbar

  103. Joy of #Atheism 194. If Atheists dont prove abiogenesis, evolution & universe origins happened naturally, it does not justify #god beliefs.

  104. Joy of #Atheism 193. If the #Pope said”#God is angry at Catholics for not following the #bible to the letter”,the Pope would be committed.

  105. Joy of #Atheism 192. Do you think Jesus was up on the cross just bewildered by how similar his life & death is to Horus? Just uncanny right?

  106. Joy of #Atheism 191. Its laughable that theists treat their#bible/#quran like a menu,picking what they like, ignoring what doesnt sit well.

  107. Joy of #Atheism 190. #Theists hate outspoken Atheists, because of all the rational, logical, uncomfortable doubts we inspire! #jesus#atheist

  108. Joy of #Atheism 189. I love meeting other twitter Atheists who have double digit tweets & follows. It means more Atheists joining the cause!

  109. Joy of #Atheism 188 “If youre a religious person…please hurry up and evolve; you’re an embarrassment to the rest of us!”~@GodlessAndHappyJoy of #Atheism 187. We are Justified! Theistic arguments never justify #god beliefs. They only serve to make believers seem less idiotic.
  110. Joy of #Atheism 186. I dont tell my 4 y/o son what to believe. Instead Im giving him facts & reasoning tools, such to discern truth.#happy

  111. Joy of #Atheism 185. Religion has a purpose. Its very useful. It helps the gullible folks stand out for the rest of us to laugh at.#teamjesus

  112. Joy of #Atheism 184. If ever science claimed to detect #god, all the science doubting theists will instantly proclaim science right. #truth

  113. Joy of #Atheism 182. One of the greatest treasures in Atheism is the support & kindness of the non-believers themselves. Thank you all!

  114. Joy of #Atheism 181. How wishy washy is god’s word that believers feel they can just NOT follow the ones they dont like? Its GODS word! HAHA

  115. Joy of #Atheism 180. With the amusing ability to mock religion in one word, Mr @JesusWithIssues deserves glorious recognition. >>#GLORY! <<

  116. Joy of #Atheism 179. Pure feelgood enjoyment! Most Atheistic tweets from Mr @BibleAlsoSays are stand up & cheer grand slam homeruns. #kudos

  117. Joy of #Atheism 178. If you’ve only one breath left, use it to say “thank you for the love.” Somebody expecting more, is not worthy of it.

  118. Joy of #Atheism 177. “That it will never come again is what makes life so sweet.~Emily Dickenson < Sorry if Its a bit sour for you Theists

  119. Joy of #Atheism 176. Many mysteries of life & the universe have been answered, yet not even 1 has revealed that a #god did it.#atheist

  120. Joy of #Atheism 175. Atheists can accept that humans are the universe’s evolved mind, finally capable of comprehending & admiring itself.

  121. Joy of #Atheism 174. If you think others are right because they believe in the same unproven #god you do, you are simply kidding yourself.

  122. Joy of #Atheism 173. If you feel lost & seek answers, confide in your fellow human. Weve evolved amazingly compassionate, intelligent minds.

  123. Joy of #Atheism 172. The most evident token & apparent sign of true wisdom is a constant & honest evaluation of truths. #Atheist#god #allah

  124. Joy of #Atheism 171. Finding yourself is finding #Joy, as its never found in THINGS; it is in US! It has been, long before gods were created

  125. Joy of #Atheism 170. Modern religion is swimming in information, yet its followers are wilfully & shamefully drowned by knowledge.#Atheist


  126. Joy of #Atheism 168. Theist, in your darkest hour, when #god is absent yet again, take a hand & know any help has ALWAYS been godless.

  127. Joy of #Atheism 167. Atheism has grown with the spreading knowledge of scientific truths. Theism has only put forth retractions & excuses.

  128. Joy of #Atheism 166. Nothing great is created suddenly. Atheism 1st blooms, then bears fruit, then ripens…& it WILL be great for humanity.

  129. Joy of #Atheism 165. We are THERE! That difficult journey of reason, breaking the bonds of indoctrination & our godless awakening! #Atheist

  130. Joy of #Atheism 164. We know more! “#Christians, to pray, be alone, say the lords prayer, you can’t mention friends or family”~@icouldbegod

  131. Joy of #Atheism 163. At least WE can honestly try to be objective. > “Please, if anyone has a question, ask an #atheist!”~@NSAAtheist

  132. Joy of #Atheism 162. Its tough to reason with #Liars like >@zulkiflim, but a theist cant help but make it obvious.> RT!

