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  Twitter:    @AtheisticEarth

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  Name:       Artie Petro

  Location:   I live in Central Florida, USA

  Activist:     Lifelong Atheist, Equal Rights


Personal Impressions:   Wise, loving, funny, fit, creative, handy, Super Dad, exceedingly happy with what little i have. It takes 1 of 2 things to push my buttons and get me angry:  1. Not being able to escape from somebody else’s stupidity   2. Somebody endangering my family!

Family:   I have an adorable, ridiculously smart wife and a 4 year old son who has all our best features and far more. They both make me happy beyond words. We’ve been married 10 years and will always be married. I attribute that to healthy atheistic family relationships in both our pasts.

Relevant History:   I wasn’t even aware that I was an atheist for nearly the first decade of my life.  The more I found out about religion, the more it was clearly delusion.  I could never understand why my friends growing up talked about god like he was a wise uncle, while no one had ever seen the dude! “How do you know?” i would ask. “Thats what my mom says” was the typical type answer.  So, considering how well I turned out, it is very apparent that I’m not missing anything… no god, not ever. My life is full of JOY, always has been and always will be.

Goals:   1. I have multiple creative goals, the most challenging being the book I’m Making/Writing. I will indeed be taking advantage of  religious, concerning the books content, so to make as much money from them as possible.   2. You may already be aware of my disgust with most religion. I intend to keep up the push back on those ignorant folks who blindly cause harm to the world… all those religious fools. I expect the world to be an Atheistic Majority in the next 20 years or so.  Hence my Twitter and Blog handle… Atheistic Earth!



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