  133. Joy of #Atheism 161. Atheism & its intellectual allies of sciences & reason are compliments to humanity. Religion is just an insult.

  134. Joy of #Atheism 160. We are justified and we dont have to take it anymore! > …

  135. Joy of #Atheism 159. Its amusing. Per Matthew 4:7 “Dont test#god“… but how is every single prayer NOT a test? #biblicalFAIL

  136. Joy of #Atheism 158. I am honest & recognize that ignoring lies, immoral commands & evil behavior, all means I DONT BELIEVE IN THAT SHIT.

  137. Joy of #Atheism 157. I enjoy working on Sundays & I’m not a Hypocrite for it, like most #Christian folks… ref > NUM 15:32 /#atheist #god

  138. Joy of #Atheism 156. I teach my son to problem solve. Teaching kids to pray & rely on #god is the opposite of thinking through problems.

  139. Joy of #Atheism 155. I love #Christmas. A holiday of giving, good will, family &Acceptance. It clearly has little to do with #christianity

  140. Joy of #Atheism 154. The average theist is fun…they spew fallacies everywhere & make their #faith look like something only idiots can have.

  141. Joy of #Atheism 153. I try to be honest, so Im proud to admit to errors or fallacies. Atheists dont need to create theistic exaggerations.

  142. Joy of #Atheism 152. When a theist says atheism is a religion, atheists use faith & claim theres no god > Ive won! 3 fallacies & you’re out!

  143. Joy of #Atheism 151. When a #christian resorts to “Your logic is#Satan trying to decieve me!” they have already conceded a loss of argument

  144. Joy of #Atheism 149. I dont have to convince myself that something is true because I believe it. That is from virulent indoctrination.

  145. Joy of #Atheism 148. Who doesnt love seeing an arrogant theist exposing their own ignorance on twitter, then being hogpiled by atheists?

  146. Joy of #Atheism 147. Is it odd that I enjoy logical fallacies? They are constantly helping me see flawed theist arguments! Theyre my friends

  147. Joy of #Atheism 146. Any #atheist is my friend! If #god is your friend, then you havent thought about what a god really is, have you?

  148. Joy of #Atheism 145. The worst go-to person on my crisis list is always, always, always, always, always, ALWAYS going to outdo your #god.

  149. Joy of #Atheism 144. If your wife tries to sway you from your religion & youre compelled to kill her, youre a crazy bastard & a#christian!

  150. Joy of #Atheism 143. A friend decided to leave Atheism. I briefly wondered if he was to be killed, but then again i’m not a#muslim.#quran

  151. Joy of #Atheism 142. I’m so glad @GSpellchecker almost magically finds & sets strait so many silly theists. Where does he find them?#proud

  152. Joy of #Atheist 140. I am impressed by the sheer amount of intelligence and knowledge represented by Atheism! Coincidence? I think not.

  153. Joy of #Atheist 139. I AM IN AWE! >”@SirCasio: evolution is not a fact, it is a theory – learn the difference.”< I EXPECT MANY RTs#atheism

  154. Joy of #Atheism 138. Our outrageous atheistic comments are based on observation of outrageous theistic behavior. No need to exaggerate.

  155. Joy of #Atheism 137. #God is evil because he could easily prevent mass suffering… Yet many are fine under the evil god, so hes powerless?

  156. Joy of #Atheism 136. God commited genocide & commanded attrocities… now everyone knows #jesus is THAT same dude right?

  157. Joy of #Atheism 135. It just occured to me that theists #pray on twitter, because somebody might actually hear them & respond! HAHA

  158. Joy of #Atheism 134. If natural complexity and evolution is explained by natural processes… where is the design again?

  159. Joy of #Atheism 133. Life insurance folks have a verifiable contracts &results,asking little. #God &#heaven have NOTHING & want everything!

  160. Joy of #Atheism 132. Funny how theists cant imagine how evidence concludes evolution, but they can make up crazy, bullshit excuses for #god!

  161. Joy of #Atheism 131. The LACK of godly power amazes me if a god only made the tiniest imaginable spec fit for humans with infinite room.WOW!

  162. Joy of #Atheism 130. If theology taught that giant holes of power in galaxy centers were gods, we would be A-holes for A-holism. Just sayin’

  163. Joy of #Atheism 129. Nonbelievers are: #Deceived by theists,#Ignorant of little, dont need to #Lie, dont #Hate & see life as#Heaven.

    Joy of #Atheism 128. Now think about this… if you pray to #god to end world suffering, you are 1.Judging him & 2. More moral than him.

  164. Joy of #Atheism 127. Here is the basis for greater morality than any#god: “I wish to be treated kindly.” Common sense does the rest.

  165. Joy of #Atheism 126. How would you prove visions, answered prayers, voices & miracles are from a #god & not invisible aliens? You don’t.

  166. Joy of #Atheism 125. Plenty of death, hate, torture & ignorance has happened because of gods. Lets put them on trial & ban their assets.

  167. Joy of #Atheism 124. A reasonable person knows that if a gods power appears seperately & not witnessed from him, it is not proof of #god.

  168. Joy of #Atheism 122. “Because we don’t need rules for how to treat our slaves- we actually prefer not to have them at all.”~@Mel_in_Canada

  169. Joy of #Atheism 121. Youre better people by following #god? I follow my parents. No slavery, misogyny, or murder there. Im better than you!

  170. Joy of #Atheism 120. A catholic friend asked about my xmas traditions.”An Odin,Wiccan &Saturn xmas” She turned white realizing she does too!

  171. Joy of #Atheism 119. #God is that obstinant liar child who boasts “I could do it if I want to, but I dont want to” OR is that his followers?

  172. Joy of #Atheism 118. Which came first: #god? … or the ability of his followers to believe crazy, unproven bullshit? I mean, I cant do it!

  173. Joy of #Atheism 117. You know #god wont fix your car,no matter how many pray for it & desire it fully.Thats very telling. God cant fix cars.

  174. Joy of #Atheism 116. Silly atheists cant seem to grasp that my defined #god is the real answer to the gaps in scientific knowledge.#fallacy

  175. Joy of #Atheism 115. What fools insist its ass backwards to believe in hell because if you dont, you will go there? Clearly wrong!#atheist

  176. Joy of #Atheism 114. Its beyond me how anyone can deny the#bible as the word of #god, simply because men wrote it. Crazy logical #atheist!

  177. Joy of #Atheism 113. I cant fathom the arrogance of some folks who believe things based on evidence & not because others sound convincing.

  178. Joy of #Atheism 112. Isnt is crazy how some stubborn people dont believe in wild stuff just to feel less alone & less worried about dying?!

Joy of #Atheism 111. If you didnt see the irrefutable proof of #god, you didnt miss anything.There isnt any.Now bask in godlessness with me!
Joy of #Atheism 110. I just think of all the times I didnt pray for help or for my desired result. Instead, I prefer to get stuff done.
Joy of #Atheism 109. Me:”I think theres a real, invisible super hero who watches over everyone” My 4 y/o son:”Whaaat? Thats crazy Daddy.”
Joy of #Atheism 108. I love my son. Leading him to believe something is true, like an unproven #god, is nothing less than cruel & abusive.
Joy of #Atheism 107. Only fools cant sense an invisible, powerful alien who reads our minds constantly & he likes us thinking about him. LOL
Joy of #Atheism 106. Amazing! Miss >@Loveanatheist thinks we are #jealous of her ability to believe fallacies! No, its #RELIEF that we dont!
Joy of #Atheism 106. A bad idea to scare you strait. Imagine the reality of an observer seeing everything you do & desire,#God & santa both.
Joy of #Atheism 105. In no way does an #Atheist look the fool for not being convinced a #god is there. EVERY theist however does.#evidence
Joy of #Atheism 104. #Evolution Its elegant. It also throws a huge wrench in #god stories. Its fact, defend it! > …
Joy of #Atheism 103. If ever a #god shows up, under no conceivable scenario would that intelligent being praise theist thinking. #Atheism
Joy of #Atheism 102. I’m convinced part of religion is seeing #godlike The Emperors New Clothes. “Only a fool cant see God” …Im so right!

Joy of #Atheism 101. RT if you choose #Jesus #Christ …. to be the symbol of modern human gullibility, hate, conflict & ultimate ignorance.
Joy of #Atheism 100. We all agree ancient sun, thunder, war god worshipers were ignorant & gullible.How are todays worshipers any different?
Joy of #Atheism 99. Like buying a house.Lets get a preview or ask#god to verify that what he “says” we will get, is actually what we’ll get
Joy of #Atheism 98. Sure, we might be hell bound… or #god might have created a ploy to weed out gullible people. Makes far more sense.
Joy of #Atheism 96. Other #atheists are impressive & attractive to me. Its like theyve learned to stop grunting & dragging their knuckles.
Joy of #Atheism 95. The #Atheist in NO WAY is choosing hell. The reality is clear enough, theres nothing like heaven or hell to pick from.
Joy of #Atheism 94. Theists think they “know” is true what they believe is true. Atheists see how the faith excuse hides this lie from them.
Joy of #Atheism 93. “#Atheist” is just a label which represents a wise bunch of folks. We have faults, but we get it right where it counts.
Joy of #Atheism 92. Parenting should be secular too. Threatening kids with #god is every bit resorting to Santa threats. Prove otherwise.
Joy of #Atheism 90. Yay! I applied to twitter a beta App for filtering out #BULLSHIT… all theist tweets disappeared! Its called #HolyShit

Joy of #Atheism 89. My dear,@Mel_in_Canada, have i mentioned today that you make me smile. Your handling of intolerance is inspiring.
Joy of #Atheism 88. I just hit #god with my car. He suffered greatly & died. He retracted all words & visions, as they only caused harm. Yay
Joy of #Atheism 87. If you say you @LoveAnAtheist you should probably admit they are proving you wrong, when youve been proven wrong.#fraud
Joy of #Atheism 86. With comedic repetition…Theists repeat it like parrots: Nonbelievers are deceived, ignorant, of Satan, lying or angry.
Joy of #Atheism 85. Atheists know, we could be wrong.< Solid thinking…Religious folks act like theyre not in the same boat.< Plain Denial
Joy of #Atheism 84. Obvious atheism! Since #Christian & #Muslimreligies agree, the other is wrong, its apparent that its all dubious.#god

Joy of #Atheism 72. If I had my life to live over,I would perhaps have more actual troubles, but I’d have fewer imaginary ones.~Nadine Stair
Joy of #Atheism 83. My son & I pretend to be Marvel super heros, but using items & sayings of the fantasy doesnt make it real.>#bible#jesus
Joy of #Atheism 82. Its funny, many have seen gods will. Not seen his hand impose an outcome, but still they claim it, like crazy people.

Joy of #Atheism 81. How do you know an #atheist is having a good day & is feeling validated? Did a #god show up today? Ya, its a good day.
Joy of #Atheism 80. Its awesome for Atheism that human #Evolutionis well proven AND there is no evidence for creationism at all. Just sayin’
Joy of #Atheism 79. Atheists know that 5 billion delusions still dont equal 1 truth. #atheistrollcall #jesus #islam #christianity #judaism
Joy of #Atheism 78. If #god told you the name of my cat, to prove himself to me, his identity is still unproven, isnt it? Atheists get this.
Joy of #Atheism 77. Its a beautiful day!… & I am thankful… thankful that I’ve not been conditioned to thank my imaginary friend for it!
Joy of #Atheism 76. #God will remain unproven until theists show that non-gods havent & couldnt mimic godly powers. Good luck with that.
Joy of #Atheism 75. We could fail to disprove #god over & over, but it never gives the theist an ounce of validity. #atheistrollcall
Joy of #Atheism 74. A horrible delusion would entail a belief which compelled me to selfishly try bettering my status in a future life.
Joy of #Atheism 73. Worship thyself. At best your #god is just a fellow citizen of the universe. Nothing was before it or is outside of it.
Joy of #Atheism 72. If I had my life to live over,I would perhaps have more actual troubles, but I’d have fewer imaginary ones.~Nadine Stair

Joy of #Atheism 71. Why we are right > sin+sin+sin+ sin+sin+sin+sin+believing in unproven magic guy= ticket to heaven< totally batshit crazy

Joy of #Atheism 70. The wonders of life have nothing to do with what made them, but rather that we get to experience the wonderful at all!
Joy of #Atheism 69. If you worship #god, your love is nowhere. If you worship friends & family you are in #Heaven already! #atheistrollcall
Joy of #Atheism 68. We Love Humanity. If everyone were to seek meaning through passion & compassion, heaven would run rampant on earth.
Joy of #Atheism 67. To believe a promise, I get a handshake & a look in the eye (living people). Who promised you heaven again? A book?#god
Joy of #Atheism 66. Honest #Truth for kids > “If you dont decide & verify things for yourself, you might go to heaven & meet a monster!”#god
Joy of #Atheism 65. When you finally allow yourself to trust Atheism, you will find you dance with everything & not nothing! ~Emmanuel (mod)
Joy of #Atheism 64. Creative thought, where its needed. > Have you ever wondered where an omnipotent, bodiless being gets & keeps his power?
Joy of #Atheism 63. We admit nothing magical protects humans. Buckle your seat belt, eat healthy, dont run with scissors; a #godnever helps
Joy of #Atheism 62. We think about what fears are rational & decide if we’re imposing irrational consequences on others.#hell#damnation#god
Joy of #Atheism 61. We love proof,wherever it leads! My son & I made up a game called “Prove it” to test funny sounding claims.#freethinker
Joy of #Atheism 60. I actually respect my 4y/o sons intellect. I refuse to tell him anything is true without honestly validating it somehow.
Joy of #Atheism 59. We appreciate that celebrations are for people, not for gods. Never seen a #god show up for one!
Joy of #Atheism 58. Many atheist are hidden. It feels like being a super spy, when they think that you think that they arent full of shit.
Joy of #Atheism 57. I love finding other atheists. Tell a group you dont believe in their holy faerie tales & atheists will glow with joy!

Joy of #Atheism 56. I prefer REAL choices, so choosing between#jesus & torture is just choosing between moronic & ridiculous. #god#faith Joy of #Atheism 55. Atheists strive to NOT hate & take pride in equal rights. Religion often baselessly promotes bigotry, misogyny& killing!

Joy of #Atheism 54. Logical Fallacies are funny! Like trained monkeys, theists blindly repeat fallacies to keep believing each others lies.
Joy of #Atheism 53. We aspire for intellectual health from the virulent, controlling, deceitful, degrading, hateful disease that is religion
Joy of #Atheism 52. We float to the top of a sea of truth on a our#logic & #reason. At the bottom, #faith & #lies make for a murky reality.
Joy of #Atheism 51. We hate to impose.You on the other hand feel obligated to impose your ancient rules & moralities from an unproven source
Joy of #Atheism 50. We love helping. If you automatically reject any reasoning which contadicts your faith, you are broken. We can fix you.
Joy of #Atheism 49. Let me guess “#Faith doesnt hurt/kill people, people do.” Yes, but its a worn out immoral excuse & Atheists know better!
Joy of #Atheism 48. The path to world peace is to avoid faith based ideas. Unless faith is kept in check, it leads to & allows atrocities.
Joy of #Atheism 47. Winning! If in a debate a theist resorts to claiming the devil has deceived us all, he means “Crap I lost again!”#god
Joy of #Atheism 46. We look super intelligent, when you worship a “loving, moral” #god who tortures billions of humans forever. Good choice.
Joy of #Atheism 45. Laughable. Anyone hearing evil voices from#god, is INSANE, while hearing gods word otherwise means youre BLESSED.
Joy of #Atheism 44. All theists delight in the lack of evidence for other gods, but the same failings for their god somehow matters not.
Joy of #Atheism 43. We have read your mistake / violence / fear / evil / hate /& lie ridden holy book & found it vile… but #Amusing.
Joy of #Atheism 42. The here & now is so important! “That it will never come again is what makes life so sweet”~Emily Dickenson
Joy of #Atheism 41. Atheists have a relationship with an awesome, omnipresent #Reality. Theists pretend to love Santas 3rd cousin#Jesus.

Joy of #Atheism 40. Atheists gladly admit non-proofs. When parts of the bible should prove #god, but have always failed, excuses run rampant

Joy of #Atheism 39. We are Justified! Theistic arguments never justify #god beliefs, but rather they make the beliefs seem less idiotic.

Joy of #Atheism 38. We love facts &reason. Even devout believers will cringe occasionally at how batshit crazy their baseless babble sounds.

Joy of #Atheism 37. Our ancient morality.“Do not injure, abuse, oppress, enslave, insult, torment, torture or kill any living being” ~500BCE

Joy of #Atheism 36. We enjoy gullibility radar. The bible talks of how gullible and eager to accept ‘miracles’ some people were. eg~Acts28:6

Joy of #Atheism 35. “Every Day Is An Atheist Holiday!” ~@PennJillette

Joy of #Atheism 34. Atheists are wise. We know that even if your holy book were validated in many ways, it still doesn’t prove your#god.

Joy of #Atheism 33. We don’t have ridiculous claims to prove. Non-belief comes with no excuses or burden of proof, just freedom. #god

Joy of #Atheism 32. Atheists don’t rely on bullshit! It holds together all theistic lies, claims, actions, crimes & oh yes, beliefs.

Joy of #Atheism 31. Our objective reasoning filters out the manipulative religious babble, while believers are overwhelmed like a burst dam.

Joy of #Atheism 30. Gays, lesbians, bisexuals & transsexuals are great people. Atheists know this & benefit from those friendships.#glbt

Joy of #Atheism 29. Atheists are free to understand that this life is valuable & precious. Its our 1 chance to love & live in wonder!

Joy of #Atheism 28. We freely & honestly explore morality without the burdens of religion! I call this #FreeAtheism > 

Joy of #Atheism 27. Great News! We arent commanded to kill gays & nonbelievers, serve an imagined master or leave our families for Atheism!
Joy of #Atheism 26. Diversity, equal rights & kindness become CELEBRATED STANDARDS without the bronze age doctrines of small minded men.
Joy of #Atheism 25. Theists are conditioned to doubt, deny & avoid science contrary to their beliefs. Atheists get to love & enjoy science!
Joy of #Atheism 24. The #atheist is validated EVERY TIME a theist credits a creator but cant show 1 link to any #god. EVERY. DAMN. TIME.
Joy of #Atheism 23. I have clear perspective! If 500 witnesses saw a resurrected #Jesus, an AWESOME event, all of them would write it down.
Joy of #Atheism 22. I cant tell you how relieved i am to NOT be the one pretending my #god DOESN’T seem like a nightmarish evil monster!
Joy of #Atheism 21. My dad shows & earns love. God the father started morally enlightening us by imposing sacrifices, plagues & mass murder.
Joy of #Atheism 20. Sweet validation! The simple idea that people can pick a religion, indicates there was/is no god demonstrating itself.
Joy of #Atheism 19. Good news! No philosophy, no religion, has ever brought so glad a message to the world as this good news of Atheism.
Joy of #Atheism 18. I am one! “Not one person in a thousand has the strength of mind or the goodness of heart to be an #Atheist.”~S.Coleridge
Joy of #Atheism 17. Remove happiness > I truly tried to believe in#God once… for a girl. It was so unnatural and degrading. I got better.
Joy of #Atheism 16. Thankfully, unbiased freethinkers can see >1.#God is not apparent 2.Nothing proves god 3.Miracles/visions are unsourced Joy of #Atheism 15. Heres some simple, happy math. Courage + Honesty + Intelligence = Atheism, while Fear + Dishonesty+ Ignorance = Theism
Joy of #Atheism 14. I believe by reason, logic, common sense & honest emotion.Thankfully i dont have to live with the guilt of ignoring them
Joy of #Atheism 13. My #freethinking position is based on truth & knowledge. No dogma keeps me from following facts. Its very liberating!
Joy of #Atheism 12. Im happy to say,I dont think of my son as a soiled sinner with too many questions, but rather as innocent& free minded!
Joy of #Atheism 11. The Atheist position “We dont believe in #god, for lack of evidence” is #Justified. The #Honesty of it makes me smile!
Joy of #Atheism 10. You say you love a magic sky faerie just in case ancient men didnt make it up. I am #overjoyed to not be as dumb as you!r kill others for trying to change their beliefs. No thanks.
Joy of #Atheism 9. I enjoy moral & sane behavior. God tells believers to harm or kill others for trying to change their beliefs. No thanks. Joy of #Atheism 8. I get to honestly love, appreciate, respect & cherish women. Many religious folks are denied this moral freedom.
Joy of #Atheism 7. I dont have to lie, pretend to know or explain why “my #god” is the real one, while baselessly denying valid atheism.
Joy of #Atheism 6. When I achieve my goal or do something great, I dont think to praise an invisible helper #god, just myself. Yay me! Joy of #Atheism 5. I can see the growth value of experiencing terrible days. Blaming or pleading to some higher power is counter productive.
Joy of #Atheism 4. Im thankful for understanding that if you must accept #jesus as real, without evidence, then its all just pretend.
Joy of #Atheism 3. Im #free to change my position on things according to the #evidence, not needing to make excuses for my stubborn beliefs.

Joy of #Atheism 2. I have no fear, worry, or concern for my son’s nonexistent soul. None. Knowing I am free of that idiocy is priceless.
Joy of #Atheism 1. I revel daily in my inner freedom! The simple reminder of virulent religious beliefs, ignites a day of pure joy! #think

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